The Nails Have It: Upcoming Trends and New Alternatives

Make-Up artisit Jill Kloster is back, this time dialing us into what’s hot for nails this spring. Some unexpected colors (gray for spring?) and results (the face of Jesus on your thumb), read on to learn more. . .

From Jill:

Seriously. One new trend is Seashells on nails.

Seashore Style

I think I can count on one dried out, thrashed, cuticle man-hand the number of manicures I’ve had since my wedding, and that was eight years ago. So when I learned that my newest assignment for Breezy Mama was to find out the latest trends in nails, it was on. On like Donkey Kong. Initially I learned that nails are like art, or an insult from your mother; very personal. From zebra stripes to crushed seashells (click here to preview and purchase), ladies are doing it all. If you can think of it, you can have it, and what some of us may consider inappropriate or gaudy, others consider it their signature.

There is a really cool salon near my home in Los Angeles called Dashing Diva that I have always wanted to visit, and there was no better time then the present.  Not to mention, that Thursday through Saturday they offer drinks with any service. What? Mani/Pedi and a cosmopolitan? Now you’re talking my language.

Play it Safe

When I arrived, I sat down with a girl names Cee Wan and tried to pick her brain about what latest nail trend would make me look cool at the next PTA meeting, but not too cool that I would outshine Lady Gaga. She told me that most moms today are still doing very natural, conservative looks, but there were a few ways that I could put a little spin on the day to day look.

OPI's, "You Don't Know Jacques"

Grey Matters

I learned that modern colors have gravitated more towards interesting shades like pale purple, forest green and gray. Yes. I said gray. I would never have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but it is actually not bad. I have always wanted to do the black nail polish thing on my fingers, but I have always felt that it was a little much considering I spend the majority of my day in sweaty workout clothes. They gray thing–I think I could actually pull off, because it is much less 16-year-old goth than the black. The one I particularly like is by OPI and it’s called “You Don’t Know Jacques”. (Click here to order from Amazon for $5.25.)

Like Totally 80’s

Something else that caught my eye was florescent colors a-la- Wham! from the 1980’s. I was thinking that I might give one of those a spin, but Frankie said relax. (To view and purchase OPI’s “Brights” collection, click here.)

OPI's No Room for the Blues

Heavy Metal

Another trend I got the 411 on was metallic nails. Dashing Diva has their own signature line, but most salons offer something similar. These metallic’s are preformed and adhered to your nails using various methods depending of the salon. Gold, Silver,

Like the idea of metallic, but want the price of polish? Try OPI's DS coronation.

you name it.  For a price and massive cahones, you too can have your nails looking like they were just chrome dipped at the local auto shop. I was considering getting these shiny nails, just to see the reaction from friends and family. I decided against it for fear of scaring my kids, or worse, my daughter asking if she could have them too. (To view and purchase OPI’s metallic collection, click here.)

Let it Gel

So besides the latest color trends, Cee Wan also told me about a new cool thing called gel nails which are apparently the new alternative to acrylics and are organic. I tried to stop her from wasting her breath because I was not interested in any kind of false nail procedure. As she rolled her eyes, she informed me that gel nails is basically just a really thick coat of clear polish made from organic ingredients that doesn’t inhibit nail growth or weaken your own nails. The gel is also soakable, which means that it can be removed by soaking nails in acetone and wrapping in foil until pliable. This means that there is no sanding down the nail like acrylics. It is also a great product for those of us who have hard nails already and we want to keep them from breaking and splitting. Gel nails stay shiny for weeks, and if you use polish over the top, the polish supposedly stays on longer.

This was something that piqued my interest as I have hard nails that are always splitting, and I love the look of clear shiny polish for day or evening. I decided to go for it. I had to see if this gel nail thing deserved it’s street cred. One last minute change I made was to get polish on top of the gel nails to see if it really did stay on longer. As much as I wanted to be hip and trendy, I didn’t go with gray. Instead I chose “Hazelnut Sundae” a Dashing Diva brand color.

A Leg Up

TOES?!! Shoot!! I forgot that I had ten other piggies to paint. Here’s a theory that I live by: There are two things that should always be obnoxious–your sunglasses and your toenail polish. That being said, I chose a hot fuchsia color also by Dashing Diva called “Convey Island.” Not obnoxious enough for you? For the extra kick in the butt, I had them sprinkle glitter on top and then I had it sealed with a top coat.  How you like me now??

The gel nail procedure was relatively standard, except for that after the gel is applied, you get to “bake” your nails in what looked like a miniature toaster oven. They came out extra shiny which had me very impressed.   After the polish was applied I was pretty unimpressed by how normal and run-of the-mill my nails looked (YAWN).  I wanted noticeable nails–nails that spoke volumes; nails that made people reconsider their own nail polish choices.

I remembered the earlier conversation about how the “pale” or matte look was in. I asked them if they perhaps had another color that would fit into this new trendy category. And then they told me some secret information:  There is a special top coat out there that can instantly turn any nail polish matte. What was I waiting for? They cracked open the bottle and applied it stat. BAD DECISION. My nails looked like they had been dipped in liquid nitrogen. Like I had wanted to be cryogenically frozen in time but I only had enough money to do my nails. You get the point. A girl named Sally finished my toes (which look so awesome I want to constantly go barefoot), and after about 15 minutes of drying time, my foggy fingernails and I split.

Fast forward to the next morning; I woke up and was completely mortified. My nails looked like they had been pressed against a screen door all night.  Not to mention that there were moguls, slashes, cuts and I swear the face of Jesus Christ was carved into my left thumbnail. This was AFTER I had spent an extra two hours babying my nails, making sure that they were dry before I hit the pillow. Really? This is why I don’t get manicures. I can’t keep the look 24 hours out of the salon. I am completely irresponsible when it comes to my nails, and all the salons in the area should have a poster of my picture up alerting them to this fact. I called Cee Wan a couple days later, and she was nice enough to remove the polish with a non-acetone remover (which is what you are supposed to use on gel nails).

What you should also know, is that the polish was starting to recede from the tips already so all the hype that the gel nails help keep polish on longer is not really true–at least in my case. . .  Anyhow, after the polish removal, I once again had shiny strong nails because the gel nail coating was unaffected, and this made me very happy. I’m not sure if I will maintain my new fancy nails because in about two weeks I will have to get more reapplied to fill in the growth. In the meantime, I will embrace my new nails, even if the only person who notices them is me.

Special thanks to Dashing Diva, and especially to Cee Wan, Sally and Juno (who took the pictures) for their time in helping with this article. Want to enjoy a cosmo while getting your own nails done? You can find the girls at: Dashing Diva, 18634 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356. Phone: (818) 344-3482.

Want to try to do Gel Nails in the comfort of your own home? Amazon sells a DIY kit–click here to check it out.

Jill enjoys sipping her cosmo while learning the latest nail trends.

About Jill Kloster:
Jill begun her career as a hair and makeup artist in 1999. During her tenure, she’s worked on a variety of projects–from the Latin Grammys to commercials to the hit reality television show The Bachelor. Jill also has been a makeup artist to actors such as: Judy Greer (13 again, 27 dresses, The Wedding Planner), Josh Malina (The West Wing), and socialite Kimberly Stewart. These days, when she’s not in the shower road testing shampoos, she can be found at home in the LA Valley with her husband Owen and two kids, Ethan and Eiley.

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  1. Yay! I can’t wait to check out the cookbook. Thanks Breezy Mamas!

  2. maya Drake says

    Awesome article. Such a fun read in the AM! I love the neon colors on my toes! The green is so much fun! Congratulations on your year anniversary! Your site keeps us mamas breezy, bright and beautiful! love you guys!!!

  3. Vanessa Corbett says

    Great article, Jill! Made me laugh and made me so very happy that my toes are currently painted a purple/grey. 🙂
    Happy Anniversary Breezy Mama!!!

  4. Happy anniversary! Love the nice surprise in my mailbox with the recipes and informative articles!

    I love manis and this article is right up my alley! I have so wanted to do minx and I think I will now!

    Jill is so funny and all of you at BreezyMama are great!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  5. Gel nails are no more “organic” than acrylic. My company manufactures both. They are made from the same chemistry and are have many of the same raw materials (or ingredients).

    Jessie Burkhardt
    Director of Marketing & Communications

  6. Maria Haley says

    I loved this post! So funny & I can completely relate. I’m off to get my grey pedi!

  7. Hilarie Stone says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the “You don’t know Jacques” I got on my toes today. Thanks Jill!! You are so hilarious! I can totally relate to your life! Can’t wait to read the next post.

  8. Hilarie Stone says

    Oh and by the way, my pedi did NOT include a Cosmo! I demand a refund!

  9. breezymamajill says

    Hi Jessie:

    Thanks so much for reading. We appreciate all our readers comments.

    Dashing Diva manufactures many of their own products, including the gel nails used in their salons. They informed me that their brand is definitely made using organic materials. If you have any other questions, the girls from Dashing Diva would be more then happy to answer them.

    Thanks again for your comment. Stay “Breezy”


  10. Just a word of caution. I’ve been getting the “no-chip” gel manicure with OPI products, and either the “process”, soaking in acetone, or the product itself on my nails, have made them very thin. And while the polish didn’t chip, my nails did, along with the polish. The first two months were good, but after that, the chipping of my nails began. I’ve spoken with several friends who have had the same problem. I’m going back to regular manicures for a while. After that, I’m not sure. I’ve never had thin or brittle nails before, so I know it’s the product. You’d think someone would come up with something that works.


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