1. This is such a great post. Why? Because it’s real and honest. I struggle when my husband works long hours. And often I need to find strategies to deal with the stress. Thanks!

  2. Wow. Lot’s of great advice here. I love Susie’s advice to see where your child is right and to fill the emotional bank. Chelsea your “take a shower” story made me want to cry. All of us have been there… nothing can make you lose your temper quicker than the “older sibling” seeming to purposely wake the baby. But as you point out… they are still learning (and so are we!).

    Happy Spring Break Everyone!

  3. Great (and timely!) article. My two little WIP’s and I thank you for the all the tips. Turns out I’m a WIP too!

  4. This is such great advice! I find that I lose my temper the most when I’m hungry or tired (gee, sounds like a toddler) so when the kids start getting on my nerves I try to figure out if I need to walk away and have a snack.

  5. Thank you everyone!
    Fran — so true! If I keep my blood sugar level, my mind tends to be.
    Laura, I am DEFINITELY a WIP 🙂
    Thanks Unplanned Cooking — hang in there while the hubby is away.
    Sara — I loved that tip from Susie, too. There are definitely times if I just take a minute to think about the emotional bank, I have an ah-ha! moment and work on ways to fill it back up — really works and is great advice.

  6. I have been indulging in the post bedtime bath. As soon as my little guy is tucked in his crib I pour some lavender epsom salts in a hot tub (I highly recommend them, they’re heavenly) and have my own quiet time. Tea or wine can also help calm the nerves and make your bath feel like a vacation.

  7. yes thank you for this, it’s very good. i just read somewhere, forget where, that when adults “lose it’ it is simply an adult having a temper tantrum. reminding myself of this makes it easier when my little 3 yr old is having his own tantrum. only the child should be having the tantrum. reminding myself that i AM the adult & i don’t get the right to just lose it like that *sigh* well it’s easier said then done some days.

  8. Thank you so much for this. I totally lost it tonight while making, of all things that should be fun and not melt-down inducing, biscuits! Flour was everywhere and my 2 1/2 to wouldn’t stop flinging it about. I should have just laughed, or “zipped it”!, but instead I totally yelled at him and basically timed him out by strapping him in his highchair while I cleaned it all up. No fun at all. But, I will use your great advice next time!!


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