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Picture 5Trauma’s explosive premier hits television on Monday, but it’s two of the show’s stars that will really heat up your flat screen. Breezy Mama spoke with Anatasia Griffith and Cliff Curtis from the new medical drama based on first responder paramedics.

“You look like Heather Locklear – ever heard that?” Breezy Mama had to ask the

“I’ve heard it before, many times,” the actress confirmed. “Mainly from my agents– they constantly tell me.”

Picture 4When asked if she was ever considered for a Heather-like role on the new Melrose Place, the answer was simple. “Well, I have this show, but if I didn’t, I’m sure that would be something [my agents] would look into. They’re definitely into that comparison.”

In order to keep her stress levels down from the intensity on set, she takes some breathers. “I meditate a lot. I do yoga. Right now, it’s about creating the space in my trailer where I can do things like that.”

Someone surely to take a few female breaths away is her co-star Cliff Curtis.

“Your character reminds me a lot of George Clooney’s character on ER –the renegade rebel, the good-looking guy… do you see any similarities?” Breezy Mama asked.

“Unfortunately I don’t watch a lot of television and I actually missed ER. We’re a lot like a show that’s on opposite the time ER is on and I watched that just to see what I was getting myself into,” he said. “But, yeah, sure I think I’m just like George Clooney. Me and George Clooney are just like that [crosses fingers and laughs and puts his arm around me… did I mention puts his arm around me?].”

Picture 2The native New Zealander makes the trek to LA for work and is finding it a bit tricky to be away from his wife and kids (or kid – he declined to discuss how many or give any other details…maybe because I wouldn’t let go of his arm… just kidding honey… kind of). “We’re commuting back and forth together and it’s sort of a complicated matrix of elements.”

One thing Anatasia thinks won’t get complicated is the comparisons to other celebrities or other references (ahem) to their good looks. “The set is really grounded,” she said. “The minute egos come out, they’re put into check pretty quickly.”

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip: The beginning of the show is intense and gripping, but it gets pretty cheesy from there. I have no doubt, however, that if it doesn’t succeed, these two will pop up again.

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