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Earlier this month, we decided to head to Mammoth. Translation–we decided to pack a four-year-old and 16-month-old in the car for what turned out to be a 7.5 hour drive there and a 8 hour drive home. Are we crazy? Yes. Was the snowboarding worth it? Yes. The following is what saved us, and could save you on your next long drive with the offspring. –Alex

Play-A-Sound Books

These were fantastic for both kids. My son, whose older, uses it as it’s made to (note that some come with a “quiz”–even more for them to do) while the baby just likes to press the buttons . . .over and over again. It may drive you batty, but it’s better than a screaming toddler. Hint–if you’re buying for a younger child, get a smaller (i.e. more hand held size–it’s easier for them to turn the pages while in the car seat). Play-A-Sound Books, Prices vary. Click here to see Amazon’s selection.

Travel Bingo by Melissa & Doug

This bingo game was a huge it with my son. He would play with whoever wasn’t driving and had so much fun looking for the objects, which made the time fly by. There are different subject matters with things to look for (vehicles, signs, etc.). For the baby, she was content “flapping” the wooden covers down–it makes a fun noise! Travel Bingo by Melissa & Doug, $14.92. Click here to order from Amazon.

LeapFrog My First LeapPad

My First LeapPad has been a travel essential for us since my son was two. It consists of books and cartridges–the cartridges go in, and it “reads” you the book. If they don’t feel like reading, the books also contain games and activities that one can play. The size fits perfectly on his lap. LeapFrog My First LeapPad, $39.00. Click here to order from Amazon.

Sticker Books by Disney

Sticker books are sent from heaven. These were indispensable when I gave birth to my second child–it kept the first busy for hours–and the car ride is no different. Filled with activities in which you use the stickers to complete (i.e. patterns), all with the characters they love. Sticker Books by Disney, Prices vary. Click here to see Amazon’s selection.Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn All-In-One Learning Desk

The learning desk was recently given to us from Breezy Mama Alison. She swears it was the best for her son, and considering he was writing his letters before he could talk, I don’t doubt it. We packed it up for the trip and both kids enjoyed playing with it. (yes, the baby didn’t realize she was just scribbling, she enjoyed pushing the buttons to hear the letters and games.) Again, the size was perfect–it fit on the lap very nicely. Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn All-In-One Learning Desk, $32.99. Click here to order from Amazon.

Axion Portable DVD Player

And, last but not least–a portable DVD player. We don’t have one in the car, and we’ve never used one on a trip. Breezy Mama Maya gave us one to use at the hospital, so I decided to take it. We didn’t bust it out on the way there (Why?!?), but used it on the way back and it was fabulous. Don’t be shy about packing one along. We have the player pictured here–works fabulously well and you can’t beat the price. Axion Portable DVD Player, $54.99. Click here to order from Amazon.

Breezy Tip: Need more ideas? All of these from Entertainment in your Purse would work well too.

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  1. Great suggestions! I’m going to pick up a sticker book this weekend for an upcoming flight. I do travel with the portable DVD player but since you can’t use it on take off or landing I’ve had to be creative. Flashcards are good for those 15-20 minutes.

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