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ny-031If you had your friends over for dinner and noticed not a single person liked the meal you prepared, would you serve it again? Likewise, Breezy Mama has been dishing out what we feel is fulfilling scoop, but you don’t always bite. We’re often shocked by what few appeared to be interested in (in other words, didn’t click to “read more”) and other times are pleasantly surprised by a post we wanted to share, but weren’t so sure you’d care. As 2009 comes to an end, we thought you might be interested in taking a walk down memory lane with us and revisit the stories that DID satisfy your appetite. And we can’t thank you enough for all of the support this first year and for coming back for more helpings! The site has truly been a potluck of content with moms sharing their amazing stories, talents and expertise. After over 300 posts, here are the:

Top 10 Most Read Breezy Mama Posts of 2009

10. Top 10 Parenting Books

9. Autism vs. Aspergers Syndrome: Signs Your Child Might Have Either and Why
Jenny McCarthy Upsets the Autistic Community

8. Crooked Love: The Story of a Boy and the Mom who Fought to Save Him

7. 5 Undercover Mother Must Haves

6. Current Top 10 Children’s Books

5. Make Extra Cash – How to Find Part Time Work to Do From Home

4. Exclusive! The Cast of The Office on Pam’s Pregnancy, Parenting On and Off the Set and What’s Ahead This Season

3. AJ Langer on the Royal Rumor and the Jump From One Home Birth Baby to Two

2. Your Daughter has Cancer: 4 Words You Never Expect to Hear-Plus: Advice from a Pediatrician and Pediatric Oncologist

1. My Son Had the Swine Flu: Learn from My Experience & Advice from a Pediatrician

As far as what got you talking, check out “Popular Posts” on the left side bar. Those go by how many comments are made. Did we mention we love comments? Keep ’em coming! And thank you again for being Breezy with us! We hope you dive in for more in 2010!


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  1. Congratulations! Breezy Mama is fun, friendly, informative, and well-written. I am looking forward to more breeziness!

  2. Great Job Breezy Mamas! Your posting are always useful and enjoyable. Looking forward to next year.

  3. I enjoy your posts but just tuned in recently, so thanks for the year’s best!

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