Great Gifts For 1 Year Olds

IMG_6432Have a birthday party to go to or wondering what to get your own li’l one year old? Breezy Mama takes the guessing out of the shopping game for you and presents our 1-year-old gift guide. For first time parents, this is the year – and likely the last – that kids often still don’t have very many toys. Gifts up to this point have been the occasional stuffed animal mixed in with all the onesies and blankets. So, go nuts on the toys at this age!

Water Table
As you’ve probably observed at bath time or mealtime, liquids are simply fascinating. Purchasing a water table that you can stick on your patio or in your backyard allows for some fun play without the mess. My just-turned-1-year-old loves hers (as seen in photo) that is inexpensive, too!  To purchase the Little Tikes Island Adventure Water Table from Amazon for $34.15 (vs. $45) click here.

Push Toys
Not walking yet? Get those legs in shape while allowing the professional crawler to enjoy the world in upright position. New walkers love some balance assitance, too. Check out this adjustable handle option with 24 blocks to play with inside. Made from replenishable wood, this toy is safe, sturdy, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly. To purchase a push toy from Amazone, click here.
3704301_WoodPullToys_H08 Wooden Pull Toy
As wee ones do get their walking legs, pull toys are a fun way to roll. My first daughter would spend hours pulling hers thrilled by the fact that it kept “following” her. Check out these adorable, natural, chemical free rubberwood construction selections — Gator makes rhythmic click-clacking sound, Snail crawls up and down and Snake slithers side to side when pulled along. To purchase from The Land of Nod for $19.95, click here.
First Pillow
No blankets, toys or pillows allowed in baby’s crib… until age 1! This is it people – time to make that crib fabulous. For all three of my babies’ first birthdays, I gave them their first pillow. Most recently, I gave my daughter the Satin Crib Nap Pillow by Little Giraffe and she loves it! For Amazon’s price of $17.95, click here to purchase.
3514_l-v124715943700023588 Photo Books
My kids – girls especially – love, love, love to get books of faces that are familiar to them. Check out Shutterfly’s selection of customized books. Load up photos to keep relatives that live in distant places closer to the heart. Add captions to make a little bedtime story of your own, while giving a keepsake that adds comfort to their world. To order from Shutterfly with pricing starting at $12.99, click here.
Organic Toy Options
Remember, go crazy on the toy front at this age. Little ones are sure to eat up this organic cotton fruit teether and tote! Watch them load and unload their bag while giving little taste tests. To purchase from Giggle for $30, click here.
15073 Baby Pool
Again with the water, but when I came across this, I couldn’t resist! This is bound to keep ’em giggling! To purchase from Amazon, click here.

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