5 Minute Make-up Routine

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Recently, I was at dinner with a group of friends when one, Breezy Mama Kim, turned to me and said, “I need help–can Breezy Mama do a story on a 5 minute make-up routine?” Never wanting to leave anyone feeling desperate, Breezy Mama turned to Makeup Artist Jill Kloster to answer Kim’s plea. Read on to know how you can transform from morning mom to glamorous mom in less time that it takes to make toast. –Alex

From Jill:
This is how I start my mornings:  One or more of the two people under the age of 7 is either poking me in the head or climbing over me to grab a quick snuggle before breakfast.  From this moment on, nothing is about me.  I’m toasting, dressing, packing, yelling.  When I do actually get a moment to look in the mirror I’m either saddened or horrified.  My only saving grace comes in the form of sunglasses.  I put them on before I leave the house and I don’t take them off until I get back.  I’m pretty sure that none of the parents in either of my child’s classes could tell you what color my eyes are.  And this is on purpose.  I use the sunglasses to hide the bags, the wrinkles and the overall washed out look of my morning face.

Something  that may shock you is that I can’t stand wearing make-up.  Kind of like the sober bartender–been there, done that.  Unfortunately, I’ve learned over the last few years that I am not the natural beauty I believed myself to be.  When I do take the time to put on my face, people lose their minds.  I get a reaction very similar to the ones you see on “Extreme Makeover “or “The Swan”.  That’s right–gasps, tears, fainting, the whole nine yards.  Not very comforting, especially since catching me with make-up on is very rare.

However, there are those occasions–you know, volunteer gig at the school, new driver’s license picture–where I need to look like a grown up, so I have to bite the bullet and put on some war paint.  The fact that I can dress the kids, pack their lunches, steal money from my husband’s wallet AND get my face somewhat decent looking before 7:45am amazes me.  When Breezy Mama came to me looking for a 5 minute make-up routine, I was up to the task because I believe I have it down without a minute to spare.

Tools You’ll Need: Concealer or Foundation, Mascara, Eyeliner, Blush, Lipstick and/or Lip Gloss

Step One:  Concealer
I was basically born with dark circles under my eyes.  Some may attribute it to allergies, others believe its bone structure, however, I just consider it bad luck.  I’ve been experimenting with concealer since the age of thirteen, and to this day I feel very insecure if I don’t have a stick of it in my bag or my car (just in case I happen to run into Brad Pitt or George Clooney somewhere).  If you get the right brand and shade, you can also use concealer as a kind of quick spot foundation.  M.A.C Cosmetics makes a great stick foundation that has a light enough consistency to pass as concealer (prices vary, click here to view).  Also, if you have a good, sheer foundation, you can use it like a concealer, but just be careful to blend, blend, blend.  Your foundation should never be too noticeable so make sure that you get the best match for your skin tone.  Tinted moisturizers are a great lighter coverage option.

First, I like to cover the big, bad, black circles.  I dot from the corners of my eyes inwards.  I make a point not to carry it out too far because then we start getting into wrinkle territory.  The deeper the wrinkles, the more they show with make-up, so try to stay away from this danger zone.  Blend with a sponge bringing it as close to the lash line as possible.

Next, dot the upper lids.  I like to put a small amount of concealer here to lighten our naturally darker skin in this area.  It gives the eyes a brighter appearance.  Once again blend with a sponge.

As we get older (boo!), our skin starts to thin.  I’ve noticed that I have more red around my nose then I used to, so I usually sweep a half circle of concealer around the sides and just for kicks, I carry it down the marionette lines (Can you believe they call them that? Creepy).  When I put concealer here, I feel like it lightens up the shadows that make those lines more noticeable.

Step Two:  Liner
I usually have two shades of liner in my bag.  One for day and one for evening.  My day liner is very light and natural looking, and less conspicuous then the darker evening shade.   I like to dot the liner along my bottom lash line, just to give my eyes a more defined, less exhausted look.  Remember to use the liner lightly: you don’t have a lot of time to go back and fix mistakes.  I don’t usually do the top lash line during the day, but if you’re feeling sassy, and if you feel like you need it, be my guest.  To make the top liner look as natural as possible, draw the liner as close to the lash line as possible. You almost shouldn’t even be able to see the line when the eyelid is closed.  Line the roots of your lashes, get right down in there, and you’ll achieve a less contrived make-up effect.  Remember to blend the line with an angled brush, a Q-Tip, or even your finger, and you’re ready for step three.

Step Three:  Mascara
EVERYBODY needs mascara.  I need mascara.  I should never be seen without it, unfortunately, my vanity has decreased, along with my patience, after having children.  My eyelashes are a combination of light brown and blonde and you really can’t even see them if I don’t coat them with the black stuff.  The key is to find a really good mascara.  One that doesn’t take 50 coats to get results, one that doesn’t make your eyelashes look like broken spider’s legs and one that doesn’t end up under your eyes on a hot day.

Recently, a lot of drug stores have been carrying some very good mascara at very reasonable prices.  A friend of mine swears by Lash Blast by Cover Girl (photo at top of story–$6.00, click here to order).  I am in love with one in particular called Diorshow by Christian Dior ($20.00, click here to order).  It’s not cheap, but to me it’s totally worth the splurge.  It lengthens, thickens and curls.  Best thing?  It comes off easily, but never ends up in crumbs on my face after a long day.  When I’m in a hurry, I brush two coats on the top and one on the bottom and I’m out the door.  If I know I might end up either crying or swimming, or crying while I’m swimming, I like to take less expensive waterproof mascara and sweep a quick coat over top of my awesome expensive one.  This seals the deal, and I avoid the Alice Cooper look, at least for one day.

Step Four:  Blush
Smile.  Look for the apples of your cheeks.  Pat your blush two or three times on each one.  Sweep upwards on the last pat.  Enough said.  I also like to dab the end of my nose before I put the brush away to give my face a little sun kissed look.

*** Please try to find a blush color that suits you.  If it’s too light you’ll look like Jack Frost.  If it’s too dark, you’ll look like Tammy Fay (R.I.P).***

Step Five:  Lipstick and Gloss

I don’t care how tired you are or how many margaritas you had the night before, when you wear lipstick, it looks like you put some effort into your walking corpse.  Sheer lipstick is definitely the way to go.  It’s moisturizing, and it’s less pigmented so it looks more natural.  M.A.C. Cosmetics have an entire line of sheer lipsticks (click here to view), and I think I own almost every one.  Another thing about sheer lipsticks is that they already have a little shine to them, so you can easily fore-go the gloss.  However, I still use gloss no matter what lipstick I’m wearing, because (brace yourselves) I think it makes you look younger.  There’s something about a shiny gloss that adds a little pep to your face, and who doesn’t love that? I really like the Sephora brand. It’s moisturizing, it comes in many fabulous colors, it only costs $10.00 and your hair doesn’t stick to it when you’re break dancing at an 80’s party.  Not that I know anything about that.  That’s just what I’ve “heard.” (Sephora Super Shimmer Lip Gloss, $10.00, click here to order.)

So there you have it.  Five simple steps that can be done in minutes.  You can even fore-go the liner if you’re really in a rush, like if you happen to have wasted an half an hour plucking Lego from the toilet, or something of the sort.  I know that for me, just even having a little bit of mascara on makes me feel like I can take off my sunglasses without scaring anyone.  Whatever you have time for, the most important thing is that you’re taking time for you.  And if there isn’t anyone screaming outside the bathroom door or trying to kick it down–even better.

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About Jill Kloster:
Jill begun her career as a hair and makeup artist in 1999. During her tenure, she’s worked on a variety of projects–from the Latin Grammys to commercials to the hit reality television show The Bachelor. Jill also has been a makeup artist to actors such as: Judy Greer (13 again, 27 dresses, The Wedding Planner), Josh Malina (The West Wing), and socialite Kimberly Stewart. These days, when she’s not in the shower road testing shampoos, she can be found at home in the LA Valley with her husband Owen and two kids, Ethan and Eiley.

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  1. Michelle says

    I have learned that I can’t live without my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enchancer that I found out about from Breezy Mama! I mix some with my usual moisturizer and love the way it evens out my skin tone. That, lip gloss and mascara and I’m good to go when I feel the need to wear a little something on my face. 🙂

  2. I have a few, but can’t leave the house without Givenchy mascara, or my Arbonne mineral powder!

  3. As I age, my list of musts-haves increases! Currently I’m up to 4 items that I simply can’t do without before I leave the house. I always apply a moisturizer with SPF prior to stepping out. The flavor of the past couple of years has been Oil of Olay Regenerist. Secondly, I’ve found that Prescriptives has the best concealer. I tiny dab goes a LONG way. I was fortunate to find a shade of Lancome powder in Dual Finish that I love. And finally, I was introduced to Blinc Mascara by a dear friend a few years ago. It’s not cheap at $25 a tube, but rather than painting your lashes, you “tube” them. The stuff will stay on through the most emotional of times keeping you looking as good as when you applied it. Thanks for this article as I’ve definitely been introduced to some new things to try!

  4. Cristy M. says

    My most favorite thing is Tarte’s Cheek Stain pushup stick. I’m fair and use it on my cheeks, eyes and lips for a healthy glow. It really wakes up my face and is so light that it feels great on my skin even in the hottest summer.

  5. Telika Howard says

    I really love my aqua smooth cover girl foundation they have perfect colors for my skin tone and it makes my skin instantly smooth and glowing in one step! I especially need it being 5 months pregnant with my 5th child and my skin is going through the ugh! phase..

  6. I can not live without my M.A.C. studion fix. The ease of applying with a brush is less than 2 minutes as well as the perfect color match everytime. Plus the added bonus of spf 15. I can not live without it.

  7. I have said it before and I will say it again: Concealer can do miracles!

  8. I use Oil of Olay cleansing cloths. Not only do they make my face feel clean, clear and smooth but they are great to pack on a trip. I also use the left over cloth to give the sink a quick clean….Now that is multitasking!!

  9. Almay eye concealer, and Nars blush in “Orgasm”- makes you look alive!

  10. First off, 5 minutes? Right! I need at least 15. In any case, I love Make-up Forever concealer. I unfortunately got melasma with each pregnancy and this really hides the dark spots. I also use waterproof mascara for both my eyelashes and as an eyeliner (by using a brush)- this is more a tip for the pool. My new favorite item is Bare Minerals powder sunscreen. Adds a bit of bronze color while protecting my skin.

  11. Jacqueline says

    I have to have hard candy lip gloss(:

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