It’s a Boy for Always Sunny in Philadelphia Stars Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney

Last summer on Breezy Mama’s post 5 Ways for Parents to Survive TV’s Summer Hiatus, Alex left a comment that I should check out Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I did and I loved it! Flash forward to Sunday at an event for Pregnancy Awareness, and Alex and I got to meet stars Kaitlin Olson (Dee) and Rob McElhenney (Mac) who are expecting their first child together. Not only did they give Breezy Mama the scoop that the baby is a boy, but, inevitably hilarity ensued when we spoke to the two comedians. Plus! When their relationship started and how the show will go about disguising her pregnancy.

Alex: We’re big fans of the show!

Kaitlin: Thanks!

Alex: Is this your first child?

Kaitlin and Rob: Yes.

Alex: How far along are you?

Kaitlin: 6 months.

Alex: Oh! Congratulations! And I LOVE your dress.

Chelsea: Where is it from?

Kaitlin: I forget. [To Rob] Can you read it?

Rob: A.L.C.

Chelsea: It’s so cute!

Kaitlin: Thanks!

Chelsea: I’m pregnant, too.

Kaitlin: Oh, you are?!

Chelsea: It’s my fourth time…

Kaitlin: Oh my god.

Chelsea: And it’s twins.

Kaitlin: Oh my god [Turns to Rob in disbelief]. Are you serious?!

Chelsea: Yes.

Kaitlin: WOW. That is exciting.

Chelsea: It’s crazy.

Alex: [To Rob] It’s crazy.

Chelsea: Anyone who comes near me has to hear about it.

Kaitlin: So this will be your 4th and 5th?

Chelsea: Yes.

Kaitlin: Oh wowww [Laughs. Looks at Rob] Look at his face! Whooaa!

Chelsea: [To Rob] Breath! Breath!

Kaitlin: [Mocking Rob’s voice] Do you have any water?

Chelsea: [Laughs] Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl?

Kaitlin: We do. [Turns to Rob] Are we telling people? [Rob nods yes]. It’s a boy.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s great! Have you thought of names yet?

Kaitlin: We have thought of names. It’s hard. We’ve thought of a lot of great girl names.

Alex: Boys names are hard!

Rob: I’ve come up with 5 or 6 solid names.

Kaitlin: He’s come up with a lot of dude names. They are really bad.

Chelsea: [To Rob] You know who makes the final call though, right?

Kaitlin: The mom.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Yes!

Kaitlin: The one carrying it.

Chelsea: Yes!

Rob: The one doing all the work.

Kaitlin: I feel like [motions to baby] he’s speaking to me subliminally.

Chelsea: Do you think you’ll go the family name route?

Kaitlin: No. We want to do a little bit unique, but that’s easier to do with girls. With boys if you do that, it sounds a little crazy. So, we’re trying to find a happy medium.

Chelsea: Are you working right now?

Kaitlin: Yeah, we’re shooting right now. We’re disguising [the pregnancy].

Chelsea: How are you doing that?

Kaitlin: Just like very well cut shirts.

Chelsea: No big plants or purses?

Kaitlin: It used to be I would be in jeans and a tight tank top. Now I’m in jeans and a flowy tank top instead of a tight one.

Rob: The wardrobe department does a really good job of hiding it. You can’t really tell. I mean, she looks really pregnant today, but you can’t tell [on the show].

Chelsea: So you guys met on the show for the first time.

Rob and Kaitlin: Yes.

Chelsea: At what point… you know?

Kaitlin: Season 2. We had a whole year where we were just friends but then by season 2 we started being flirty and we were like, ‘This is a bad idea. We should stop this immediately.’

Chelsea: [Motions to her pregnant belly] And obviously you didn’t [Laughs].

Kaitlin: [Laughs] And obviously we didn’t.

Chelsea: Do you want more kids or are you taking it one step at a time?

Rob: Let’s start with this one. But I don’t know.

Kaitlin: We’ll probably have more, but we’ll see.

Chelsea: Was it hard to remember your lines with pregnancy brain?

Kaitlin: I haven’t really… [Rob laughs; she turns to Rob to ask] I’ve had a hard time with my lines?

Rob: Well, not with your lines.

Kaitlin: Not with my lines. No, I’m dumb, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve been okay with my lines. Just one scene at a time. And I haven’t really had any cravings or anything like that.

Alex: Wow, that’s unusual.

Kaitlin: I’m hoping that kicks in. I’m hoping that the hunger kicks in because that was one thing I was looking forward to.

Alex: No you don’t.

Kaitlin: I don’t?

Chelsea: [Laughing] We both gain a LOT of weight in our pregnancies.

Alex: It’s all about burgers and greasy food.

Kaitlin: See, I can’t tell if I’m having cravings or if I really like dessert and burgers.

Chelsea: Sugar!

Kaitlin: So much sugar! I want sugar all the time.

Rob: And you want to eat a lot of cookies.

Kaitlin: Yeah, I like cookies. But I liked cookies before… it’s hard to say.

Chelsea: [To Rob] Have you had any Couvades symptoms?

Rob: [Motions to his belly] I’ve put on a couple of pounds.

Chelsea: Have you really?

Rob: [Pats belly] Yes. I mean there’s a… [Katilin reaches in his nose to pull out a hair. It doesn’t come out, so she pulls harder].

Kaitlin: Sorry [She keeps pulling].

Rob: Oh my god!

Chelsea and Alex: [Laughing hysterically].

Kaitlin: I can’t help it! What am I supposed to do? Let them stare at it?

Rob: Let it go! Just don’t hurt me.

Kaitlin: But I couldn’t let them stare at it. [Motions to Chelsea] She’s pregnant…

Chelsea: We understand. We have husbands.

Kaitlin: She understands!

Alex: We get it.

Kaitlin: I thought it was going to be an easy fix you guys…[Everyone is laughing]

Alex: I have one last question… Do you film in Philadelphia?

Rob: We do.

Alex: How has the traveling been since you’re pregnant?

Kaitlin: Well, we shoot the majority of it here and then we go to Philadelphia at the end, so I’ll be traveling at 7 and a half months pregnant so I’ll get back to you.

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