Top 10 Halloween Costumes For the Whole Family

51Q6R23QMML._SL500_AA240_Halloween costume decision stress is second only to the holiday card in my household. It’s a seasonal event we do not take lightly… even the consumption of chocolate is pure sport for me. If you suffer from Must-Have-Most-Creative-Family-Costume-itis, too, Breezy Mama is here to help!

*10. The Von Trapp Family*
The giggles are alive with The Sound of Music… I turned to Breezy Mama Danica who gave me a few ideas, including this one. Just think:

You: Julie Andrew’s Maria: Black dress, white apron

Hubby: Mr. Von Trapp: Suit

Kids: Pick your favorite Von Trapp kid. With the seven to choose from, you’ve even got the dog costume to boot. Edelweiss comes separately. For the varying ideas — that are easy to re-create (I prefer the lederhosen look) — for the kids (and dog), click here.

To Get Everyone Excited: Purchase the movie from Amazon for $16.99 (vs. $26.98), click here! Or rent it from Netflix, click here.

*9. The Partridge Family*
Keeping it the music genre, take it back to one of the famous clans of the 70’s.

You: Shirley of course, or go straight, long wig for the older sister, Laurie. Clothes for the whole family are matching, funky 70’s like the red velour in the photo.

51AykbAig2L._SS500_Hubby: Reuben Kincaid, the band manager, or David Cassidy character.

Kids: The band–a.k.a. the show’s kids — including a red head li’l Danny Bonaduce.

To Get Everyone Excited: Purchase each season from Amazon for $17.99 (vs. $25.99), click here! Or rent the episodes from Netflix, click here.


51TH6HATBBL._SL500_AA240_*8. The Addams Family*
Next from Danica and cute for those that want to get a little more ghoulish.

You: Morticia: long, black wig with long sleeve black dress (purchase a witch’s costume dress or an Elvira dress).

Hubby: Gomez: pin stripe suit, slick back dark hair with pencil ‘stache. Or Uncle Fester: Bald, physically large, black trench coat with scarf; black under eyes.

Kids: Wednesday: Long braids, grey dress with white collar, black tights. Pugsley: Striped t-shirt, black shorts, black boots. Maybe even a “thing” –a.k.a. hand on his shoulder to spice up Pugsley. Or go with Cousin It: Two long wigs to cover face and back.

To Purchase: For non-homemade options, check out Morticia choices, wig, Wednesday options, Uncle Fester and Gomez options by clicking here.

To get everyone excited: Buy the movie and its sequel from Amazon for $10.99 (vs. $14.99), click here. Or rent it from Netflix, click here.

GetAttachment.aspx*7. Santa Claus and Crew*
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukkah, Christmakau or something else, this final idea from Danica is sure to bring some early holiday joy.

You: Mrs. Claus: White wig, red dress and apron. Don’t want to do it yourself? To purchase for $59.99, click here.

dad_santaHubby: Santa (or reverse it for more laughs — him Mrs. and you Santa): red suit, beard, white wig. For a clearance Santa — that may come in handy twice a year as my dad, er, um, Santa, with my nieces, shows in the photos taken on Christmas Eve — for $94.95 (includes wig, beard, etc.), click here.

61JqcqESsrL._SL500_AA240_Kids: Reindeer: antlers (click here for $4.99 antlers), dress in brown, clown nose for rudolph (or purchase $24.99 child costume by clicking here); Elves: striped tights, green shorts, striped shirts (or purchase the boy and/or girl $21.99 costume by clicking here –scroll to see girl option on side or click here.); Gifts: cut holes in cardboard boxes for arms, wrap with gift paper, slip over kids and put bow on their heads.

To get everyone excited: Um, just mention the holidays? Or purchase Santa Claus Is Comin To Town (click here) from Amazon for $12.99 (vs. $14.95). Or rent it from Netflix, click here.

ry=400*6. The Incredibles*
Love this one (ahem). Either do red long sleeve shirts with red leggings, masks and create the “I” symbol, or purchase (on sale!) from (click here).

You: Mrs. Incredible

Hubby: Mr. Incredible

Kids: Violet and Dash. If you have a third baby, they don’t make a Jack Jack costume, so I purchased a li’l devil costume that was basically red pj’s with flames on them (click here).

To get everyone excited: Purchase the movie on Amazon for $15.49 (vs. $29.99) by clicking here. Or rent it from Netflix, click here.

IMG_5361*5. Star Wars*
Let’s be honest — if you have a daughter, you will be battling her for the Princess Leia, but I’ve got the work around! Remember, today’s Star Wars isn’t the same as when we grew up — there’s now Star Wars 2.0. SO, talk up the Padme and you’re golden. Or go as duo Leias as Breezy Mama Maya and my daughter did at a themed birthday party.

IMG_5369You: Princess Leia: Twirl your hair into the infamous buns; white dress.

Hubby: It depends on how much you want to spend or IF you want to spend. If you don’t, have him go as Han Solo: White long sleeve shirt, brown vest, blue pants, black boots. Better yet — throw on a hooded robe or a brown blanket over his head that drapes down and you’ve got your Obi-Wan Kenobi. If you do want to spend — wow — you can drop quite a bit of cash. There’s the Darth Vader for $80 (click here) and then the $699 (click here) Darth Vader! Not to mention the $449 Chewbacca or the $699 Storm Trooper (click here). May the force be with you on those purchases.


Boys: Luke Skywalker: If your son is in Karate, you’re golden on the home-made. Or there’s the kid Storm Trooper, Jawa Bobo Fett, Darth Vader and Jango Fett — click here for adorable options for purchase.

Girls: Like I said, your daughter may give you stiff competition on the battle for Leia (for the birthday party in the photo above, I put her hair in THE buns, and printed out a picture of Leia and stuck it on one of her Little Mermaid dress-up dresses). Want to guarantee the win? Check out the Queen Amidala for $39.99 — click here. Or, remember, your secret weapon: Padme. Easy to recreate a home-made version: white turtle neck, white leggings. Or click here to purchase.

Toddler/Baby: Oh. My. Goodness. The baby/toddler Star Wars costumes are by far (a galaxy far, far) some of the most funny I’ve seen! Check out all of the hilarious options by clicking here.

To get everyone excited: Choose your version to purchase from Amazon, by clicking here. Or rent it from Netflix, click here.

61BsHLh80pL._SL500_AA240_4. Scooby Doo
Taking a page out of Breezy Mama Anne’s book (a.k.a. stealing, with her permission of course, her idea for a costume this year), is everyone’s favorite Mystery Machine passengers.

You: Daphne: Purple dress, teased hair with white head band. Or to purchase for $36.99, click here.

Hubby: Shaggy: Long green shirt, brown pants, facial hair on chin. Or Fred: White sweater, red scarf, blue pants.


Scooby Doo: Dress in brown, purchase $4.99 Scooby ears, click here. Or purchase entire $35 version by clicking here.

Girl: Velma: Orange shirt, red skirt, black rimmed eye glasses. Or to purchase, for $23.99, click here.

To get everyone excited: Purchase the first and second season of Scooby Doo from Amazon for $25.99 (vs. $64.98), click here. Or rent it from Netflix, click here.

*3. The Flinstones*
Moving on to Breezy Mama Elizabeth’s picks (check her out in the photo as “Betty” with Hubby “Barney” and friends), let’s start with the Rubbles’ best friends.

You: Wilma: Think almost toga: White dress that ties on one shoulder, create big pearl necklace by stringing together ping pong balls, red wig. Or purchase for $44.99, click here.

Hubby: Fred: Orange blanket with hole cut out to go over head, put black felt cut-outs, blue tie. Or, to purchase for $49.99, click here.

Kids: Pebbles: Pink felt top with black felt cut outs to be sewn or safety pinned on to look like the blacks spots on Fred’s outfit, hair up with plastic bone in hair or, to purchase for $34.99, click here; Bamm Bamm: Orange shorts, tan shirt, requisite soft bat, or to purchase for $29.99, click here.

To get everyone excited: Purchase the complete first season from Amazon for $29.99 (vs. $39.98), click here. Or rent it from Netflix, click here..



51wCtfJjbLL._SL500_AA240_*2. The Wizard of Oz*
Just think of how you can sing “…follow the trick or treat road…” all night.

You: Go Dorothy — blue check dress, ruby slippers, or click here to purchase for $44.99 — if you don’t have a daughter. Otherwise, it’s Wicked Witch for you — green face, witch hat, broomstick. Or go big and do Glinda the good witch — to purchase for $57.99, click here.

Hubby: Scarecrow: Blue long sleeve shirt, brown pants, black hat, paint nose black and stuff with hay or click here to purchase for $46.99.


Boys/Girls/Toddlers/Baby: Munchkins: Check shirt, green pants cut to knees, funky hair, pointed shoes and big lollipops.

Girls: Dorothy: Blue check dress over white shirt, ruby slippers or purchase for $29.99, click here.

To get everyone excited: Purchase the movie from Amazon for $16.99 (vs. $24.99), click here. Or rent it from Netflix, click here..

51ZESQK7Q8L._SL500_AA240_1. *Alice in Wonderland*
This is it! With a television show coming out on the SyFy channel based on the classic and a Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movie on its way, this is the last year before this idea gets over done. Taken straight from Elizabeth’s idea for her costumes (got permission), she has a great twist: twin boys.

You: No daughter? Alice: Blue dress, white apron, black head band or purchase for $45, by clicking here. Or, as Elizabeth is doing, Queen of hearts: Red dress, red hearts on dress (option: pull all the hearts cards out of a deck of cards and sew or safety pin to a dress), tiara or to purchase for $169.99, click here.

Hubby: Mad Hatter: If you’re crafty, make the hat or purchase it for $24.99 by clicking here, and pair it with funky colored clothing — think: blue long coat with orange pants. Or purchase the entire outfit for $49.99 by clicking here.


Twins or siblings: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: One child in red pants, yellow shirt, the other in yellow shirt and blue pants, then purchase the caps for $12.99, by clicking here. Or purchase the entire outfit on sale for $14.99 by clicking here.

Girls: Alice: Blue dress, white apron, black headband.

Boy/Girl/Toddler/Baby: Cheshire cat: Think purple and black stripes, so either dress in all black and add stripes or click here to purchase.

To get everyone excited: Purchase the Disney cartoon version movie from Amazon, click here. Or rent it from Netflix, click here.

May you have lots of treats! Happy Halloween!

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip: If you don’t feel like making your costumes yourself, make sure to price compare by Googling your costume idea.’s prices tend to be cheaper than Target’s, plus they offer free shipping and an additional 10% off for orders over $65 (which is easy to reach when purchasing for the whole family) or throw in some party supplies, too. Enter haunt65 at check out — click here.

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  1. Thank you for doing this! I was just telling my husband that I would love to have a family theme this year, because you all looked so great as the incredibles. I love these ideas! Now I have to pick one!

  2. What fun ideas! We’ll be able to do the “family” costume next year – yay! This year it’ll be Dora and Dora’s Mami & Papi 🙂

  3. All great costume ideas, wish I had seen this for halloween. We ended up going as nothing, I know not exciting at all.


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