Lavender: Nature’s Calming Ingredient

I’ve always loved lavender–I have the plant growing in my garden, it was the color of my bridesmaid’s dresses, and I adore the scent. So, it’s probably not too surprising that I noticed something about the products that I’ve been using lately–they all contain lavender. From soothing mists to diaper changing–lavender seems to be in the mix. Here are five products that have been on the Breezy Mama shelves. . .

Tawna Hill Baby Hydra-Mist Changing Spray

The Hydra-Mist is like a miracle product–it can do just about anything. I use it on my daughter after I change her diaper–before I put the new one on I spray it on her bottom. She loves it, and actually asks for the “spway.” I giggle each time as she lifts her legs and laughs as I spray it on. From the manufacturer: “The product combines Lavender, Tea Tree and Rose Hydrosols to calm, soothe and relieve sensitive areas with wonderful anti-bacterial properties. It’s the perfect skin refresher for apres wiping to help avoid and soothe diaper rash. It also works as a quick and efficient body spray that helps relieve minor irritations on the skin. Adults will also enjoy the refreshing qualities that Hydra-Mist offers as a body deodorant.” Tawna Hill Baby Hydra-Mist Changing Spray, $16.25. Click here to order.

Lafes Natural Body Care Organic Baby Insect Repellent

Talk about natural–everything in this bug repellent, including the bottle itself, is chemical free–so you don’t have to hold your breath and shut your eyes as your spray it on. I had it out for our Labor Day weekend soiree and as Breezy Mama Alysha sprayed it on, she commented, “Ohhhhh, such a nice smell.” The manufacturer writes, “All Lafe’s Organic Baby Products are Certified Estrogenic Activity Free. Free of parabens, propylene glycol, pesticides, SLS. No artificial preservatives. No artificial dyes or colors. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Estrogenic activity free plastic … no BPA, phthalates or harmful chemicals. Most plastic bottles leach estrogens that may be harmful to infants and children. Lafe’s uses only certified baby-safe plastic.” Phew! And top of all that–it works. Lafes Natural Body Care Organic Baby Insect Repellent, $8.35. Click here to order.

BabyGanics Foamin’ Fun Foaming Body Wash & Shampoo, Soothing Formula, Lavender

When my kids stay at my parents house, my mom always uses the Johnson and Johnson’s Soothing Lavender Wash. But, ever since my post on carcinogens, I’ve put a stop to this and have tried to find a replacement. This lavender wash from Babyganics does this trick. Although it’s not as foamy as the J&J brand (due to the lack of carcinogens, I presume), it leaves a pleasant scent after the kiddos are all scrubbed up. BabyGanics Foamin’ Fun Foaming Body Wash & Shampoo, Soothing Formula, Lavender. $5.99. Click here to order.

Lavender Bliss Mist

Chelsea and I picked up this product when we were at a Pregnancy Awareness Month function. The mist, which you can spray on everything from pillows to yoga mats to toilets, is made from 100% organic lavender grown on the family’s farm. Chelsea can’t get enough of it and sprays it on her pillows before going to bed. Sweet dreams. . . Lavender Bliss Mist, $10.00. Click here to order.

Lavender Soothing Pillow

For you crafty types, you can make your own lavender pillow. My daughter received this from my cousin before she went into the hospital for one of her surgeries–it hasn’t left her pillow-side since. Em’s is in the shape of a turtle (see photo above) and filled with dried lavender seed.

To make, cut two exact same shapes from material (Em’s is felt). Place shapes on top of each other (with the inside of the material showing) and sew around edges. Leave opening in edge big enough to use to fill with the dried lavender flowers. Stick your finger in the hole and turn material right side out. Fill with dried lavender, and then sew remaining space. Relax! To order dried lavender flowers for $3.09, click here.

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