Daring Date Nights

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When the waitress at your go-to restaurant knows your order and you’ve seen every movie that’s out in the theater, it’s time to take date night up a notch. Breezy Mama turned to two different adventure experts –Jane Reifert of Incredible Adventures and Camille Leon, Co-author of The Exhilaration Effect — to get ideas on places to boldly go outside of your comfort zone and rev up the adrenaline with the man you love.

From Jane of Incredible Adventures:

Great White Shark Diving
Forget Edward and Jacob — check out some real life blood suckers! Shark diving, or cage diving, allows divers to view the extraordinary world of Great White Sharks in comfort and safety. Specially designed shark viewing cages provide adequate protection for the sharks from sport divers, while allowing divers total freedom of movement and panoramic views. Available in San Francisco from Incredible Adventures. Not in Cali? Check with the nearest public aquarium. Many public aquariums have programs where people can get into a tank with sharks and/or other wildlife encounters.

Fly the Super Aviator
Or maybe a nice enclosed boat is more your speed. A new generation of sub, the Aviator is a multi-purpose machine built to explore the underwater world. She’s nothing like traditional subs that maneuver like bulky balloons. In the Aviator you strap into the same 5-point harness restraint used by Indy racecar drivers and fly  underwater. Prepare yourself to discover hydrobatics (think underwater aerobatics) during your three day multi-flight training adventure or do a one day, single flight program for a quick intro to the Aviator.

Cosmonaut Adventures
Bring new meaning to the term airhead. Spend an action-packed day or week inside the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center at Star City. Your program can be customized to your needs to include some or all of the following activities: Cosmonaut for a Day, Flight Suit Training, 7m & 18m Centrifuge Training, Manual Docking Simulator, Hydro Lab Training, ISS Simulator, Zero-G Training, Vestibular Training, Navigational Simulator, Space Food Training and more…

PRICE: From $6,750 up to $300,000
DATES: ALL YEAR (Zero-G Training requires a minimum group size of 6 or more)
LOCATION: Moscow, Russia
TO BOOK: Contact Incredible Adventures.

Finishline Racing
Get your zoom on! Climb inside an authentic NASCAR Winson Competition car for an incredible driving adventure. You’ll be learning from the instructors that prepare drivers for professional racing careers. One, two and three day short track racing classes available. Firesuits, helmets and gloves are supplied. It’s mandatory to be able to drive a 4 speed transmission. Available from Incredible Adventures in several cities or check with the race track nearest you to see what driving adventures are available.

Covert Ops
Go undercover in the Arizona desert. Enlist in a secret agent fantasy camp. Learn
pistol shooting, unarmed self-defense, contact driving, evasive driving and more from battle-tested experts. Two day and three day training programs are available at a former military training base near Tucson. The highlight of the weekend is a hostage rescue operation. Available in Tucson Arizona from Incredible Adventures or google “secret agent fantasy camp” in your area.

Zeppelin Flights
Take your breath away. Fly the legendary Zeppelin Airship. Soar 1,300 feet above the land enjoying stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood Sign, the Queen Mary and more. The Zeppelin NT Eureka is based at historic Moffett Field, near San Francisco, California. The Zeppelin NT is bigger than a Boeing 747 and cruises at a leisurely 35 mph. The gentle pace makes is easy to capture great photos of the sights below. Individual flights, group charters or pilot for a day available (must be a pilot for this option).

PRICE: $536 – $6,429
DATES: Offered all year, call for exact dates
LOCATION: San Francisco, Oakland or Long Beach, California
TO BOOK: Contact Incredible Adventures

Big Adrenaline Rush
During this action-packed adventure in Costa Rica you will visit rainforests,
exploding volcanoes and pristine beaches. Activities can include bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, kayaking, zip line canopy tour, waterfall rappelling, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, surf lessons and soaks in natural hot springs. Incredible Adventures will customize the adventure for you or your group. Not headed to Costa Rica any time soon? Google any one of the adventures to see where they are offered in your area.

From Camille of Exhilaration Effect

Are you stuck in a rut? Is your relationship stuck in a rut? Is it time to shake things up? Do something different, really different, and enjoy the Exhilaration Effect~ (You just might remember the ‘rush’ of young love)!

From mild to wild, here are some ideas to get you started:

Ice/Roller Skating
When is the last time you went ice skating or roller skating? If it’s been years (or decades), go rent some skates at your local rink! Google is my favorite search engine for finding skating rinks of any sort.

Exotic Foods
Think of something you’ve never eaten before… like insects or durian fruit! A few Asian restaurants and grocery stores will offer unique foods and preparations (from the American perspective). Wash them down with a nice glass of wine! This is easiest to find in urban areas that have enough local ethnic population to warrant serving foods that are traditional in other countries

Scuba Diving
‘Breathing underwater’ is unlike anything you’ve ever done before! It takes more than one night to become a SCUBA diver. Still, it’s a great couple (and family) activity and lots of fun. Search online and ask for references. Equipment and safety are important!

So many big events in life are ‘like jumping out of an airplane”! For couples, this is an amazing shared experience which can be very bonding. I recommend a tandem jump so that you’re paired with a professional instructor for safety purposes. Surprisingly, skydiving is fairly affordable and is a great one-day adventure. Go ahead and get the video ~ it’s worth it! Again, search online and get references. Equipment and safety are important!

Take your next vacation to the next level
Rather than going to the same spot as everyone else, go to a Third World country and volunteer on a community development project. You will gain new perspectives to enhance your life back home and share memories that will last a lifetime! Check with any charities/organizations that you are already involved with, or with your church.

I recommend choosing an adventure that neither person has tried before.

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About Camille
Camille Leon, Co-author of THE EXHILARATION EFFECT: Building the Courage to take Your Leap of Faith and Executive Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, believes in a healthier and happier world through our choices. Adventures enhance our lives and our relationships in many ways. She can be reached at ExhilarationEffect@live.com or through her websites.
About Jane Reifert of Incredible Adventures
Originally from Iowa, Jane joined Incredible Adventures in 1993 as a marketing assistant. In addition to overseeing worldwide adventure operations, Jane handles the company’s marketing and media relations. She’s the author of
Executive Adventures, a guide for excitement-deprived individuals, and offers advice to prestigious aerospace companies about space tourism stuff. In 2005 Jane became Chair of the Space Tourism Subcommittee of the Space Colonization Technical Committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Pre-IA, she spent nine seasons working in minor league baseball with the White Sox, Cardinals and Cubs organizations. Although a self-described adventure wimp, she’s flown a jet in Moscow, raced a truck, jumped out of an airplane, been a Covert Ops hostage, seen great white sharks in Cape Town and ballooned over the Sahara. When not in the office, you’ll likely find her on a tennis court or on Sarasota’s Siesta Key beach playing volleyball.
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  1. Michelle says

    We went and saw Toy Story III as a family. We all really enjoyed it…the kids just laugh when hubby and I talk about how teary eyed we both got at the end. 🙂

  2. I have to suggest one more daring one for those of us Southern Californians: Trapeze Lessons! We discovered that on the Santa Monica Pier you can take a Trapeze lesson by the New York School of Trapeze. Then afterwards stroll the beach of Santa Monica or enjoy a fabulous dinner in the city!

  3. the last movie we saw as a family was gran torino with clint eastwood. fab movie many lessons, and tears for everyone!

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