Crafternoon: 5 Projects to Beat the Daylight Savings Blues


These drums are easy to make and durable--my son is still playing with his--two years later!

Ahhhhh, daylight savings–love it in the springtime, hate it in the fall. This has always been true for me, but the feeling has magnified since I’ve had kids. When it gets dark (we’re talking pitch black) at 5:00–how do you kill the time between nap and bedtime? Breezy Mama has the answer with the following five projects. All are easy to do, with materials you probably have stashed around the house.

5. Drums. What kid doesn’t like to bang on a drum? They’ll love it even more when it’s one they made themselves.

What you need:
Empty oatmeal container
Tyvek (the material that “priority” mail envelopes are made of—grab one next time you’re at the post office)
Markers or crayons
Duct tape
Paper—cut to fit around the oatmeal container.

What you do:
1. Remove the lid from the oatmeal container and cut the bottom out with a craft knife.
2. Cut a piece of Tyvek into a circle that’s 4 inches wider than the mouth of the oatmeal carton. It’s okay if the circle is not perfectly round.
3. Tape the Tyvek across the mouth of the oatmeal container—pull it taught, adhere two pieces of tape across from each other, then tape the rest around the rim. This will be the top of the “drum.”
4. While you’re taping the Tyvek, have your child color on the paper which will decorate the outside of the oatmeal container. After he/she has colored it, tape it around.
5. You’re done! Your child can use his/her hand, a chopstick, or a wooden spoon for a drumstick.

You can have your child make a collection of squashes and gourds and display them at Thanksgiving as well.

You can have your child make a collection of squashes and gourds and display them at Thanksgiving as well.

4. Paper Bag Pumpkins. Just in time for Halloween, these are easy to create.

What you need:
Brown paper lunch sack
Orange, black and green paint

What you do:
1. Have your child paint the bag like a pumpkin.
2. Once dry, stuff the inside of the bag with the newspaper.
3. Twist the top of the bag closed–this is the stem. All done!

3. Egg Carton Caterpillars. Your children can make their own critters—we placed ours in the houseplants for “decoration.”

Here's Kieran's caterpillar (minus one eye and the attannae).

Here's Kieran's caterpillar (minus one eye and the antennae).

What you need:
Empty egg carton
Pipe cleaner
Googly eyes

What you do:
1. Cut out one side of the egg carton, so you have a “row” of six. This is your caterpillar body.
2. Have your child paint the body.
3. Once the paint is dry, glue the googly eyes on one end of the body.
4. Cut the pipe cleaner in half—this is the caterpillar’s antennae, glue on the head, above the eyes.

Kieran's Touch Tablet.

Kieran's Touch Tablet.

2. Touch Tablet. Preschoolers (and toddlers) seem to love the different textures of things—a button, a waffley piece of cardboard, a feather. This project has your child glue different textures on a board to make a sensory sheet, or tablet (as I like to call it).

What you need:
A variety of items with different textures. Examples would be: buttons, feathers, yarn, foam, remnant material, etc. These are all found around the house—you can also add things that you find in the yard as well.
Piece of cardboard, to glue items on.

What you do:
Glue your items on the cardboard, then touch each one and talk about what they feel like.

1. Cardboard Castle: Who needs expensive Legos or blocks to create an imaginary domain when you can collect cardboard tubes from around the house?

What you need:
Cardboard tubes, cut in different lengths. These can be wrapping paper tubes, the tubes from toilet paper, or from your paper towels.
One flat sheet of cardboard for the bottom of the “city”
Stickers to decorate (if you want).

What you do:
Glue the different lengths of tubes (these are your buildings) on the flat sheet of cardboard, and decorate (if you want) with the stickers. We made a “pirate beach” and decorated the scene with different pirate stickers. My son then used his action figures from other toys to play around the “beach.”

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