Best Jeans for Your Butt Type and More

Whether you’re little in the middle, but you got much “back” or not, Breezy Mama recently got the low down on the best jean pockets for your butt type from The mun2 Look’s – a half hour series on fashion trends – celebrity stylist Jorge Ramon, plus more tips.

So here’s the skinny on jeans: Jorge says the pocket shouldn’t go any longer than where the butt meets the thigh. Turn around, take a look in the mirror and decide whether you need to get a little higher.

If you happen to have a flat butt, round things out with, “lots going on on the pockets, pocket flap, etc. Think: embroidery and sequins.”

For those with more junk in the trunk (ahem), the opposite applies. Avoid pockets with flaps or anything that will add dimension. Unless of course you think bigger is better.

Breezy Tip: I was at a playdate recently and a mom had the AG Stevie Skinny jeans in the above photo on and looked AMAZING! They are a splurge, but worth the investment if you can swing it! To check out the dark wash with nothin’ going on on the pockets or switch to the light wash with embroidery — Click here!

For white tops, remember the ‘ol standby — beige bra underneath – definitely not a white bra.

A little tip he flourished on wearing flowers in winter – bloom on but make sure your print is on a dark background for the winter months and in spring or summer wear florals on a light background.

If you want more of Jorge’s fashion tips, you can actually send him questions. So, if you are looking for advice such as, “To much of a good bling is distracting,” click here!

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  1. There is a new brand of jeans that are absolutely fabulous for curvy shaped women of all sizes. The brand is Little in the Middle, and this jeans line caters to all sizes of women that have a curvy shape. One of the most interesting thing that it does; is that it is sized one size smaller in the waist than in the hips, so it eliminates that awful gap in the back of your jeans that let your rear end hang out while seated while offering a great fit.

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