6 Adorable Children’s Brands

One of the great things about running Breezy Mama is the cool stuff that comes across our emails. Everything from bamboo cleaning brushes to Bond-like (as in 007) strollers, I feel like we get to see it all. And fabulous children’s clothing is no exception–as soon as I think something doesn’t get any cuter, it does. And the cool thing about these clothing brands is that they’re run by people like you and me–parents, aunts or uncles who had a dream to provide the best for you and your child. Featured below are six recent arrivals. . .

Mini and Maximus
What first brings me in to to this brand is the Mini and Maximus slogan, “Kids will have they say.” I think it’s great because it’s a reminder that these little people that WE chose to bring into the world aren’t just taking up space, they’re full of ideas and energy and goodness. The next great thing is what they’re about; as it says on the Mini and Maximus site, “Our aim is to bring our customers new fashion forward products that are innovative and unique, but still appeal to a broad spectrum of sensibilities. Each season we will collaborate with different artists that will contribute exclusive and original ideas just for Mini & Maximus, presenting our customers with their specific and individual artistic approach. And along the way, our goal is to always make the most earth-conscious decisions whenever possible. . .” Can a company get any cooler? Photo Above–take another look at the shirt–you think it’s a drooly face but it actually says, “I Love You.” Drool tee, $38.00. Click here to purchase.

Modern Me

This company has, what they call, a clever concept. As owner, Melissa says, “I came up with this concept one day while conversing with a two year old. I realized that one of the first questions I ask a tot is “What’s that on your shirt?” And so, the ‘me tee’ was born. If you notice, the majority of my designs have the graphic printed both right side up, and upside down. The latter of the two has the text printed in a simple font, to be easily read by a beginning reader. When you ask the child about the graphic on his or her shirt, the child can see the graphic right side up from their perspective, when gazing down.” Genius, isn’t it? Circus Elephant onesie, $26.00. Click here to order.

Tribe Coco

Tribe Coco has so many unique, vintage inspired pieces that I had a hard time deciding which one to feature. You really must peruse the site to check it all out. Each piece is hand made, the good old fashioned way, “Our “small-batch” fashions are individually cut here in the Tribe Coco studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico and assembled by sewers who take them home and painstakingly stitch, press, tag and return them.” How can you not support THAT? Yellow Birdies Apron dress, $62.00. Click here to order.

Breezy Exclusive! Tribe Coco is offering Breezy Mama readers 15% off their purchase! Use code tc2010 when checking out. Offer good through 12-31-10.

Shirts that Go

I don’t know any little boy who doesn’t love vehicles–and this brand is making sure that all of those Things that Go can be worn in a stylish manner. Take this tee of the garbage truck–what toddler wouldn’t want to wear that every day? (And what is it about garbage trucks and little boys anyways?) As the company says, “We are trying to connect with that sense of wonder about the world with our line of kids t-shirts. We understand that we cannot bottle that energy and put it down on a shirt somehow. What we can do though is provide awesome shirts with realistic vehicles shown in motion to let the kids share their love for these vehicles. To us this is all about adventure, travel, transportation, early concepts about careers, imagination, dreams, possibilities, awe, and of course FUN!” Planes, trains and all kinds of trucks, this brand has you covered. Sanitation truck tee, $22.00. Click here to order.

twirly girl

For you women out there–remember when you were little and you’d put on a dress only to start spinning to see how well it twirled? twirly girl makes it their mission to bring the girls in your life dresses and skirts that can twirl like no other. I love it. Owner Cynthia created the line because her girls, “. . . wanted a very special dress, unlike anything they had ever seen. And they had to be dressy enough to go to a ball! But they had to be comfortable enough to run around! And in case they got bored with one side, they had to be reversible. And they had to TWIRL!” And that they do. Reversible dresses, $74.00. Click here to view and order.


These tees are perfect for the little monkey in your life. And if you don’t have monkeys, but perfect mermaids, or tigers, or even little owls who are a hoot, they have those too–each one more adorable than the last. Glug wanted to make clothes that when the kids outgrow them, you keep them stored away in a box because they hold so many memories. They got me at that one . . .  Monkey tee, $32.00. Click here to see where to buy information.

The Modern Baby Co.

How cute is the above design? They have five more, each one looking more like a piece of art than a graphic on a onesie. And The Modern Baby Co. thought so too–you can purchase all of the graphics featured on their apparel as an art card to decorate the nursery. The Modern Baby Co. believes “. . . in the possibility of bringing sophistication and modernism to parenting by providing stylish color pallets and clean, simple designs. We also believe in taking steps towards offering eco-conscious items at affordable prices. This is why we choose to work with USA based printing companies, provide a line of baby apparel that is created with eco-friendly inks, and limit our packaging to only that which is necessary.”  Little Lion onesie. Short sleeve, $16.00. Long sleeve, $19.00. Click here to order.

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