How to Dress Your Hubby

dress_dad Now that we’ve gotten rid of ‘Mom Jeans’ for good, it’s time to focus on the Breezy Papas. To get tips on what’s in for men’s fashion this fall, Breezy Mama turned to Gio and Reginald of Fred Segal on Melrose in Los Angeles. Listen, I’d rather feed my family for a year than get THAT credit card bill, so of course I took their picks and found you the lower cost alternative. So check out the choices and surprise your hubby with the updated looks or pass the link along (pssst… we’ve been told about several Papas seen checking out Breezy Mama). Just don’t let him be caught on date night in ‘Dad Denim.’ This season, Gio shared that for shirts it’s all about plaids, knits, henleys and cashmere. Check out one look incorporating the plaid and knit from H&M in the photo to the left. The shirt is $24.95, sweater is $29.95 and the jeans are $39.95. To find an H&M near you, click here. Speaking of jeans, Gio says the style to purchase depends on your hubby’s body type. “When you find something that fits well, then get them,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to take things to get altered.” Jeans are always the one area that are sometimes worth the splurge. Gio’s hot brands of the season are J. Brand and Jean Shop. What both brands — each over $200 — have in common is the big pockets in the back. Check out the comparable versions from Hurley available from Swell for $45 (click here) or Levi’s from Urban Outfitters for $54 (click here).

J Brand, $209 J Brand, $209 (click here) Jean Shop Brand, $260 Jean Shop Brand, $260 (click here)
hurley Hurley from Swell, $45 (click here) levi2 Levis, Urban Outfitters, $54 (click here)

Back to the top, check out these two plaid options available from Swell:

swell_long Long sleeve from Swell, $52 (click here) Short sleeve plaid from Swell, $34.95 Short sleeve plaid from Swell, $34.95 (click here)

On the softer side of things, check out the affordable cashmere options here:

banana_cashmere Banana Republic polo, 31% cashmere, $79.99 (click here) Red Moon Men’s 100% Cashmere from Amazon, $69.50 (click here)

Stepping into footwear, Reginal shared it’s all about boots this season — specifically he likes the looks from Mark Nason


Lounge by Mark Nason available from Nordstrom, $180 Lounge by Mark Nason available from Nordstrom, $180 (click here) Brown Leather Chelsea Boot from Urban Outfitters, $68 Brown Leather Chelsea Boot from Urban Outfitters, $68 (click here)

In addition, Reginal said, “For casual, I would put him in a driving shoe.”

Bruno Magli 'Panello' Driving Moccasin from Nordstrom, $395 Bruno Magli ‘Panello’ Driving Moccasin from Nordstrom, $395 (click here) GUMshoe by Simple, available from Swell, $60 (click here)

“For weekend, I would put him in John Varvatos Converse,” Reginal shoed in.

31jC9WcenoL._AA280_ John Varvatos Converse from Amazon, $94.99 (click here) convers CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star, available from Amazon, $39.99(click here)

So, if the shoe fits… breezy_deal1Breezy Deal: Save 25% off your next Swell purchase. Enter SWFF at checkout. Click here! Swell - New Fall Gear

breezy_deal1Breezy Deal: Want some more help with your husband’s wardrobe? Go To Outfit Whiz, Vanessa, can help you out for only $20.00 an hour. Contact her by October 31, 2009 to take advantage of this special deal. Email Vanessa at:

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  1. I LOVED this article! I am always trying to figure out what to put the hubby in(he usually has pretty good taste himself), but I don’t keep up on the styles for men like I do for women! I never know what is in style or not! Thanks, Chelsea! Great idea.

  2. Thanks Kel! I have to admit, I was cracking myself up with the title! But it was a lot of fun getting the basics for fall for the papas 🙂

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