Beauty Tips My Mother Taught Me

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Breezy Mama’s Queen of the Caboodle Kelly shares the fabulous beauty tips she learned from her mom.

From Kelly:

Ever have an,” OH MY GOSH…I am becoming my MOTHER” moment??? Especially now that I have kids, I am stopped dead in my tracks when my mother’s voice and words are coming out of MY MOUTH (e.g. “Don’t get fresh with ME, young lady!” and,”Your face is going to freeze that way!”).  In addition to sounding like my mother, I have heard all of my life that I look just like her. The older I get, the more I take that as a compliment! In fact, my mom who will be turning 60 at the end of May, still could rock a pair of skinny jeans better than I could any day! So in honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would go to “the woman who knows best” for her best beauty advice:

• You are what you eat: Eat whole foods as much as possible like nuts and grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables (tomatoes are great because they contain lycopene). It will have positive effects on your skin.

• Make exercise a priority: Life gets demanding, but we must squeeze in at least a half an hour of exercise SOMEWHERE in our day. Besides just doing it for your heart and your sanity, everyone looks younger when they are thinner!

• Consistency is key: When it comes to the above mentioned, eating well and exercising must become like a habit. Of course it is okay to stray sometimes, but get back on the wagon as quickly as possible! The effects over time of a consistent healthy diet and exercise is astounding.

• When applying makeup, BLEND, BLEND, BLEND: WE should be wearing makeup, the makeup shouldn’t wear us! Makeup (especially foundation) looks best when it looks like we are not wearing it at all. Always extend your foundation past your jawline and blend into your neck. People often comment how even my skin tone is. I DO have to wear foundation, but if blended well, it should look like you are hardly wearing anything at all. Same goes with concealer, eyeshadow and blush.

• Get a good facial cleanser: Be sure that it has tocopheral or Vitamin E in it. Two inexpensive examples are Olay Foaming Face wash and CeraVe.

• Have a good skin cream: Look for creams with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), retinal (Vitamin E), and/or licorice extract (Vitamin A). Clinique, Roc and Neutrogena all make great ones.

• For your lips at night, do NOT use anything with Vaseline in it. Petroleum based products are not good to ingest which is a natural occurrence when you put it on. Instead, use something with beeswax and definitely use something with an spf. Using lipgloss ATTRACTS the sun to our lips. If we don’t have an spf on, it is a recipe for skin cancer!

• If you have problems with dry heels, use Stridex on your heels at night or 100% Cocoa butter and wear socks to bed.

• Wash your hair every 3-4 days if you can stand it (use Kelly’s suggestion of hair powder like The All Nighter Styling Powder, in between washings if you are feeling too greasy after a workout!). Your hair needs the oil from becoming dry. Using a brush with soft rubber tips keeps hair loss to a minimum.

• Lastly, cover your face AND HANDS from the sun! The difference in the skin of ladies who are older and have done this compared to those that thought it was too much of a bother is unbelievable! Remember to put sunscreen on your hands too. It is easy to do, inexpensive, and you will be glad you did!

The real reason I find my mother so beautiful may surprise her. It is her (very SMALL!) wrinkles. Her laugh lines remind me of how big she smiled when my sister or I did something she was proud of when we were growing up. Her frown lines (again-very minimal!) show the hard times she has been through, namely breaking out of an abusive relationship which ended in a hard divorce, that only made her come out on the other end an even stronger, more powerful person than if she never went through it. And the soft crinkles around her eyes show the look of love she has when she looks at the love of her life who she found, fell in love with, and married in her 50’s. That is what I find most beautiful about my mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!

kel About Kelly
Kelly is mother to Abigail, Marcus and Eli and lives with her husband Thadd in Long Beach, California. Although she is a beauty product junkie, you will most likely find her on any given day wearing no makeup, in her favorite pair of gray sweats, and yes, sporting a ponytail.

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  1. These are great tips!!! Simple and effective. And there`s more to exercising, eating well, and covering the skin from the sun to look good. we all have to keep a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy.

    your mom is an amazing woman. cheers to you strong, smart, beautiful women!

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