Tiffani Thiessen on Wanting Babies and Being a Good Wife

tat_img005-1Sure, Tiffani Thiessen mocked her refusal of Jimmy Fallon’s request for a Saved By the Bell reunion appearance on his late night show in a Funny or Die video joking that she is too busy doing things like practicing with her Indigo Girls tribute band and working on a live action cat comedy, but if everyone ends up loving her new show White Collar — set to premier on USA in October — as much as I do, she really will have a lot less time on her hands.

For starters, there’s that nearly 3,000 mile commute she has to take to work from Los Angeles to New York where the show takes place.

“It’s been really hard,” she lamented about being apart from her husband. “We’re trying to make it work. We’re going back and forth. And luckily I don’t have to work every day like [some of the] boys [on the show] do. It’s actually going to be much harder for them. They have kids.”

Kids!?! You know Breezy Mama had to jump all over that topic and asked Tiffani if she’s getting ready for some of her own. “We’ve talked about it but the show has started, so we’re going to wait and figure out when the best time is,” she candidly answered. “I don’t want to spring a pregnancy all of a sudden on a brand new show that I just got on.”

But isn’t she worried about the ‘ol ticking clock? “Not really. Maybe because I don’t feel 35. I have friends who are having kids in their 40’s so I’m not worried about it.”

In the meantime, Tiffani prides herself on keeping her relationship strong and even took the role as spouse to an FBI agent — who teams up with the con artist he’s chased for years to get the inside info of a criminal mind – because of it. “She’s the perfect wife and, for my husband, I want to be the perfect wife.”

In fact, she said of the character she plays, “This is the role that’s the closest to me in real life that I’ve ever done, which is why I probably liked it so much. I like that I’m playing my age, I like that I’m playing a married woman, I like that I’m playing successful and smart and all those things that I want to be as a woman. And I am married and I am 35. Because I’ve been doing this for so long, a lot of people I think forget that I’m 35.”

51BJ45PWN4L._SL500_AA240_Speaking of having done it for so long of course brings back up that li’l ‘ol show she once did — Saved By the Bell — and Jimmy Fallon’s, as well as the fans’, obsession with the cast reuniting. Asked if she was surprised by the recent surge of enthusiasm, the former Kelly Kapowski answered, “I mean, yes. I do find it crazy and I don’t understand it really [laughs].”

However, she has NOT ruled out a reunion entirely. “Here’s the thing — I never say never, but as of right now I’d say no. I’ve been in this business for too long to say no and then all of a sudden six months from now we’re all on the show.”

And the zip code she once invaded only mildly deflected from her notoriety from the sitcom. “I think it helps that I did 90210 right after but then doing two huge hit shows made it harder to move on from there.”

Of course Fallon calling and People Magazine putting the Saved By the Bell cast on their cover a few weeks ago didn’t help either. Regarding the popularity of the show, she didn’t have an answer. “Honestly, I don’t know. I really have no clue. I know the show has done well over the twenty years it’s been running… I can’t believe it’s been twenty years… makes me feel very old.”

Twenty years?!?! In the words of Screech himself – you know, before he got creepy — Zoiks!

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