Great Gifts For 2 Year Olds

ry=400Even though the two’s are “terrible,” your gift doesn’t have to be. In my vast (ahem) experience of play dates, music classes, toddler groups, etc., I’ve noticed this seems to be the age that kids start to like to nurture something. Maybe it’s their way of telling their parents they’d like a sibling (wink, wink) or just imitating what they’ve been experiencing their whole lives. In addition – and this is much more scientific than just my field expertise – this is an exciting age for tactile exploring, meaning they like to touch and feel things, hence why mealtime can look more like a mashed up mess. Keeping these age specific characteristics in mind, check out Breezy Mama’s Gifts for Two Year Olds.

The Baby Doll
Go big, like American Girl, or go realistic. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter LOVED her Bitty Baby gift set from her grandparents, but at $110, you can easily purchase a similar doll at a much cheaper price. Check out the Madame Alexander Baby Cuddles for $22. And the best part about having a baby? The stroller! Check out this one for $12.99.

HGG-24824Look Ma, I’m a Daddy
Boys love to nurture, too. An adorable alternative to the baby doll is this Daddy Bear, complete with removable fishing rod and flower, plus a wriggling fish in a tackle bag. Baby Bear can cling to Papa’s legs, arms, head or woodlike tummy. In fact, I’m pretty obsessed with this brand, All New Materials, in general. You can find their products (including the bear, coming in October 2009!) on Giggle (click here).

b948228348a01724a5f04110.L._AA175_More To Cuddle Up To
Oh, Zoobies, how I love thee so! This is one of the best travel companions I’ve seen in a while. It’s obviously a cuddle toy, but also a pillow — and the greatest part? — a blanket that folds up inside, too! Don’t let the pink hippo fool you — it comes in many animal shapes like giraffes, lions, elephants and more. Cozy up by clicking here. $30.93

31qo00bkQ4L._SL500_AA280_You’re On a Roll Now
This wooden ramp racer is sure to slow your day down… in a good way! Super fascinating to kids for years to come, I first discovered how much time this toy bought me while in our pediatrician’s office. Watching the cars roll down the ramp is fascinating for a two year old mind. There are much more expensive options out there, but I just love this $23.75 version. click here to purchase.

51ITGh8tf9L._SL500_AA280_Lock in the Fun
When I was lamenting to our toddler group teacher, Pam, that two is a difficult age to buy gifts for, she reminded me of this Melissa and Doug puzzle with locks that have been a huge hit for years with her wee pupils. Two of my kids have had Pam and have definitely spent a good amount of time trying to unlock this puzzle’s secrets. For the key to your successful gift, click here to purchase. $19.31

51Vn7-qm4XL._SL500_AA280_Take it to the Moon
Pam also got out Moon Sand for me to touch and feel — crazy stuff! Explaining that it’s perfect because of the tactile exploration, she suggested I add it to my list. Rocket on over to Amazon to purchase for $9.59 (vs. $19.19) to get your bucket — click here!

Remember, when you’re dealing with a toddler, they’re not developmentally capable of appreciating the thought. In other words, it’s the gift that counts — good luck!

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  1. What great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great ideas! My son turns 2 this week…so thanks for the tips!

  3. Excellent choices! I’m definitely getting the wooden ramp racer for one of our little friends who’s turning two in a week – that one is so fun 🙂


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  2. Breezy Mama says:

    […] Great Gifts for 2Year Olds […]

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