Breezy Mama Braves the Flames of Kell on Earth’s Kelly Cutrone

Remember on The City when Whitney’s boss Kelly at the fashion PR house People’s Revolution asked that uber-skinny model if she was okay and told her she really should eat something? Or all the times Lauren got scolded by Kelly on The Hills? Or the time Kelly made Lauren fire She-Pratt? Juicy! And oh so much fun to watch. Just ask the television station Bravo because they are doing an entire show starting on Monday, Feb 1, based on her called: Kell on Earth. Yep, known first for being a hard core head honcho to Lauren on The Hills and later spending the majority of her time in charge at her NY offices with Whitney in tow, the take-no-prisoners-boss Kelly Cutrone now has her own show that will chronicle just how down and dirty she can be, but also show her life as a single mom. Um, an entire show because she’s gnarly? Um, was I slightly afraid to approach her for an interview? You betcha! Braving the flames of Kell, Breezy Mama got the scoop on her new show, how HER mom feels about her nasty ways, whether we’ll see any The Hills or The City crossovers and more.

Do you have time to talk?

Well, yeah..

Wait… you’re not mean!

I’m not mean [laughs]. Who are you writing for?

I’m from Breezy Mama.

[Excitedly] I’m a mom!

I know! I didn’t realize you were a mom until I saw the clip of your new show.

I have a little girl named Ava who’s 7. It’s a great privilege to be a parent, isn’t it?


I decided to have a baby because I had a lot to learn and a lot to give and it’s been an incredible exchange of knowledge and of teaching and we mature together.

Do you think she has an eye for fashion, too?

Yes, definitely. There’s something on the show when I say to her she has to wear something dressy if you’re coming to [one of the fashion shows I was working on] and she says to me, “Why do you want me to wear something dressy if I’m sitting in the third row? Everybody knows that no one will see me in the third row.” My friends and I were like, “Should we actually let that be in the show? It’s kind of shocking!”

I’m a single mom and I live in a live/work building so I take Ava to school in the morning and then she comes home, and she’s part of The People’s Revolution. She’s like our littlest cub. Sometimes she’ll go up to the interns and say, “Hi, my name is Ava. Do you want to come to my dance party?” And then she’ll pretend to make this little event and we all have to go. We do different things with her… she’s part of the Revolution.

That’s cool. So are you excited to have your own show?

I am. I think it’s a great privilege and platform to discuss and communicate about things that I find interesting or things I want the public to know about my business, my life or my clients. It’s a pretty great distribution method…direct.

Did you ever foresee this would happen?

No. It’s really weird…I’m a big believer in intuition and just doing what’s in front of you and if you do your best everything else takes care of itself.

Well, you started your PR business at 22, right?

Yes, at 22.

That’s incredible!

And I don’t really know anything about business, I just know what I’ve learned from doing my business and I’ve made a lot of mistakes, which have been great teachers. My goal is to move back to a small town, so either I will do that as an employee at an antique store or as someone who made a lot of money being on TV and who is retired.

Your goal is to return to a small town?

I say that half your life is spent trying to get out of a small town and the other half trying to get back to one.

Will Whitney or Lauren be on your show?

[Abruptly] They’re not going to be on the show.

Will reference be made to them?


Will you still be on The City?


So, they don’t get to be on your show, but you still get to be on theirs [laughs]?

Yes. Which means sometimes there have been two shows shooting in the building at the same time, which is kind of crazy. The third floor I’m on Kell on Earth just being me, living my life. One was supposed to be finished before the other started and there was a two week cross over. And that was ridiculous! That’s when I gained like 12 pounds. It was insane. All of a sudden I’d be on the third floor and I’d be doing Kell on Earth and then I’d go upstairs to [floor] 5 to get a shirt and I’d be on The City. I also have a book coming out, so on top of it, I was writing a book.

What’s your book called?

The book is called If You Have to Cry, Then Go Outside and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You (click here to purchase). So, it’s kind of a mixture of Ann Landers on crack, or Dear Abby meets Cruella DeVille.

Do you behave any differently depending on what show you’re on?

No. I’m really myself and a lot of it comes down to the edit. Like, if you were doing a reality show, in a day, they could show that you’re a loving person, they could show that you’re a bitch on wheels, they could show that you’re fair, they could show that you’re out of control… if we really think about who we are from the minute we wake up till we go to bed at night, there are many personas and times that we are proactive and reactive and conscious and unconscious and that really comes down to how they want to shape it.

Have you ever had someone you love or know see the show and say, “I didn’t even know you were like that?”

Well, my mother. There was an un-delayed bleep thing on one of the Bravo things that got out and there was a teaser of my show and I said, “It’s fashion week and I’m playing for blood mother f***ing keeps and if you doin’t f***ing like it then I don’t f***ing…blah, blah, blah.” But there was no bleep! It was a bootleg thing that got out on the Internet and my mother said [imitates her mom’s voice], “Oh my God! Is this what you’re going to be doing with your daughter? You’d think they’d put a delay!” And I had to explain that it was an accident. Everything’s going to be fine and she said, “You don’t need that! You just don’t need that!”

Will you get her to be on your show?

No. We’ll get her to be like Carlton  [the unseen doorman in the sitcom Rhoda] in our mind [laughs]. My dad is real ill and she lives in Virginia, so she stays home to take care of him. She does come in sometimes in our fantasy world. The show goes in between Rhoda and the Addams Family, so she’s our Carlton the doorman where we’re like, “Hi Mom.” And she’s like, “Hi Kel.” We get her on the phone like Dave Letterman’s mom.

I know sometimes on The Hills and The City the cameras sometimes miss a scene, do you ever have to re-enact a scene you’ve been in?

We don’t do that on my show. I know a lot of people who are on TV shows now because I’ve been on TV a while and I’ve seen all different ways to make a show. It was disheartening to me that my show was going to be so real. I was, like, “A. Busy.” And, “Can’t we just like…” And they said no, because it was going to be a docu-series so we did not reenact one thing.

But on The Hills and The City was it ever difficult for you to reenact a scene?

I was never asked to re-do a scene. Ever. On that show, they called me One Take Cutrone because I’m there, I do my thing and I leave. I don’t do scenes. I don’t have a script. The show’s not scripted, my words have never been scripted. It is sculpted in the sense that they’re like, “We want to have a business meeting.” So, they’re going to come when they know the business meeting is happening. They’re not going to be there 10 hours hoping a business meeting is going to come.

Was there ever something that you wish was shown that didn’t make it to TV?

There’s a lot of really sweet moments on that show, but I’m happy that I’m mean on that show. It’s been a great thing for me. Everyone remembers The Bitch.

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  1. Love this and can’t wait for the show!!!

  2. Chels~ Great article. You are one uber brave Mama to interview Kelly (Cut Throat) Cutrone. She is one mean biatch. But I love her and have mad respect for how real she is. Nothing fake about her, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to watch. I have already had it bookmarked for weeks. I wonder how many episodes it will take for her to make someone cry. 🙂

  3. Thanks Lexi — I’m so excited to see it, too…and slightly afraid -lol!
    And thank you Rebecca. I was very nervous to approach her. Luckily, she didn’t make me cry -ha!

  4. Can’t wait to Tivo this!

  5. Great q&a, I love this show! I would’ve been afraid to ask for an interview too!;)


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