Wonder Years Stars Reunite Plus Scoop on Danica McKellar’s Pregnancy

Oh the days of Winnie and Kevin Arnold and THAT narrating adult voice on the Wonder Years brings me back to no wrinkles and alllll the sleep I wanted. It was definitely a trip for Alex and me to meet Danica McKellar (a.k.a. Winnie Cooper) now preggers at an event for Pregnancy Awareness! The actress (and author!) gave Breezy Mama the scoop on currently working with Fred Savage (yes, Kevin Arnold) again, whether she thinks she’s having a boy or a girl and more!

Chelsea: Congratulations!

Danica: Thank you!

Chelsea: How far along are you?

Danica: 4 months.

Chelsea: Have you found out boy or girl?

Danica: Not yet.

Chelsea: Will you find out?

Danica: Yes. I’m so curious.

Chelsea: I need to know what I’m having. She [motions to Alex] can wait [in her pregnancies].

Danica: At first I thought it won’t be a surprise, but meeting your child for the first time is a surprise.

Chelsea: Have you had any cravings?

Danica: I’ve been eating a lot of plain yogurt. And I just discovered Bulgarian yogurt, which is more sour, and I really like it.

Alex: Have you tried the plain greek yogurt?

Danica: No.

Chelsea: If you were to guess what you’re having what would you guess?

Danica: Oh, I’ve had a feeling about a boy for a while.

Danica and her mom

Alex & Chelsea: That’s what we would have said!

Danica: Really?

Chelsea: Yes, because of the sour yogurt.

Danica: I’ve just been saying, “Hey, little guy.”

Chelsea: So you’ll find out in a week or two, right?

Danica: Yes…

Chelsea: Ohhhhhhhh!!! Have you thought of names?

Danica: We’re going to wait until we find out, but we have ideas.

Chelsea: Have you found any fun maternity clothes?

Danica:Oh yeah!

Chelsea: [Your dress] is gorgeous by the way.

Danica: Pea in the Pod!

Alex: Really?

Danica: Yeah, it doesn’t look like a maternity dress and that’s the best kind of maternity clothes there are. I just started to need them, too.

Chelsea: Isn’t it exciting when you finally need them?

Danica: Yes! And I just got some pregnancy jeans from them, too, and they’re really comfy.

Alex: You go so long without wearing them and then when you put them on, it’s ‘Ahhhh..’

Danica: I got that Bella Band thing and that worked for a while on other pants, but for jeans, because they’re low cut, it was too tight down there…. Even with the Bella Band I can’t even get them on.

Alex: Oh, yeah. We’ve been there.

Chelsea: Are you working right now?

Danica: I’m mostly doing voice over stuff, which is really good because when you’re on camera looking like this [motions to belly], you have to play a pregnant woman.

Chelsea: Any fun things coming out?

Danica: I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. I don’t know why – they are so secret, but it’s for Warner Brothers and for the Cartoon Network, but that’s all I’m going to say.

Chelsea: Well, okay.

Danica: I think it comes out this fall. And actually I’ve been doing a couple of voice over guest spots on a show called Generator Rex which is out already and I can talk about it. Fred Savage is one of the leads for it.

Chelsea & Alex: Ohhh! How funny!

Chelsea: How many years had gone by since you’d seen each other?

Danica: We see each other every few years for something, but we hadn’t worked together since I did a couple of guest episodes on his TV show, Working. So, it had been a while since we worked together.

Chelsea: So did you fall right back into it?

Danica: Oh sure. We grew up together so it’s easy.

Chelsea: That’s great.

Danica: Oh! And the other thing I’m working on is my book. I’ve got my third book coming out in August called Hot X Algebra Exposed.

Chelsea: All right!

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