Jerry Seinfeld Talks Marriage With Breezy Mama and Why He Feels Men Suffer in Silence

The Seinfelds

It definitely hit me that there I was having some yada, yada, yada with Jerry Seinfeld himself. Before the days of owning my beloved DVR, I always made sure to be home on time to catch his iconic sitcom every single Thursday night. And there were times I actually wanted Elaine’s life. Flash forward from 1998 when Seinfeld went off the air to now, and not only do I have three kids, but Jerry does, too. In fact, he recently celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary with his wife Jessica and has an upcoming reality show that SHE suggested he make. And here’s the catch: it’s based on their petty fights as a long time (yes, ten years is a long time these days) married couple. You may have seen the ads featuring Jerry on NBC, but he actually will not be appearing on The Marriage Ref — that will let couples each tell their side of their argument (nothing to do with the kids or anything serious, more along the lines of, ‘Do you have to keep THAT chair’), but he is a producer and spoke to Breezy Mama on when wedded bliss is a little amiss and more.

What does love mean to you?

Commitment. And that you accept that it’s normal to fight and that it’s even funny. I hear about people who have been married a long time and they start to fight and then they just start laughing.

Do you remember the fight with Jessica that prompted you to produce The Marriage Ref?

No. [But basically,] I said my side and she said her side and we had a friend decide who was right.

How do you keep this premise from getting annoying – people bickering?

You’ve never seen a couple fight over ‘the dog’s dead, should we stuff it or not?’ Here’s the most interesting thing about the show to me — couples in fights perform. Regular people that are so boring that you would never want to spend 10 seconds with them, when they are fighting, they are hilarious. They say funny things in funny ways, like the way you would want an actor to do it. That’s what’s been the most interesting discovery of the show. These couples are funny.

Don’t you think some couples won’t want to watch this show because they won’t want to see people fighting at home – it’s a little too close to home?

It’s a relief because you think, “At least we don’t have THAT one.” Or, ‘We do have that one, let’s see who’s right and who’s wrong.’ Either way, it pulls you in.

Have you disagreed with the outcomes at all as to who won the fights on the show?

Yeah, sometimes.

Why would you earn the seal of being a great husband?

I just love my wife. I’m not easy to live with. I try not to say that thing that you wish you didn’t say. I’m a pretty good fighter. I’m incredibly edgy and difficult and cranky, but I will not get personal.

Outside of the show will you call [The Marriage Ref host and final judge, comedian] Tom [Papa] to ref your fights?


What annoys you about Jessica?

Whenever we go to the theater, because I’m a well-known person, I hate to go into the theater late. I get very anxious about getting out of the house on time.

So, you just had your 10-year wedding anniversary – how did you make it to 10?

We really just love to be together and all couples have to learn… you don’t know that when you get married you’re going to have these huge fights. You think it’s going to be perfect and it comes as a huge shock. [And then after] both of us talking with friends, [we find] out that we all [fight]. This is the thing with the show — especially with men – men do not share with other men about what’s going on in their marriage so they suffer in silence and they think ‘my marriage is a mess.’ I feel a sense of mission with this show because I want to tell everybody your marriage is fine. We’re all doing this.

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  1. BIG TIME!! How the fig newton did you land this interview!? Way to go Breezy Mama! I can’t wait for this show, it sounds hilarious.

  2. Wow. I too am impressed with your connections:-) Good to know my marriage is “normal!”

  3. Thanks Maria! This was definitely for you and your request for “more celebrities!” -lol!
    And Sara, glad you feel “normal” 🙂 It definitely made me giggle to think about Seinfeld getting impatient with his wife as she got ready… I am not alone -lol!

  4. I love this interview! Excellent questions for a fabulously famous guy. As a motherless daughter and a young wife I really didn’t have anyone to turn to in my first year of marriage for understanding or advice.

    It really struck a cord for me when Jerry said, “you don’t know that when you get married you’re going to have these huge fights. You think it’s going to be perfect and it comes as a huge shock”.

    I did at times think to myself, “Is this marriage a mess, have I made a mistake?” Sometimes the small things seem like huge things, as life goes and you perfect your dance together perspective and time become the greatest gift.

    I think Jerry’s new show will be a huge success; I can wait to see it.

  5. Shannon — I agree that time becomes such a gift. My parents were divorced by the time I was 2, so when it’s come to marriage, I’ve just been winging it -lol! Actually, I always admired my aunt and uncle’s marriage and their ability to get back on the same page.

  6. Patti Aretz says

    Jerry Seinfeld? Very impressive. Now the bar is set. Who’s next Pitt/Jolie? You’re rolling deep, Breezy mamas!

  7. Alice Gold says

    I like to hear about anyone’s marriage, especially if they are willing to be honest…don’t really care if they are a celebrity or not. Here’s my request…more honest people. 🙂

  8. Its good to know that even celebrities ar normal, and have normal marriages without any money worries I suppose..


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