5 Essential Kitchen Gadgets

pineappleWith the change of hour resulting in the evenings getting darker sooner, I always find myself cooking more. I think that since it’s dark, there’s not much to do and I finally have the time to spend in the kitchen. Nothing like a hot stove emitting yummy smells to make the house feel cozy on a cold night. Here are some of my current favorite cooking gadgets–(almost) all for under $10.00!

5. Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer
My family adores pineapple, but my husband and I both hate slicing it—getting this gadget changed all that. This pineapple slicer makes it so easy, you just cut off the pineapple top, twist the slicer in and pull out. Creates beautiful pineapple rings, and you’re left with a perfect pineapple shell, which one of these days I want to use as a glass for a tropical drink. To purchase from Amazon for $9.99, click here.

4. glass storageFrigoverre Glass Storage Containers
I finally bit the bullet and tossed my plastic food storage containers and got some glass ones. These have not let me down—I no longer worry about BPA’s emitting from the plastic when I put them in the microwave, and they’re attractive, so if you’re feeling lazy, the food can be served in them. The containers are dishwasher safe but FYI, you can’t put them in the oven. To see Amazon’s selection, and to purchase (prices vary), click here.

garlic peeler3. Zak Designs E-Z-Rol Garlic Peeler
This garlic peeler is the absolute best. You put the clove inside the tube; press on it as you roll it on the counter top, and like magic, the clove slips out of its peel. When done, just throw it in the dishwasher. No more hassling with a knife and best of all, no more smelly hands! To purchase from Amazon for $7.99, click here.

egg timer

2. Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer
I’m really lame about making a hard boiled egg. Go ahead and laugh, but they never come out hard, they’re always too soft. That was until I was given this timer. Plop it in the water when you put in your eggs, and the color changes to a deep red, letting you know when your egg is done. It tells you soft, medium, and hard, so they’re made to everyone’s liking. To purchase from Amazon for $4.99, click here.


1. J.A. Henckels International 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife
You may not think you need this knife, but trust me, you do. Mainly for slicing salami, this knife is fantastic for slicing soft food items as well—such as tomatoes, grapes or hard-boiled eggs. With its serrated edge, it’s like a miniature bread knife. To purchase from Amazon for $21.00, click here.

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  1. Now I know wht Akex and I are friends…I ADORE gadgets like this!I am gettng the pineapple cutter, the egg timer,and for SURE the glass storage contaiers(my husband STILL puts plastic containers in the microwave against my warnings, I cringe every time he does it!). Thanks, Alex!

  2. LOVE that pineapple slicer! Perfect Xmas gifts for the folks in Hawaii! I have a secret fantasy of one day having all my cupboards oragnized with great storage containers – unable to fullfill this fantasy now for several years – think I will start off by getting the glass storage for fridge items ; )

  3. I want the egg timer (so glad I’m not the only one who can’t boil an egg), I know the hubby will want the pineapple cutter and what a great idea to get the glass containers! Thankfully, everything is so cheap!

  4. I have the worst hand-me-down dull knives, but I know absolutely nothing about how to buy knives, what to look for, how cheap can you go, etc. I’m a baker, so knives aren’t my thing. I’d love to hear advice you may have.

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