And My Twins Are…

Our second ultrasound

Before I get to the part of boy/boy, girl/girl or boy/girl, let me start at the beginning. Finding out I was pregnant with twins to begin with was quite the comical moment. The hubby and I waited for our doctor to enter the exam room and when she did, I said, “We’re baaaaack.” This being our fourth pregnancy, we all laughed. In fact, many inappropriate jokes that I will share with you over a glass of wine when I can drink again some day also followed. Hands down the most hysterical was when it came time to do the ultrasound and my doctor joked, “Let’s see if it’s twins.”

Immediately, I saw two bean shaped objects with beating hearts. I told myself I must be crazy (I say this a lot to me) and that there has to be a perfectly suitable explanation. When I turned to the OB to get one, her jaw dropped, followed by, “It’s twins!”

“Are you serious?! Are you SERIOUS?!” I said over and over again. Then I glanced over at the hubby whose jaw also dropped as he just stood staring, in complete shock.

After making sure both heartbeats were healthy and the pregnancy was progressing, the doctor had to sit down, the hubby had to sit down and I shot straight up from the exam table.

“I’ve never said that to a patient! I don’t know why I said that!” our beloved and amazing Dr. said. The three of us just sat there staring at one another when she finally said, “I’m going to give you two a minute.”

And that was the moment we found out we’d have FIVE kids.

Telling friends and family was a whole other adventure. First of all, it was like starting allll over again as if we were telling people we were preggers for the first time. I left a VM for my dad and got a hold of my brother Curtis first. He started laughing. Hysterically. And his amazing wife Kiki ran into the room and he told her and she started laughing hysterically. Next was my brother Christopher who sat in silence followed by, “Shut up. You are joking. Shut up.” In fact, I’m not sure he even believes me to this day. I’d left a VM for my baby brother Cameron who then got a hold of the hubby – barely able to congratulate him because he was laughing. The MIL (mother in law) was ecstatic and when I got a hold of my dad, he was excited, too; The FIL was shocked at first, but later thrilled. Then we arrived home and my mom, who was watching the kids, asked how it went. I showed her the ultrasound and she said, “Oh how cute… wait a minute… is that TWO?!” as she turned pale white staring at me with her jaw dropped (this will be her 8th and 9th grandkids and – hopefully – a lot more babysitting to come…. kidding… kind of…). Her reaction had both my baby daddy and I cracking up and she started laughing, too.

Lots more laughs came from the rest of our family and some VERY shocked friends. It got to be pretty exhausting telling everyone, so I did what any blogger would do: posted it on Breezy Mama.

The next big surprise to come was finding out the sexes. Before I knew it was a duo, I had been craving both things from my girl pregnancies and my one boy pregnancy. When I was told twins, I just knew it was a boy and a girl – it explained everything!

But I then had two dreams that it was two boys. The first time I had one, I told my hubby first thing in the morning and he said he had dreamed two boys, too!

You can only imagine our complete surprise (once again!) when we found out it’s two girls – the most rare combo statistically for what we’re assuming – based on two placentas — is fraternal twins (we may be surprised once again if they look exactly the same when born, meaning they’re identical, a very rare possibility with two placentas).

Once again, after digesting another round of surprising news – we will have FOUR daughters and one son – we are thrilled and thank everyone for the well wishes and sharing in our joy… no matter how surprising.

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  1. Awesome, amazing, wonderful story. Two girls will be a fantastic addition to the family. All my best to you and the rest of the gang. Cheers!!!

  2. I love it! Congrats to everyone, this is such wonderful news!! Those little girls are so blessed to have you guys. Much love XOXOOXOXOX

  3. This story makes me even happier every time I hear it. 🙂 Couldn’t be more excited for you guys – and, yes, that excitement will convert into an extra set of hands when the girls arrive.

  4. Awe!!! Congrats! Now… I’d love to know the trick to having girls… I have two boys and would LOVE to have a girl, but my husband is terrified of three boys. I’m getting a little worried that I want a daughter so badly that I’ll end up with twin girls myself (I actually have sisters who are identical and one of those had identical boys… yeah, explain that. Apparently that isn’t supposed to happen!).

    Congrats again! 🙂

  5. Kristi Faramarzi says

    So happy for you guys! Just think of all your friends who can help me! ME ME ME!

  6. Thanks everyone 🙂
    And, Katie, hope you get that girl 😉

  7. I love that there will be 4 mini-Chelseas running around! Congrats!

  8. Congratulations! I have a twin sister and our mother was told we

  9. As they say, tell God your plan, watch him laugh.

    Mazel tov!!!!

  10. I have fraternal twin girls who are our 3rd and 4th kids..(3 girls,1 boy) The looks on peoples faces when we told them was priceless! Congrats and good luck!

  11. Dr. Gafori says

    Loved the blog entry, ….I am so happy for both of you and these little girls are so lucky to have such great parents. See you soon!!

  12. Thanks Bub! Can’t believe you could handle more of me’s -ha!
    Alice, what? We need to know the rest that got cut off -lol! I’m guess she was told you were boys???
    Natalie, that made me laugh!
    Aileen, you know exactly how I feel. I have to admit, I have a friend that when I found out her 4th and 5th were twins I was in shock and told everyone the story!
    Dr. Gafori –a.k.a. my beloved Doc — you are the greatest — thank you!

  13. Valerie/Grammy says

    My jaw is still dropped! But so excited for the twins..Chelsea’s Mom

  14. I understand exactly how you feel I was the same way when I went to the Dr. and was told there were 2.


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