3 CDs to Get You Peace and Quiet and Sleep

0b13c060ada0d8a53a6d1210.L._SL500_AA240_ Sure, I like to dork out in my car to Boom, Boom, Pow and screech at the top of my lungs, “People in the place… if you want to get down…” but it doesn’t exactly settle two screaming kids and a crying baby. And being the non-rock star that I am, I value sleep and will take it whenever I can get it. In fact, after posting Breezy Mama’s Secrets to Getting Your Baby to Sleep back in June, I have been sent two alternatives to the sound machine and a CD of Lullabies (great for the car if you were wondering where I was going with that first sentence…) – all three I recommend for newborns (great gifts, too!) and the music for the big kids. So, I really hope this post puts you to sleep. In a good way.

Even the best of playdates or the most successful grocery store trips can get tainted with the chaotic car ride home. As much as I personally want to expose my kids to all types of music, there comes a time when you just need to calm them down. Enter Laughing Tree Lullabies. Granted this CD from Laughing Tree is intended to help put your kids to sleep, but I’ve used it to calm them in the car. Either way, you’re bound to soothe your li’l ones and yourself with creative twists on classics like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Definitely yawn worthy… again, in a good way. Click here to purchase ($19.49).

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5115T6WY5VL._SL500_AA240_Back to rock stars, I’m now on the fence as to whether I would choose to meet Madonna in person or Dr. Harvey Karp. I will never be able to shower enough praise on what his The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD did for my family. Turns out he also has a CD, Super Soother Calming Sounds. Similar to a sound machine, but a CD with different white noise options to choose from. Basically, test each to find the one that best calms your frantic baby and play it in ‘repeat’ mode. My 5 year old STILL sleeps with white noise – the womb like sound newborns find comforting – but she’s also perfectly fine without it (so don’t worry about dependency as children get older). What I like about having it in CD form versus the actual sound machine is that it’s easier to travel with. Sure, some of the sounds are a bit funky, but if it calms your screaming baby or soothes an overtired toddler, you – or the person you give it to as a gift –will enjoy this snooze fest. Click here to purchase ($11.99).

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516tV2c5--L._SL500_AA240_Pediatrician Dr. Harry Zehnwirth has attached his name to Sounds for Silence CD and an accompanying book, a program from Okidokie. Again the sounds are similar to the Karp CD so you pick and choose your child’s preference. This CD includes relaxing music along with white noise options and also comes with a book with advice for settling babies. The health guide is nicely laid out for tired parents to follow in order to get tips to knock themselves out with. Definitely worth being placed on the Zzzzzz list. Click here to purchase ($29.95)

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  1. Dr. Karp is my hero as well! I swaddled Aidan for way too long – but he loved it : ) Nils is a very light sleepre and the white noise has helped drown out “distracting sounds” so much for him.

    I also like the Baby Einstein CD’s. Personally I can not stand kids music – but these CDs are so nice and calm yet stimulating and no words….ahhhh….

  2. LOL Alysha! I swaddled Stella for a full year — She preferred it. Definitely too long though. And there’s something to be said for no words (is that an oxymoron? 🙂


  1. Breezy Mama says:

    […] year old — of San Clemente, CA who won the Laughing Tree CD! Laughing Tree Lullabies is a favorite of mine for mellowing out my kids. Plus, they donate 10% of all profits from sales of Laughing Tree […]

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