Get Your Home Gorgeous on a Budget–Plus, Holiday Décor Ideas

TheRedHouse072Michelle Workman is the go-to interior designer for celebs like Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta and more. Breezy Mama turned to the “easygoing perfectionist” and mother of two to get her tips on sprucing up your home on a budget just in time for all the holiday guests to arrive. Plus! Tips on holiday décor.

What room in the home is the most important to have look nice?

It depends on the homeowner but typically I suggest common areas such as the living room and entryway be decorated first.

What are some budget friendly pieces you recommend that easily spruce up a home?

Throw pillows are a quick fix and easy on the budget, but I like to take people’s collections of things (art, sculpture, knickknacks) and group them together to get an instant freshening of a space. An example of this is a client who collected antique whale-bone carvings from Alaska — she had all sorts of them, spread out through the house. I took a few of the larger pieces, had them cased in acrylic and then grouped them all together in one place (a large console table in the entrance). They then looked like a very high-end art collection that gave immediate impact upon entering the house.

What are some mistakes people make when decorating their own homes?

One of two things: They either go bland and boring with a “catalog” look OR they try to make every little thing have “personality.” There is a balance in between that communicates the personality that lives within and is still elegant and timeless, a good designer can achieve this balance.

What are your favorite stores when purchasing budget friendly items?

I like West Elm, and Ikea has some good things, and there are of course estate sales.

What color palettes are your favorite right now?

Purple and yellow, yellow and grey, orange – purple – pink – red…. Yum!

Can you give us a few tips on creating a romantic master bedroom?

Bed hangings (curtains) on a poster bed, or a half tester, always make a bedroom feel more romantic. A bench at the foot of the bed and a cozy quilt or fuzzy blanket also adds warmth and romance. Silk or Satin curtains that have a dull shine can be very sexy.

What’s hot right now for kid room decor?

Anything that is OVER THE TOP! This is one of the few rooms that you can go wild and crazy in — take advantage of it and let your creativity hang out!

Can you give us some great holiday décor ideas?

Pick a color theme that goes well with the colors that are already in your home and then do variations on that color and only that color. For example: if you have a beige and white living room and you choose green as your Holiday color theme, you can decorate with: grass green, forest green, chartreuse and olive. This gives a lovely look that is atypical of holiday decor.

AR (3) copyWhat inspires you when decorating?

Usually the homeowner and the architecture of the house are my first inspirations but color is my driving inspiration. I love to look to nature to find color combinations that are unusual yet natural and therefore pleasing to the senses. When I first arrive at someone’s home I look at many different things to figure out the personality of the person and house, and I try to bring that personality into the design so that each home is different and reflects the people living within.

What’s the biggest budget you’ve been given from a client?

I have had budgets range from little to big and really the most important thing is that I have the trust of the client that allows me the latitude to create. No matter the budget, trust is the most important thing.

What do you love most about designing?

I love creating beauty that envelops people. I think it is one of the most important things in life to surround ourselves with beauty; it uplifts the spirit and encourages one to live an extraordinary life.

What project are you most proud of?

Wow, thats tough — sort of a Sophie’s Choice kind of question! Each project is so unique and has so many different aspects that I am proud of! I think I love them all equally but for many different reasons.

MWorkmanKids2 As one of Hollywood’s most sought-after interior designers, Michelle Workman possesses a client roster that includes such esteemed and influential individuals as Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta & Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley and Leah Remini.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Michelle’s penchant for the craft was almost immediately apparent. Some of her fondest childhood memories were of her mother chauffeuring her about the neighborhoods to take in the endless array of visually arresting homes. As a budding young designer, Michelle frequently took pleasure in envisioning and fashioning her very own customdesigned forts.

Michelle recently opened The Red House Interiors (click here), a home-furnishings and accessories store and showroom in Los Angeles. To learn more about Michelle, visit:

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