Jimmy Fallon Tells Breezy Mama He’s Ready to Be a Dad and More

Jimmy Fallon is not only hosting his late night talk show and prepping to host the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards live on August 29, he’s also hoping to become a parent with producer wife Nancy Juvonen. Standing with a group of reporters while talking to him, Breezy Mama asked, “Are you thinking about fatherhood any time soon?” Find out exactly how he responded, plus get more answers to Breezy Mama’s questions on his show, how is parents influenced him and a hilarious story his mom might be a tad upset he shared.

Are you writing jokes for the Emmys now?

Jimmy: No. It’s already written. I could do this tomorrow.

Tell me about the tux.

Jimmy: Tom Ford. Ready to go.

Are you nervous?

Jimmy: I just really want to do it. I host a show every night, but it’s a bigger room with more people.

Will your parents be there?

Jimmy: No. I told them, “No. Please, I’ll go on vacation with you… whatever you want me to do [as long as you don’t come].”

How about your wife?

Jimmy: My wife will be there. My parents offered their support – my sister, too – and I [told them] to just let me do this. I just want to get this done and focus.

Is there anyone you are hoping to get on your show [Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]?

Jimmy: The Rolling Stones were up there on our list and they came on; [Deadpans] The Queen of England was the other person, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with her. I can Skype with her.

Is one of your parents funny? Or where do you get your humor?

Jimmy: They’re both really funny. They are more funny than I am.

Do they get your jokes, too?

Jimmy: Yes. They refuse to watch [the show] the next day. They watch it live every night. I don’t even do that. I bought them a TiVo and they don’t want to hook it up.

Do they ever give you bits or ideas?

Jimmy: Oh yeah, all the time. They’re really funny.

Do you ever use them?

Jimmy: I do sometimes. My dad might come on the show pretty soon. My mom is creating a monster if I bring her on the show. I was doing an interview with Bon Appetit and they asked me if my mom had any special recipes and I said, “Yeah, sure.” And they said they would print it and I go, “Oh my God.” And I tell my mom Bon Appetit will print your [recipe] and she was like, “Oh my God.” She sent me over this cheesecake – she makes a really good cheesecake – so I sent it over to Bon Appetit. With only a week to go, they call me and say, “We tested it out in the test kitchen; It’s actually really delicious cheesecake – tell your mom great job. We have a question – did she get it from anywhere or did she make this up herself?” I go, “Let me check.” [So I ask her and she says], “Oh yeah. It’s from Bon Appetit.” I was like, “WHAT?!” I felt so bad for wasting their time.

Are you thinking about fatherhood any time soon?

Jimmy: Yeah. I’m thinking about it.

Oh really?

Jimmy: Yeah, I think so if we’re lucky enough to have a baby. If it happens, it will be the coolest thing in the world.

Breezy Note: Great news for award show junkies like me: The Emmys will air at 5pm for us west coast folks. For once, live will be live.

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