Top 6 Pop-Up and Fun Filled Books for Kids of all Ages

aliceWe here at Breezy Mama are having an obsession with pop-up or “interactive” books. No longer for the youngest of readers, we have seen books which are so intricate, we often think they are made for us instead of the kids. When I read my kids their books, I often hold it way up high so the baby can’t pull while repeatedly telling my son, “Gentle, gentle, GENTLE!” Below are some of our current favorites, as well as some that you WILL let the kids handle.

5. Alice in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by Robert Sabuda
Seibold’s “super dimensional” Alice, which he both designed and illustrated, plunges children into a psychedelic universe straight out of the Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” It features Carroll’s original text in brief, cherry-picked excerpts, so the finished product is more a series of interpretive highlights. Each spread contains a dizzying array of devices and effects, including a particularly clever rendering of the vanishing Cheshire cat. In the end, however, all of this somehow seems less the point than the book’s air of hipster irony.
For Amazon’s price of $15.78 (vs. $26.99) click here to purchase.

dinos4. Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs
by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart
Pop-ups featured on the six spreads include a gargantuan brachiosaurus; an anklyosaurus studded with paper spikes; and, perhaps most impressive from a technical standpoint, a minutely detailed T. rex skeleton. Each spread also contains as many as four foldout minibooks, bristling with their own tiny pops. For Amazon’s price of $15.11 (vs. $27.99) click here to purchase.

if you love

3. If You Love a Fairytale: Cinderella and The Frog Prince
Retold by Saviour Pirotta and illustrated by Susanna Lockheart
Step into an enchanting fairy tale world as you read these beautiful retellings of Cinderella and The Frog Prince. Susanna Lockheart’s exquisite watercolors are a perfect companion to these classic stories, bringing the charming princesses to life. The illustrations are combined with innovative paper engineering and evocatively beautiful art. As if by magic, the pictures change in their details when boys and girls lift the pages of this beautiful book.  Each of the tales is complemented with illustrations on every two-page spread that capture their distinctively magical mood. For Amazon’s price of $12.74 (vs. $16.99) click here to purchase.

rainforest2. The Field Guide to Rain Forest Animals
by Nancy Honovich
The Amazon rain forest is one of the world’s most captivating environments — particularly for children. In this colorful book, budding zoologists use the 51 included pieces to assemble eight exotic animals, from the silent jaguar to the leaping monkey to the rare and beautiful pink river dolphin. A detailed removable diorama serves as a backdrop for exciting adventures that young readers share with their new friends. In the process, they learn all about these fascinating animals and their habitat while crafting a museum-ready display. For Amazon’s price of $10.85 (vs. $15.99) click here to purchase.

snappy1. “Snappy Little” Pop-Up series
By various authors.
Each one of these books is adorable, you couldn’t go wrong with any of them. I’ve picked the Halloween one to showcase, because, well, it’s almost Halloween! Click here to see the rest of the Snappy books.

Perfect for kids who are just getting excited about Halloween, this title features a colorful collection of creepy pop-up characters, including a skeleton, mummy, ghosts, vampires, cats, and bats. The silly surprises and tremendous treats will appeal to young hobgoblins and show the fun side of this sometimes scary holiday. As with all the books in the series, this one combines bright kid-friendly graphics with an engaging rhyming text. For Amazon’s price of $1.99 (!!) click here to purchase.

1to10Bonus Book: One To Ten Pop-Up Surprises
by Chuck Murphy
This books seems to be out of print, but it’s so great, I wanted to include it. You can buy it used from Amazon–click here or below.
This counting book doesn’t mess around with fancy rhymes or cutesy sheep–open the first spread and you’ll see a bold, fat number one–white on black–right next to a bold black number two on a white page. Pull the number one down, and one tropical spotted frog swims off the page! Lift and turn the number two to the right, and two toucans pop out from a leafy nest. Three colorful beetles crawl out of the number three with the slide of a tab. You get the idea–Murphy’s almost breathtaking pop-up surprises take readers all the way to the number ten. Pop-up book collectors and budding bean counters alike will revel in this instructive, interactive masterpiece. For Amazon’s price of $4.08 (used) click here to purchase.

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  1. Linnea Holmes says

    Our favorite pop up book is also one of our favorite board books — We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. I will admit that I know the whole book by heart because I have probably read it a 1000 times to my kids and they love the sounds and the repetition. If you have little ones start with the board book and then you can buy the pop up edition. Here’s a link to the pop up

  2. Linnea Holmes says

    And we could do a whole separate post about Christmas pop up and regular books…maybe closer to the holidays when I yank out my bin of books!

  3. Good idea Linnea–I just discovered a beautiful pop-up at my parents’ house on the Nutcracker.

  4. Amberlayne says

    The snappy series is great! Im lookin forward to getting the Halloween one!

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