My Favorite New Products for Baby and Big Kids

41PKucldUdL._SL500_AA280_When people ask me if I had fun at the ABC Kids Expo Show in Las Vegas last month, I have to be honest: It didn’t go as planned. My heart had recently been ripped out of my chest and handed back to me on a platter when on September 2 it was confirmed that Breezy Mama Co-Founder Alex’s 9 month old daughter – the one people made fun of me when they saw how big my smile was in the photo of me holding her the day she was born – had cancer. By the time the show came around, the tumor had been removed, Emily was cancer free, but had yet to be released from the hospital.

So, there I was, still hadn’t been able to give Emily –who I’ve had big plans to recruit as a next generation Hello Kitty fan since the day I met her — a huge hug because despite trying every idea (“What if we say I’m your sister?” I begged.) I was not allowed to visit because of the fear of Swine Flu. And there I was boarding a plane to Vegas solo and not with my best friend since the fourth grade headed to our first show together as Breezy Mama mid-week sans kids (can you imagine?) as planned. Once I was checked into the hotel room, I stared at the empty bed next to mine knowing instead of making bad jokes that Alex would customarily roll her eyes at, or giggling together over the fact that she got us the room at the Hard Rock for under $75 (we love our deals!) and having her to tell me which outfit to wear, she was still stuck in the hospital. To top it off, after the roller coaster of it all, it was hard to feel relief that Emily was fine without them having been sent home yet.

And it’s still difficult for me that – even though Emily IS fine and will never remember her surgery or countless needles — as a mother, a human being, a person with a heart, Alex was put through her baby being poked and prodded for fifteen days straight not knowing for some of it if her daughter will survive, if she will need chemo – just to come home and be told how “lucky” she is. Yes, she is lucky that Emily’s tumor was not attached and did not spread and that she of course survived – we all are. And while my heart aches for anyone who has lost a child (like Laura S. who went to high school with Alex and me and lost her son last January to neuroblastoma, the same cancer Emily had) or endured a child going through chemo or longer hospital stays, I still find it odd to call what Alex went through as “lucky.” There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t want to take her pain away and I’m relieved the nightmares that haunt her are less frequent now.

It was on Day 2 of me being at the show that Alex texted me that David Beckham stopped by their room and held Emily and I was so happy that they got a fun moment after so much parental torture (but was admittedly jealous of Beckham –“can’t believe he gets to hold Emily and I still haven’t!” –actually went through my head). And it was this same day that Alex called as I sat rocking in a nursing chair on display in the convention center and said that they had been released. “You’re actually in the car?” I confirmed after four days earlier when they were released and stopped on the elevator and sent back after an infection was discovered. And the answer was thankfully, FINALLY, yes.

So, there were definitely some highlights to the ABC Kids Expo – Emily getting to actually go home being the topper! In addition to getting the wonderful news, I had met a lot of really great people, finally was face to face with some I have been emailing with, others who have done give-aways on Breezy Mama, women whose blogs I read, and got to see my friends from The Cradle, too. And of course I got to see every new and existing baby and big kid product under the sun, collected countless samples — so Alex and I both could try things out (you should have seen the looks on airport security’s faces when my suitcase went through the X-ray machine)– and brochures and took pages and pages of notes.

Another highlight was the “new” product section that I couldn’t wait to see what “they” have come up with next to make our lives breezier. And now that you’ve read this far, here are a few of my favorites:

41V1j1GDIQL._SS400_OK to Wake Alarm Clock
(comes with both pink — in picture at very top — and green as seen in photo on right — interfaces)

Loved this! The perfect solution to the li’l ones that think perfectly pitch black 4am is a great time to wake mom and dad up from a soothing slumber. This time teller also gives those early to risers the thumbs up when it actually is OK to get out of bed. As they say, “OK to Wake! glows green when it’s time for young kids to go see mom and dad in the morning! The nightlight is programmable by the parent – you define what time the “Green means GO!” light turns on in the morning.” This will especially come in hand now that Daylight Savings Time is about to end (click here to read tips on helping your kids adjust to the time change). To purchase yours in time (get it?), click here. $29.95

Picture 2Mamaroo
Nothing like a great bouncy seat to help a baby who has gas sleep or to free mom’s hands or to allow parents to enjoy dinner together. I can’t imagine not having had ours! Now 4 Moms has come out with this innovative model that not only moves up and down, but side to side! It provides that oh-so-soothing feeling of being in the womb or Mama and Dada’s arms… when they need them for the occasional something else. Not available til January 2010 (how quick will THAT be here though), so to learn more, click here.

Picture 3The Worlds Most Versatile High Chair
Moms of Big Kids don’t be deterred! This chair is for ages kids 6 months – 5 years old. The HandySitt folds flat so you can toss it in a closet or trunk, hang it on a wall, or pack it in a suitcase. It’s also perfect to take to a restaurant or help your big kid reach the table a bit easier. To learn more, click here. $150

breezy_deal1Breezy Exclusive! Get $10 off your purchase of a HandySitt! Enter breezy as your discount code on the second check-out page. Valid for $10 off any order of $149 or more. Purchase yours by clicking here. (expires Nov. 6th)

31WZq80n5NL._SL500_AA269_ Spa Baby European Style Tub
Three kids later, you’d think I’d know how to bathe an infant. It STILL makes me so nervous. The plastic baths never worked for me because I was too stressed the baby was cold. But the sink –my method of choice — was always too stressful with a slippery little one, so I loved this solution! To purchase, dip in here. $50
Binxy Pacifier
This is not only a pacifier but a ball, too! I had only one child who took to the paci and also loved a ball similar to this, so this caught my eye. As they say, “Maximizes a 3 month olds natural ability to grasp.” Get more information by clicking here.
Picture 2
41ri3QfECjL._AA280_ Peekaru
At first, this made me laugh. Then I thought about all the times the hubby or I had the baby in the Bjorn and the blanket would fall off, making it difficult to keep them warm. “Secure — fits over any soft baby carrier;
Flexible stretch material accommodates babies or toddlers.” To get bundled up yourself, click here. $79.95

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Meeting Emily the day she was born.

Meeting Emily the day she was born.

Reunited with Emily the week she was released from the hospital. Eat your heart out Beckham.

Reunited with Emily the week she was released from the hospital. Eat your heart out Beckham.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear Chelsea that Emily is okay. I don’t know you and Alex that well, but I sure felt your pain and Alex’s. I can’t imagine what I would do. I experienced a one night stay at the hospital when my son was 2 – he broke his femur bone, and I was a wreck. Praise God that little Emily is done with all that poking, and she can go home to love and comfort!

  2. maya Drake says

    Although my sons are too old for these products, I felt compelled to keep reading. I had tears in my eyes because you have written so eloquently about Emily and your friendship with Alex. You put into words how we were all feeling. Alex is so lucky to have a best friend like you and Emily is so loved. I love this website because it always reminds me how important our friendships are….especially as mommies! Keep up the wonderful articles and website! Thanks for an uplifting article! love maya

  3. Jill Nakayama Bryman says

    I’m so happy to hear Emily is out of the hospital & doing so well! My best to your family, Alex, and it’s wonderful for us to know you have such caring friends as Chelsea there with you.

  4. Okay, I was not expecting to cry when I opened this article up. Nevertheless, cool products. Nice work, Chelsea!

  5. I’m so glad to hear that Emily is okay…I cannot even begin to imagine….My heart was in my throat just reading your beautifully written words. It’s so great that you guys have each other! The products are amazing…such great finds! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I DO think Alex and Emily are lucky…lucky to have YOU in their lives. =) Your feelings for Alex and Emily came through, and cool products too!

  7. Heidi Ferrer says


    What you’re written is so beautiful and heartfelt. I still can’t believe what Alex, Emily and their family and friends had to go through. It is a miracle that she is safely home.

    I think about that word, “lucky”, about my child’s ongoing health condition of progressive infantile scoliosis (see the essay “Crooked Love” here on Breezy Mama, under popular posts on the home page). I know that, while it’s unlucky to have your child be diagnosed with a potentially fatal condition, those of us who get our babies the right medical care in time are truly the lucky ones.


    Heidi Ferrer

  8. Chelsea thank you so much for your wonderfully written post – I went back to read again about Emily’s ordeal but so thankful it turned out well. My baby Natalia just turned six months and I could not even imagine what you all went through, especially Alex. But happy thoughts all around for her recovery. And thank you for teh neat product posts too. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much everyone for all of the sweet comments — made me teary eyed and made my day. This post was another big, virtual hug to Alex and Emily and I’m so touched you all sent the heart felt thoughts, too.

  10. Everyone is so sweet to take the time to write your well wishes–we appreciate it. And Chels, thanks for being the great friend that you are. Okay, now I’m crying. . .

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