Great Gifts for the Mom-to-Be

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Anyone within five feet of me lately has had to hear about how miserably tired and sick I have been this pregnancy (I say “five” because anyone within in “1” foot of me, can see for themselves). If you’ve got a prego friend that could use a li’l pick me up or a bestie who’s preggers for the first time (or fourth…ahem) that you want to congratulate, Breezy Mama has the perfect gifts to give her. From the gift bag that has it all to arguably the best chocolate I have ever had, check out my extensive research.

The Mommy Measure
Say it with me: awwwww. I’ve been loving measuring the progress of my growing belly (thankfully it doesn’t include the growth of my thighs and butt…). This adorable milestone tracking strap (as seen in photo above) comes with a little sharpie to mark down the dates of memorable moments like hearing the heartbeat for the first time or what you were craving at different points in your pregnancy (like artichokes today… no idea why). $15 — click here!

The BellaBand
Speaking of growing, another rough part in pregnancy is knowing what will fit from day to day. Just when I think I might be able to squeeze into my jeans a tad longer, I look more like a Cinderella stepsister trying to force the glass slipper. Thankfully, there’s the BellaBand! This band goes over regular jeans, but allows moms to avoid having to button their pants so they can breath easy. Made by Ingrid & Isabel, the company also offers essentials including the: Everyday Cami, Ruched Tank, Everywear Pant and Skinny Skirt. Surprise her with any of these and take out the guessing game on what will fit her day to day. prices varyclick here!

Or buy the entire 5pc Maternity Essentials Kit together — Click here!

Breastfeeding Watch
For the mama that plans to breastfeed, this watch is the perfect way for her to track what time the baby’s last feeding was and whether it was right or left while still looking stylish — love it!
$125click here!
Mama Belly Oil
Need I say more? Give her a li’l something to rub the bump with to protect against stretch marks. The certified organic, 100% natural, 100% plant-derived ingredients have a lavender, chamomile and red mandarin scent to help her relax, too. $22 — click here!
Breezy Deal: Get a free lip balm from Baby Bear Shop with any purchase over $30. Enter code: organicbump at check out — click here!

Au Naturale Mom-to-be
Previously, I mentioned my love of Minimus and it was this gift bag that started it all! Containing 17 travel size products in a zippered pouch, it includes several all natural goodies for the expectant mama from toothpaste to Aromatherapy Scent Inhaler to shampoo and more. $37.04 — click here!

Nicobella Mama Chocolate
Oh… talk to me! Alex and I discovered these delicious bars at an event for Pregnancy Awareness. They say, “Made with organic, Fair Trade 72% dark chocolate with absolutely no fillers or additives, our bars take full advantage of the rich antioxidant benefits cacao beans have to offer. We’ve also added healthy, whole-food ingredients like crunchy candied walnuts and toasted flax, which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and fiber.” I say: YUM! $3.95 per barclick here!

Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery System
This comfortable band fits around the burgeoning belly with a pocket for an MP3 player that it plugs into. By calling a 1-800 number, parents and grandparents can record a file that they can then download to their MP3 player and play for the baby. Sounds crazy, right? A little. But what I love is that grandparents that live out of town can leave recordings and baby can get to know their voices. Or mom can play music so baby can be born rockin’ the cradle… or be a musical genius… either way. $49.95click here!

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  1. Michelle says

    Finding preggo pops when I was pregnant definitely lifted my spirits! When I was preggers with my 2nd I was sooooo sick…these lollipops tasted good and actually eased the nausea (at least some of the time). 🙂

  2. I was miserable when I was pregnant! One thing that did help though was sucking on really cold grapes for some reason. And in the later months, lots of chocolate of course. These are great items, I can’t wait to get the “mommy measure” for my pregnant sister!!

  3. A pedicure, plain and simple

  4. Roxanne Fitkowski says

    In one of my trips to the Dr. they told me I had LOST 2lbs instead of the normal weight gain!!! That made my entire day/week/month.

  5. Lifting my spirit was critical during my 2nd pregnancy with my daughter. I’m no spring chicken after all and I had to have an amniocentisis to rule out any abnormalities. I think what really helped me was documentation. I clicked pics at every opportunity, tracking my growth. I looked forward to my belly growth and the difference I would see in my photographs. Frozen yogurt helped too 😉

  6. This is my second pregnancy and I’m having TWINS (Girl/Boy). I’ve been lucky and have not been sick 🙂
    I love drinking ice cold OJ and taking nice long showers. A pedicure is GREAT too….

  7. My husband took me on a much needed “babymoon” vacation to Cabo, Mexico when I was six months pregnant. Relaxing in the sun and lots of foot rubs lifted my spirits…I highly recommend this alone time before baby!

  8. having ice cream, iced coffee, everyhthing icy!!!

  9. Mary-Frances C. says

    An icee would lift my spirits. For my first two pregnancies I would have severe morning sickness all day, until I was 7 months pregnant. An icee was the only thing that wouldn’t come back up. lol.

  10. When pregnant with my second son, my first son liked to lift up my shirt, rub my belly, and say, “Mommy’s coooooking my brother.” So cute, it always made me smile to think another angel was on his way here to join our family!

  11. sandra campbell says

    I always treated myself to a Banana Split from Dairy Queen after my OBGYN visit. Lifted my spirits in 68′ and 72’…..
    Actually still does……

  12. Julie Frankel says

    pregnancy massage was the best. or even just a pedicure. it is important to pamper yourself when you are that uncomfortable

  13. Chocolate! Does that count if that lifts my spirits when I am not pregnant too?

  14. I am not the biggest fan of being pregnant 🙂 I have 3 amazing kiddos, but it didn’t come easy! I felt much better when I had pretty toes definitely…also knowing I could tell my husband I had a craving and he would go wherever it was to get it :)..doesn’t work so much now!

  15. stephanie p says

    What lifted my spirits was all the great support from my family and friends and of course my frequent trips to Panera!

  16. swimming, swimming, and more swimming! the only time i don’t feel prego is in the pool. . .if i only i could cook, clean and take care of a toddler from the pool too!

  17. June Einstein says

    We never have enough wonderful Mommy and Baby sites! I love the breastfeeding watch for myself! I am a proud grandmother of a 5 yr. old and a 6 mos. old, and will surely let my daughter know about this smart site!

  18. Christine says

    Haley Prints—–bright, perky and lovely items!

  19. Linda Haley says

    Floating in the ocean holding on to a boogie board was the only time I didn’t feel huge.

    Love the Haley Prints!

  20. I’ve been blessed with two awesome boys and I was blessed to have an easy pregnancy with both. I really enjoyed being pregnant and the one thing I felt was missing was spending time with my hubby. Being that you are so excited and constantly doing things for the baby and once the little bundle of joy arrives, kiss spending quality time together good bye. Taking a “babymoon” with my hubby to spend quality time before the bir arrival, just the two of us was fabulous. We went to NYC for New Years; watched the ball drop, dined at Tavern on The Green and took a visit to Tiffany’s! It was awesome to quality spend time together.

  21. Gina Schumacher says

    My spirits are lifted when I think about my baby’s growth. Week 7…baby is size of raspberry and developing fin like legs! Week 8…baby is size of grape, tip of nose is visible! I love to read ahead…Week 14…facial features and unique fingerprints are present!

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy. Was blessed with being active playing tennis and golf thru to the 9th month.
    Find now and back then, pedicures and foot rubs always lift my spirits.


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