Best Products for Conquering the Swine Flu

penguinA week ago Monday, I wrote about how my three-year-old came down with the Swine Flu. Yes–it’s true, it hit us when we least expected it. I mean, we went to Disneyland when the panic first hit the news last spring and we didn’t catch it. Anywho, what’s done is done. Hopefully, you, or anyone in your family will not get as unlucky as we did, but if you do, here were my must-have products to help my son get through it. All or most of these recommendations you might find handy for the common cold or seasonal flu, too. Remember, always check with your pediatrician first. –Alex

Crane Penguin Humidifier
This one is really easy to fill, it lasts a long time (I wouldn’t have to refill it at night), and it gave Kieran a friendly face to look at while lying in bed. $35.17 from Amazon, click here to order.

Vicks VapoRub-Cough Suppressant
The hardest thing to witness is your child having a racking cough. Vick’s Vapor Rub saved us—it would make Kieran feel better instantly. I put it on his chest, neck and back before nap and bedtime. $8.95 from Amazon, click here to order.
vapo rub
motrin Children’s Motrin
Every six hours, non-stop, for seven days. Need I say more? We went through 2.5 bottles of the stuff. $19.38 for three pack from Amazon, click here to order.
Johnsons Soothing Vapor Baby Bath
A little bit in a warm bath clears up the airways like nothing else. I’ve also used the California Baby Bubble Bath Cold & Flu and it works wonders as well. $3.50 (for the Johnsons brand) from Amazon, click here to order.
jj vapor bath

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  1. Ohh, a couple of products I have never tried before. I will check out the vapor rub and the J&J wash. Glad to see you back online :>)

  2. We could not surivive a cold / flu season without a humidifier! Great suggestion Alex!

    My kids hate Pedialite – so we keep the packets of powder Gatorade in the pantry always…fluids, fluids, fluids! Also come in handy when Mom and Dad have an especially “fun” Friday night ; )

  3. Thank you for the tips — I will definitely look into them. I have just one comment though — I used to use the vicks vapo rub when my kids got sick but my doctor said it was not good because it opens the bronchial tubes too quickly and makes them more susceptible to a secondary infection.

  4. Thanks, that penguin is too cute!
    One product that we used last year was the Purespace Sanitizer. Bed Bath and Beyond carries them…not sure who else. We use it for our toothbrushes, razors, scissors, and the baby’s pacifier. We didn’t get the flu last and hardly any colds year..and this year with the swine flu I am extra glad that I found this product. You’ll wonder how you lived without it before.

  5. I have the Frog version of that humidifier, it’s nice because you don’t have to buy any filters for it. But I do have to say it’s not the easiest to clean. I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond for much cheaper than Amazon, (I think it was 25) and you can use the coupon they always mail out. 🙂

  6. The strain of flu right now seems rather mild. A lot of the kids in our area only carry a fever for 2-3 days. Unfortunately, secondary infections are causing a lot of concern. One of my roommates from college thought her family was in the clear after 3 of them recovered from the flu. Nine days after the “recovery” her son got sick again and was diagnosed with pneumonia. My son appeared to be well after the 3rd day only to come down with a strange tummy ache on day 5. Luckily, his fever has not returned. He says he feels really hungry but has absolutely no appetite.


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