Model Josie Maran Dishes on Looking Good in a Hurry and More

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As a mom to a four-year-old daughter, Josie Maran is no stranger to trying to look good in a hurry. In fact, the model who has appeared on magazine covers like Glamour and graced the infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition several times, created her own make-up line with all natural and organic ingredients. She dishes with Breezy Mama on the products all mothers must have, whether she’s ready for another baby and more.

Chelsea: When did you start Josie Maran Cosmetics?

Josie: Two and a half years ago.

Chelsea: Congratulations. Can you tell us about it?

Josie: It’s healthy make-up, so it’s cosmetics that are all natural and non-toxic and organic. And the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. So, it’s a very chic-cological make-up line.

Alex: I like that term. What’s your favorite product?

Josie: Argan oil – it’s our best seller and it’s just one ingredient, — Argan oil from Morocco. It’s a moisturizer for your face, your body, your baby…hair… everything.

Alex: Oh really? It’s for your baby, too?

Josie: Yep. Just one ingredient and 100% organic.

Chelsea: Does your line include eye shadow and lip-glosses?

Josie: We have the whole range… and Argan oil is in everything [laughs].

Chelsea: Do you have any tips for busy moms on how to get ready quickly in the morning?

Josie: Yeah, well, I love my tinted moisturizer because it’s lighter than a foundation and it totally evens out your skin. It has Argan oil in it and it’s 30 SPF. You literally just put it on and you are fresh and alive and ready to go. Add a little cream blush and lip-gloss and that’s it.

Chelsea: What about for night?

Josie: You’ve got to watch my tutorials for night [laughs]. I’m into the smokey eye thing, so just a little more drama in the corners and crease – you’ve gotta go for it. And mascara of course.

Chelsea: Are you married?

Josie: I have my four year old and my baby daddy is with me [today] and we’re together, but we’re not officially married.

Alex: What’s your 4 year old’s name?

Josie: Rumi. Rumi Joon.

Chelsea: We both have 4 year olds.

Josie: Really?

Chelsea: 4 is a hard age.

Josie: I’m liking it.

Chelsea: Are you?

Josie: Yeah.

Chelsea: Do you want more?

Josie: Right now, I love this age so I’m just getting the bug back to have another baby.

Chelsea: So you have the fever again?

Josie: [Smiles] Yes. So, I’ll let you know.

Josie’s products are available at Sephora. Plus! Get free shipping on orders over $50 — click here!

Win it! Ingrid & Isabel is giving one Breezy Mama a complete set of maternity essentials including the BellaBand, Everyday Cami, Ruched Tank, Everywear Pant and Skinny Skirt (a $282 value!). Give it to a bestie or keep it for yourself! To enter, tell us your time saving tip while getting ready in the comments below!

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  1. Time saver:
    BRAIDS! All kinds. they can be sexy and loose or chic and casual. Curls and teasing optional!

  2. What a great prize! My time saving tip while getting ready is to write a list of thing to do for the day while I put on makeup. Kill 2 birds with one stone

  3. Like Josie – tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and a ready-made smoothie in the fridge to drink while putting on make-up.

  4. I’ve got to win that prize! My tip is big, dark sunglasses, a baseball cap and some lip gloss.

  5. Great prize! my tip is mascara, blush & a my hair in a bun

  6. I am the queen of time-saving!!! 🙂 Automatic coffee maker set on a timer the night before (waking up to smell of coffee…mmmm), tinted moisturizer + sunscreen, combo lip and cheek tint, have lots of premade healthy snacks on-hand, towel-dry + air dry hair, quick-dry nails: run under cold water, get in a workout at the office during lunch-hour, dry-shampoo to get an extra day out of your wash, pinning socks together before they go in the wash, Dryel, I could go on and on. I REALLY need this PRIZE! :)))

  7. Vanessa P says

    My tips – Shower the night before while hubby’s putting the kid to sleep. Let hair air dry, then use bed head volume to have killer hollywood hair in the AM! Oh, lipgloss and sexy shades make every outfit perfect.

  8. Make lunches the night before and a glittery headband with a ponytail saves tons of hair styling time!

  9. Clare Gamelin says

    My makeup routine takes max. 3 minutes. I use tinted moisturizer, Laura Mercier liquid eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lip gloss. Bam! done.

  10. I got my hair cut to a cute, do-nothing style right after my big boy was born. It took ten minutes off of my routine!

    I think the biggest key is actually just having an organized routine. That way we never feel like we are scrambling. The coffee maker is always set the night before, Mom always takes her shower before Dad, baby is always in pajamas until his morning nap, etc. My family thrives on it – even the baby gets cranky when we are a little bit off!

  11. I use mineral make up for concealer, powder, and as a bonus, it includes sunscreen. Rather than spending time with different bottles and containers, I can cover and protect with one step!

  12. Amanda N. Johnson says

    My time saving tip is to wash and dry my hair the night before so I can save time in the morning.


  13. awesome! i make lunch the night before and cut up all my veggies when i get home from the store/farmer’s market so they’re ready for easy grabbing and munching!

  14. Definitely take a shower at night, pick out your clothes for the next day, pack lunches at night, gather anything else you need and put it in one place!

  15. My time saving tip would be to take a shower the night before. And, if you’d like to wear your hair down the next day, you can touch it up with a wide curling iron or hot rollers. Wavy hair is in! Or, pull your hair back with a cute hair accessory. I’ve been noticing a lot of stylish headbands lately 🙂

  16. Pack lunch the night before! Make a smoothie & drink while getting ready in the morning. If I wash my hair the night before, I separate it into a couple of sections, twist & secure onto the top of my head with little octopus clips. Voila, waves in the morning!

  17. Wow! So many great ideas. I double the showering the night before. Put hair in a braid and the morning — smooth waves.

  18. My favorite time-saving tip is also a life-saving tip: trying to live a healthy, ethical, and eco-conscious life at all times! I refuse to put toxic junk in or on my body – and as a result, I always feel refreshed and ready to go when I wake up in the morning. There’s no more fabulous feeling than knowing that you, head-to-toe, are on a mission to make a difference. Light your inner fires, ladies! Oh yeah, and dig Josie Maran’s products for when you want an extra magical touch. Peace. 🙂


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