Stainless Steel Cups for Kids of all Ages

There’s something about stainless steel that makes you think of quality and durability. Though there’s a ton of BPA free plastic cups on the market, I’m still a sucker for stainless steel–I guess I just like the look of it, and the fact that it keeps your drinks cold. If you’re like me, then lucky for us because there are a slew of options–I had a difficult time narrowing it down to just seven (!). And the best thing? Almost each of the brands below carry a bottle for each age group of the house–in other words, for baby, school age, and adults! –Alex

CamelBak Kids Bottle
CamelBak, to me, is synonymous with bike riding, hiking, and spending a day on the slopes. So I was surprised to see that they had a version for the kiddos as well. The bottle has a straw to get the liquid out, and comes in a bunch of designs, my favorite being the skateboarding pirates (can you say killing two birds with one stone?).CamelBak 0.4-Liter Kids Stainless Steel Bottle in Pink, $17.99 from Amazon. Click here to order and to see other designs.

The Safe Sippy
When my second child was born, I was excited to upgrade our old sippy cups to the new ones on the market and this is the first that I bought. It’s easy for her to use, and the silicone “glove” acts like a grip, so now that she’s one, she doesn’t need to use the handle. The whole bottle is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a breeze. The Safe Sippy in Green, $11.00 from Amazon. Click here to purchase. Click here to see other colors.

Thermos Funtainer Beverage Bottle
Both of my children have these bottles and they love them. The bottle is compact so it fits in the lunch bag, it’s easy to clean, and comes in a variety of popular patterns (Batman and Barbie to name two). You push a button and the lid pops up revealing a plastic straw. Not very complicated–my 16 month old has been able to do it for some time now. Thermos Funtainer Beverage Container in Spiderman, $14.95 from Amazon. Click here to purchase. Click here to see other designs.

Eco Vessel Sippy Bottle/Cup
If your toddler is used to the Avent bottle or cups, then the Eco Vessel is perfect–this sippy bottle uses the same top. The bottle/cup also has a removable handle to make it easier for your child to hold it. The company touts that the bottle is leak proof, and it also comes with a clear plastic top to protect the spout from germs. EcoVessel Sippy Bottle/Cup in Gecko Green, $12.95 from Amazon. Click here to purchase. Click here to see other designs.

Sigg Kids Water Bottle
In my humble opinion, no stainless steel water bottle collection is complete without a Sigg (even though it’s made of aluminum, not stainless steel). I love Sigg, and my whole family is outfitted with at least one of their bottles. The twist top (that Sigg calls “Active”) is super easy to use, making for frustration free drinking with kids of all ages. Sigg Kids Active Top Water Bottle in Hello Kitty, $21.95 from Amazon. Click here to purchase. Click here to see other designs.

Oggi Sippy Bottle
I had never heard of Oggi, but after a bit of research, they are makers of fine stainless steel housewares, so the company knows it’s metal. The product description says that you can have milk in it, which I’m always afraid of doing with the other bottles. A customer review on Amazon said that they interchanged the spout with an Avent spout–another plus if you have a Avent kid. At this price, you can afford to try it out! Oggi iSIP Sippy Bottle in Brushed, $8.99 from Amazon. Click here to purchase. Click here to see other designs.

Born Free Water Bottle
I guess I’m not the only one who is partial to stainless steel–Born Free, the brand who is known for their BPA free plastics, also has a stainless steel bottle. I’m assuming they made it for people just like me! The bottle features a pop-out valve, (you have to push the valve in to make it pop-out) so it is probably best for older kids. Born Free Water Bottle, $10.75 from Amazon. Click here to purchase.

For those of you whose kids are still bottle feeding, do not feel left out! Amazon has stainless steel for you too–click here to see some options from OrgaicKidz and here for some by Pura.

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