Delish Dish: Cranberry Cream Cheese Appetizer–Whip it Up in No Time

Melodi_cranberries_in_bowlYou may have read my posting about Ole and his delicious Summertime Salad. . . In it, I write that in the 16 years I’ve known him, I had never tasted his cooking until this summer. Who then, usually feeds us you ask? Well, this is where his wonderful wife, Alysha, enters the picture. She is a fabulous chef–one of those people who can whip up anything and it tastes absolutely gourmet. The recipe below is a perfect example. . . As Alysha says, “It can barely be called a recipe as it is so easy!”


  • 1 jar whole cranberry sauce
  • 1 small jar jalapenos
  • 1 very small or half of a sweet onion (Maui or Vidalia)
  • 1 hefty handful of chopped cilantro
  • 1 block of cream cheese


Mix together ingredients and pour mixture over the block of cream cheese.

Voila! I told you it was easy.

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  1. So I love cranberries, and find the ingredients of this recipe intriguing. What are some suggestions from the chef as to what to serve it with? And would it taste good whipped all together (as opposed to dumped on top of the cream cheese) and used as a spread? Sounds yummy. Thanks!

  2. I made this dip and it was great. Super fun and summery (is that a word?) I also made a great dip that is kind of similar using pomegranate seeds, cream cheese and honey.

  3. Ok – that write up was incredibly flattering! And I am blushing as I type – thank you!

    To respond to the question – I have not tried mixing it all up – afraid it might look more like something that my son does with his play dough.

    But – keep this recipe on hand for the holiday season it is really festive looking – serve with crackers or bread.

    I am going to try the pomegranate one listed – that sounds yummy!

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