Mel B on Posh Playdates and More

Like many of us Mamas (ahem, ahem), Spice Girls’ Melanie Brown – aka Scary Spice – gained more than the allotted 25 pounds during her pregnancy (a man MUST have come up with that number). Unlike the many of us, her motivation to lose the 60lbs she gained was her appearance on Dancing with the Stars Season 5 after her now three year old was born. It’s no wonder she has been tapped to host Dance Your Ass Off on Oxygen. Breezy Mama caught up with the British singer and got the latest on keeping fit and spicy (get it?) play dates.

Are you still dancing?

I dance here and there, yes, of course I do. It gets into your blood.

Will you ever choreograph for Dance Your Ass Off?

I’m sure if they ask — I would be more than willing to do anything. I’m hosting the show, I’m going to be involved with the contestants and I’ve been asked my opinion on many things. It’s nice to be involved outside of just the average host job.

Do you watch what you eat?

I believe in having somewhat of a healthy… like today I had egg whites, turkey bacon, fruit and some whole-wheat toast. Right now I just had salmon and salad.
I think you have to be realistic and you have to give your body what it craves at the end of the day.

What are your cravings?

It really depends on the week. Sometimes it’s In-N-Out Burger, sometimes it’s a good ‘ol English Kit Kat chocolate. It all depends, but for the most part I eat pretty healthy and I like it. And my husband is a great cook so I never have to worry about that.

What was your favorite memory of Dancing with the Stars?

Probably meeting Max and we still have a great relationship to this day. And my kids (ages 11 and 3) love him.

Are they dancers?

My soon to be three year old is. She loves pink and tutus. Doesn’t every kid love that at her age?

Are you going to raise them in LA?

Yeah, I live in LA now and have for six years.

So you plan on staying [in the United States]?


How do you balance having a 3 year old and work?

She goes to school a few hours a day, so I get to run around and do my thing. And then I pick jobs that work around my family, so this show is hosting two days a week. The rest of the time is with my kids.

Any play dates with any of the Spice Girls?

Not at the moment because we’re all kind of all over the place and when I go to London to work, it’s for 2 or 3 days and then I’m back, so I haven’t been taking my kids.

But with Posh [a.k.a. Victoria Beckham] who lives in LA?

We keep missing each other, too. But we all got together recently to discuss some things coming up.

Anything you’d like to share?

I just revamped my own Web site and I’m actually on it every day. It’s — I’m literally on it every single day. I answer questions; I’m very much more hands on. I was doing Twitter, but I feel driving people to your Web site is much more involved and the information is all there.

What sites do you like?

Just my own [laughs]. I don’t really shop. I don’t go [to gossip sites] in case there’s anything bad about me.

You have great abs…

I did my workout DVD [Totally Fit — click here to purchase] so I created about a 9-minute ab work out. That’s why I love [Dance Your Ass Off] because I didn’t want to go to a gym and I didn’t want to feel alone. So I created my own workout DVD and that’s how I lost the 60lbs.

What sorts of exercises are on your DVD?

For starts, it’s me doing the workout with you so I moan a lot and I’m sweating a lot because working out is hard. I always think you should work out with friends, like on [Dance Your Ass Off]. Workouts shouldn’t be boring and my DVD is far from being boring [laughs]. You can pick and choose … if you have 15 minutes you can choose legs, abs or bums and cardio. And you don’t really need anything – it sounds really random – apart from a broom.

To purchase her workout, click here!

As for that crazy new hairstyle… check out this video she posted on her site in which she says, “I hope it grows back soon!”

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  1. hmmm… why do I have the feeling it will take more than 9 minutes for my abs to look like that? Still, Scary’s always been my favorite SG!


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