Getting that Perfect Eyebrow: Tips, Product Recommendations, and the Upper Lip

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Jen Warner, hard at work.

When I had my first child, one of the hardest things for me to keep up with was maintaining my eyebrows. I had never got them waxed, but I found it almost impossible to find the time to pluck. Something needed to be done, and quick. So, I made an appointment with Jen Warren of The Brow Boutique. She had an excellent reputation, and since I was scared to death of the waxing, I thought I’d put myself in the best hands. Jen understood, and started off slowly–the first couple times she plucked my brows into shape, until I was ready for the big W. Once I took the plunge I was not disappointed, and am now a converted waxer, going back to The Brow Boutique ever since. Here are Jen’s tips–from finding the best eyebrow specialist, to how often you should wax, to how to keep up with them at home.

Hayden's full eyebrows are the current trend. *Photo taken from

Hayden's full eyebrows are the current trend. *Photo taken from

What shape is currently in style?
A full, well balanced brow with a soft, natural arch. (i.e. Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere)

Is it best to go with what’s in style, or what is best for your face?
It depends on the trend. We are safe following current brow styles since a fuller brow is more youthful looking and frames the face well. I would always avoid the trend of thin eyebrows; it can create a very harsh look. It’s very important to get the best shape for your face. For example, a more arched brow can lengthen a round face, while a softer arch can create more roundness to a long face. A skilled eyebrow artist will be able to create a shape that accentuates your features and downplays imperfections.

I’m always afraid that the eyebrow specialist will give me something that’s too thin, but I’m not savvy enough to tell her exactly what I want. Any advice for this?
Don’t be afraid to let the specialist know that you want your brows left full. A true shaping specialist will be able to give you a beautiful shape and leave them full. My best advice for finding a new brow specialist is to ask for a referral from someone whose brows you love.

How often should I wax?
Brow Shaping should be spaced 2-6 weeks apart, depending on your rate of hair growth.

I sometimes get a rash after waxing–any remedies for this? Anything special I should ask for to prevent it?
A bit of antibiotic cream for a few days following waxing generally helps. Ask your brow specialist if they have a high frequency machine. It’s quick and painless and helps significantly. Often a rash/breakout after waxing is caused by low quality product, high temperature wax or poor sanitation practices. Most important is to make sure that the technician does not double dip the sticks in the wax; this contaminates the wax and spreads bacteria and disease. If you are paying $8.00 for a brow wax, they are using cheap, low quality product.

Use brow powder to mark the areas to pluck.

Use brow powder to mark the the spots where your brow should begin and end.

In between waxes, how should I tweeze? What areas should I clean up, and which should I leave alone?
Remove hairs in the direction they are growing. Grab the hair as close to the skin as possible. Hold skin tight while pulling hair out gently and slowly; don’t try to yank it out. These techniques help to ensure removing the root of the hair. Use a brow powder or pencil to mark the spots where your brow should begin and end. The inside of the brow should begin where your eye meets your nose. To find where they should end, use something straight to line up the outside corner of your nostril with the outside point of your eyelids and up to the end of your brow. Be very cautious not to do too much in the center or on the ends and stay well away from the brow line, you don’t want to damage your brow specialist’s line.

Do you recommend shadow or a pencil to fill in? Any specific brand?
Brow powders and pencils are a necessity for many in creating the perfect brow. Shadow works best for making a well shaped brow appear fuller and camouflaging small imperfections. Pencil works best when coloring in areas where there is very minimal or no hair. My favorite eyebrow cosmetic line is Vanitymark® Cosmetics. All of their products are amazing, but if you use brow pencils…this pencil will WOW you!!

Jen uses a brush wihich is angled on one side, and has a spooley on the other.

Jen uses a brush which is angled on one side, and has a spooley on the other.

What is the best brush to use to fill in the brow?
An angle brush with medium stiffness and not too thick or you lose control of where the product is applied. A spooley (mascara wand) works best for blending powder/pencil & combing brows. (Click here to purchase Anastasia angle/spooley brush from Amazon, $18.00)

I bought a brow pencil, but have no idea how to use it–it always looks too dark and fake. How should I apply it?
You should apply pencil with short, soft strokes, as if you are drawing brow hairs, not drawing on a brow. Lightly blending the pencil will soften the look. Powder tends to look more natural.

Any tips for using shadow?
Avoid using eye shadow for brow powder. The amount of pigment is much higher in eye shadow and can look too heavy and be hard to blend. When using brow powder start with a single swipe of product on your brush. Minimal product is key to a natural look. Use an angle brush to apply a line of powder along the bottom of the brow line, and then push that product up through the brow. Apply more where needed and softly blend with a spooley. Lock product and brows in place with a brow gel. (Click here to purchase Anastasia brow gel from Amazon, $21.00)

And, one question that doesn’t have to do with eyebrows, but, every woman wants to know is . . . what about a woman’s upper lip? Do you recommend bleaching or waxing for this? If it gets waxed, will the hair grow back darker and coarser?
The majority of my clients wax their lip. Bleaching uses a chemical based cream, so it’s harsh on the skin and can create skin darkening in that area. Waxing generally softens the texture of the hair over time. Unfortunately, as we age, our facial hair increases and the upper lip hair can get very coarse and dark. Waxing is our friend!!

jen croppedAbout Jen Warren:

Jen, owner of The Brow Boutique has over eleven years experience shaping amazing brows and has worked for Oprah’s brow guru, Anastasia. Her commitment is to offering the highest quality services and products while providing an inviting environment. Jen has two Brow Boutique locations to serve you: 306 Avenida De La Estrella, San Clemente, CA  92672. Phone: 949-492-8218 and 31709 Coast Highway, South Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Phone: 949-715-1177

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  1. I’ve found that using a toothbrush to shape my brows works the best! Also, using a q-tip after I apply the brow liner allows for a finished & natural look!

  2. I think this is ONE OF the most IMPORTANT things you can do to transform your face! Great eyebrows can really make you look younger and refreshed. Bad eyebrows can change the look of your face-for the worse. I am OBSESSED with peoples’ eyebrows. Even my husband can point out a good eyebrow versus a bad one now! Ha! One more tip: to keep eyebrows in place I go over them with CLEAR mascara(found in drugstores). Great article!

  3. We LOVE the brow boutique!!! The technicians are amazing and have really transformed our brows. We did a little write up on them too… check it out!!


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