Best Workout Clothes

Picture 2To find functional workout wear that was cute, too, Breezy Mama turned to volleyball star, mother of two and exercise guru Gabby Reece.

From Gabby:

“I like LuLu Lemon. They make great pants.” To check out the knee length running crop pair that support your muscles and reduce bounce, click here!

“I don’t endorse Nike anymore, but I think they have great apparel if you find the right stuff for you.” From jog bras to pants and more, click here.
“I think anytime you can find Brazillian pants – they have really good Lycra. If you go to your local gym, if they have any Brazillian brands, they’re really good.”
To get a leg up on the gear, click here.
“As for my favorite t-shirts and cover-ups, I wear Velvet – those are really cute and you can wear them out after.” Slip into yours by clicking here.
And for shoes, Gabby shared:

“I am partial to Nike. Like I said, I’m not endorsing them anymore, but I really like their Free category, because the foot still has a lot of motion in it – very light and airy—and you can flex your foot inside your shoe.”
Run to your pair by clicking here!

Got your clothes and ready to workout? Check out Gabby’s moves you can do from home — click here!

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  1. Great post! Finding exercise clothes that are both comfortable yet durable can be a very difficult task. I personally feel that it’s very important to find exercise clothes that are the most comfortable. We all know that getting started on a workout regiment is difficult, so you need to be as comfortable as possible before you start your workout.

  2. Having cute fitness wear that you love can be a great motivation to get to the gym so you have an excuse to wear it.

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