Amy Poehler Tells Breezy Mama Why Her Saturday Nights Aren’t So "Live" Anymore

Amy Poehler is one of today’s great comediennes, has paved the way for the next generation of funny women, is an SNL vet, star of hit movies like Baby Mama and is a producer of her TV show Parks and Recreation, but if I’m being honest, when meeting her, it’s hard not to focus on one thing… she’s as cute as a button. Once I got past how petite the blonde hair, big blue-eyed actress is, I discovered she is just as quick witted in person as she is on television and in movies. Answering my Breezy Mama questions including how it was working with her husband in the first episode of the New Year on Parks and Recreation, Amy also shared why life as a mom to her one year old son Archie has made Saturday Night not so “live,” and more.

So you’re a producer on [Parks and Recreation]?


Do you rule with an iron fist?

[Laughs]. Yes, I speak softly but I carry a big stick.

How was it having your husband [Will Arnett] guest star on your show?

That was so fun and I’m really excited about that episode. He’s so funny in it.

What character is he?

He plays a bad date that I’m set up on.

Do you think he’ll be back again?

I don’t know. His character is so funny and we love working together so we were lucky to get him.

How’s your baby?

Good. Thanks…. [Deadpans] But don’t refer to my husband as a baby.

Since he’s the son of two comedians, do you think [your one year old] will be funny?

[Deadpans] He’s just a big fan of French New Wave. He’s a boring intellectual.

Do you still watch Saturday Night Live?

I do. I watched it last [Saturday]. It was hilarious. Charles Barkley was hilarious. The monologue was great; Update was great; [The] show was so good. I still watch it, but now that I have a kid, I watch it at 5:30 in the morning on Sundays [laughs].

Will you make an appearance on Weekend Update at all?

I don’t think that’s planned for any time soon. We’re back to work [on Parks and Recreation], we’re not doing any more Update Specials, but I will certainly make a behind the scenes visit when I can.

Have you adjusted to normal hours now that you don’t have to be up all night [working on SNL]?

I don’t know how I did it… I really don’t.

In addition to your husband’s appearance on the show, what else can fans expect?

[There’s] a really good episode where we go to [my character] Leslie’s house and see how she lives and it’s kind of shocking [laughs].

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  1. I am total love with Amy. She is adorable, funny and clearly a smart cookie.

    And I am also a fan of French New Wave. So there is a chance I would get along with her son too. Just sayin.

  2. I love her, too, Marcy … I mean, “Really, Seth? R-E-A-L-L-Y?” And I’m sure she’d love you to babysit -lol!


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