4 Products That Make You Feel Good About Cleaning

dappleWhen it comes to cleaning, I want a cleaner that’s easy to use and gets the job done. I dislike dealing with “capfuls in a bucket of water,” (I mean, really, who has the time?) so, for me, a spray is a must. Because I’m short on storage space, I also like one cleaner for all of my cleaning needs. And, since the baby is now moving about and eating off the floor (err, I mean table), a green, non-toxic cleaner is a huge plus. I did some research, tried a few out, and here are four which fit into the above categories.

Dapple Toy Cleaner Spray
Don’t let the name fool you—this spray can be used on anything that needs to get cleaned—from toys to countertops. It’s especially formulated for Baby, so the ingredients are extra gentle. Dapple also wants to make sure that the consumer realizes it’s not an antibacterial—it works like good old fashioned soap and water. The results? Your baby can build up a healthy immune system while playing in a clean environment. I’ve been using it on the kitchen table and the baby’s booster after each feeding—works like a charm. $6.99, click here to order from Amazon.

simplegreennewSimple Green Multi-Surface Cleaner
Simple Green has been around way before it was “cool” to be green. I had forgotten about the product, but picked one up today and used it to clean the bathroom (all in the name of research, dear reader). No yucky smell, cleaned without leaving a residue, and I was even able to get the ring around the toilet off without heavy scrubbing. $4.99, click here to order from Amazon.

mrsmeyersMrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Countertop Spray
Breezy Mama Jen loves this cleaner so much that she was considering giving it as birthday presents. She said it tackles grime and grease like nobody’s business, plus it has a pleasant smell, so you can spray it while the kiddos are around. A product that enables you to get some cleaning done while it’s NOT nap time? Sign me up. $3.99, click here to order from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.

greenworksClorox GreenWorks Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
I have to admit, I am big on bleach. My grandma used it and my mom lives by it, so bleach is in my genes. When I saw that Clorox came out with a green cleaner, I had to try it; and I haven’t been let down. Just what you’d expect from the name Clorox, their all-purpose cleaner can be used anywhere—I use it in the kitchen and the bathroom and it cleans like a charm, without the harsh chemicals. $5.49, click here to order from Office Depot.

breezy_deal1Want more green cleaning? Here are some others, but please note that these haven’t been tested by the Breezy Mama staff.

babyganicsBabyGanics: Created by two new dads, their products are not only safe for the environment, but safe for Baby too. Check out their line on Amazon by clicking here.

Method: They offer everything from granite cleaners to laundry detergent to sweeping cloths, all in the name of green. Check out their line on Amazon by clicking here.

Seventh Generation: This company can outfit you from your tampons to the baby’s diapers and keep your house clean, all without chemicals. Check out their line on Amazon by clicking here.

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  1. This was a great article! I am always looking for better and gentler/more natural ways to clean the house(who am I kidding? Like I actually clean it in the first place!). But WHEN that once every three month “spring cleaning” urge hits me-I like to be ready! Thanks!

  2. Heidi Ferrer says

    I LOVE Mrs. Meyers cleaner. I like the lemon verbena one, but I have a secret. I also need a spray, but I buy the big bottle container at Whole Foods, then put some in a spray bottle that I already have, and add water- it goes a lot further. It even works as a glass/window cleaner and smells great. I use it on countertops, floors, furniture…so safe for little ones and the environment. Love it!

  3. Great tip Heidi!

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