Summer Movies for the Whole Family

Let’s face it: Spending every day with the kids in the sun can get exhausting. In fact, everyone could use a little down time here and there. Enter: the movie theater! This summer has a whole lotta fun movies coming out for the whole fam. Check out some of your options (Pssst… Plus! Breezy Mama brings you the movies’ Web sites that have fun games and downloads for little ones).

Despicable Me
The fam and I were treated to an advance screening and we all loved it! Most of the time in movies aimed at kids, I nearly fall asleep as I can pretty much guess not only what will happen next, but also what the characters will say (yes, I have seen a LOT of kid’s movies). This Steve Carell led 3D movie definitely had some clichés but overall was unique which made it a lot of fun. My two year old sat still, the four year old said it was his favorite movie and the six year old asked if we could buy it (did we grow up like that?). Hands down a summer must-see that was touching while providing lots of laughs.
Opens July 9 — to check out the Web site — click here.

Toy Story 3
Believe the hype! I cried at least three times feeling so sentimental while watching. Granted we splurged on IMAX tickets for all of us – let me tell you: a total waste. My (almost) two year old got in for free, but for the rest of the four of us, tickets were $67!!! To top it off, my four year old took off his glasses and said they bugged him! So, save yourself some change and see it old school style. But definitely see it – adorable!
Now in theaters — to check out the Web site — click here.

Karate Kid
Know your li’l ones before attempting this feature. For example, my four year old got scared during Toy Story and pretty upset when anything happened to a toy. So, although he has started Karate, I opted to skip the sometimes violent film. In addition, it’s lonnnng – so keep it for the older kids because it is getting great reviews.
Now in theaters — to check out the Web site — click here.

Romona and Beezus
Sigh. Brings me back to my beginning reading days. The trailer looks cute, but I won’t be taking the 2 year old – it looks much better suited to my 6 year old. Oh, and did I mention Josh Duhamel and John Corbett star? Maybe it’s more of a Mom’s night out film… kidding… kind of.
Opens July 23 — to check out the Web site — click here.

Shrek: The Final Chapter
The hubby really wanted to see it, but the reviews were so bad that I’m waiting on the DVD. I do love the humor of this series though, so if I get desperate in the hot heat, I might cave.
Now in theaters — to check out the Web site — click here.

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  1. Just had to add on the topic of movies that Santa Barbara recently re-opened a drive-in movie place. We went last month and had a blast! Beach chairs, sleeping bags, pillows, pajamas, we packed our own food, families brought pizza – it was so fun.

    We took our 4 year old to see Shrek 4 (totally agree – NOT that great of a movie) and it was a double feature with Iron Man 2 (yep the adult movie starts around 10:00 ish for the parents to enjoy). The surprising thing was – my daughter stayed awake until 1 a.m.! She LOVES Iron Man now!

    Last week they had Toy Story 3 with Karate Kid – so they are really marketing it for families! I have such fond memories of the drive-ins in Oceanside growing up, so it was nice to share the experience with my daughter.

    BTW, it was $6.50/adult and my daughter was free – where can you see a double feature of first run movies for that price?!?!


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