Top 5 Reads, According to a 9-Year-Old

I recently met Nina and her mom, Karina, through Breezy Mama Alysha. Somehow, we got on the conversation of reading and writing and Karina told me that Nina loves to write book reviews–each time she finishes a book, she does a little synopsis on it. Talk about motivation! So, I thought what better way to let other moms know what a pre-teen likes to read than asking one herself? Here are some of her current favorites . . . –Alex

Nina’s Rating System:

*         yuck
**       OK
***     good one!
****   best book in the www!

Title: Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow
Author: Jessica Day George
What the book is about: Having been called lots of names the girl has no name. She goes on adventures boys dream of and meeting a troll queen and much more. The girl with no name sets off to rescue what she found was her true love.
Nina’s rate: ****
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George, $11.53. To purchase from Amazon, click here.

Title: Island of The Blue Dolphins.
Author: Scott O’Dell
What the book is about: Karana lives on the Island of The Blue Dolphins, an Island that is named after the Graceful Creatures that live in the island waters. When her family and friends fled because of the Aluets tribe, Karana is left behind. Making some extraordinary friends, Karana learns the true meaning of friendship.
Nina’s rate: ****
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell, $6.99. To purchase from Amazon, click here.

Title: Julia Gillian and the Art of Knowing
Author: Alison McGhee
What the book is about: Julia Gillian and her dog Bigfoot read a green book. Julia knows it going to have a sad ending. And while worrying about sad endings in books and trying to master the claw machine, will she have time for Bigfoot?
Nina’s rate: ***
Julia Gillian and the Art of Knowing by Alison McGhee, $6.99. To purchase from Amazon, click here.

Series: The sequel to A Long Way from Chicago
Title: A Year Down Yonder
Author: Richard Peck
What the book is about: Mary Alice has to spend the whole summer in boring town Illinois. But her grandma helps her through it by putting some sense into the school bully, making amazing pies, and playing some tricks on the cranky next-door neighbor. Everyday is an adventure for Mary Alice with her wild and fun grandma!
Nina’s rate: ***
A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck, $6.99. To purchase from Amazon, click here.

Title: Where the Mountain Meets The Moon
Author: Grace Linn
What the book is about: Minli is a girl who leaves her poor home and parents to go find the old man of the moon to change her fortune. During her journey she meets a dragon who can’t fly, a boy with no parents, a king with extraordinary powers, and much more! Do you think her journey will succeed?
Nina’s rate: ****
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Linn, $10.97. To purchase from Amazon, click here.

About Nina:
Nina started reading at the age of five. It’s no surprise that Nina has a love of reading since her mother is a Professor of Literature. Her family is from Argentina, and she is perfectly bilingual in English and Spanish. Nina’s all time favorites books are: Coralline and The Secret Garden. When she’s not curled up with a book, she can be found with her friends, riding bikes and playing with her brother and her dog, Mario.

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  1. Love it Nina!!!! Will you do a story time read with Aidan and Nolan?!

    I love you!
    Tia Andre

  3. Mrs. Russell says

    Nina, I’m very impressed! You gave just enough about each book to hook the potential reader. I’ll let my students know about the site so they can enjoy these books. You’re amazing! Mrs. Russell

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