6 Baby Products Worth Your Money

bumboSince I’m on Round Two of the baby stage, I’ve really been able to see what products are essential, and which ones I could live without. As you know, the immensity of what’s available for babies is overwhelming–here are my suggestions on what you should make sure to get.

Bumbo ($38.00) with Play Tray ($10.00)
The tray is the key thing here. When my son was born, we had the Bumbo, but no tray. We used the seat fairly often, but it was one of those products I could’ve gone either way with. However, a friend borrowed my Bumbo, and graciously returned it with the tray, making it an essential item. The main thing I use it for is feeding—our house is small, so a high chair really gets in the way. Enter the Bumbo with tray—I can put Emily’s finger foods on it and it keeps her busy. It also secures her in as I’m feeding her with the spoon so she can’t move around too much. It was great before she was eating too–I’d sit her in it while the rest of us were eating and give her toys—the tray kept the toys at her reach. Definitely a must-have. Click here to order a Bumbo and here for the Play Tray.

teetherFirst Years Massaging Action Teether, $10.00
You know my obsession with Sophie. But now that my daughter is older, the star teether is another obsession. When your baby sucks on the star, it vibrates, soothing the gums. (They really don’t get how to do this when younger, which is why you save this for the six month plus age). The handle also has a rattle on it, so you get two toys in one–always a plus! Get yours here.

Tiny Love Mobile, prices varytiny love
I didn’t think a mobile was necessary when I had my son, so I purchased a cheap one, and not until he was a bit older. When my daughter came, I brought it back out, only to have it last for a few short weeks until it was broken. So, I borrowed this one from a friend and it was, and still is, a god send. After nursing, I put her in the crib, turn on the mobile, and it’s her “trigger” for falling asleep. It’s on a timer, so it turns off automatically, making it so I don’t need to enter the room again. I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do when she gets big enough to start pulling on it, causing me to have to take it down. (Note: the mobile pictured is the one that I borrowed, but it looks like it’s being phased out. The key items to look for is the automatic shut-off and night light.) Click here to purchase the one pictured, and here to see all Tiny Love mobiles.

baby feederSassy Baby Safe Feeder, $11.00
I loved this with my son, and I still love it for my daughter. This is a feeder—you put cut up food in the net and your child bites on to it, extracting the food from the holes, but making it safe so they don’t choke. It’s perfect for when I’m rushing around trying to get a meal ready, and she needs something NOW. It’s not only great for feeding, but it’s also wonderful for teething. Just put some ice cubes or frozen grapes in it, and they munch away, the cold numbing their gums, leaving you able to get some stuff done. Click here to order.

Stacking Cups, $7.00stacking cups
This is such a versatile toy, both kids love it. It teaches your child cause and effect (stack the cups up, knock them down), gives them something to chew on, and makes a great water toy. (The bottom of each cup has a different cut out pattern, so the water flows through each one differently). I put them in the tub, take them to the beach, stack them up in the living room—you name the place, the cups are there. (Note: there are a lot of varieties on Amazon, but it looked as if these are the only ones with holes in the bottom.) Order the ones pictured by clicking here.

bibBumkins Bib, $5.00
A friend convinced me to get this for my son when he was a toddler. I balked at the price ($8.00 for the toddler sized) but she said it was totally worth it, and if I didn’t like it, she would pay for it. Thank goodness I did, because it has become a life saver. It has been used every day for two years straight (my son is the only 3 ½ year old I know who insists on wearing a bib) and is still in great condition. After each use all you need to do is rinse and hang–by the time the next meal comes around, it’s ready for use again. They make these starting at a size of six months, perfect for when it’s time to start giving your baby solids. To see the variety of  Bumkin “starter” bibs, click here.

breezy_deal1Breezy Mama Tip: All of the above make great shower or newborn gifts! Plus, click here to see Breezy Mama’s Newborn gift list.

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  1. alice gold says

    can’t wait to try the bumbo…they weren’t invented with my older kids….didn’t know about the tray…thanks for the share.

    the only other Have-to have here are the stacking cups….great for the bathtub too

  2. Amberlayne says

    LOVE my Bumbo! and I have the tray! LOVE it!

  3. I found your site on faves.com bookmarking site.. I like it ..gave it a fave for you..ill be checking back later

  4. Hey Alice I have one if you’d like it for 20$+shp,brand new, my girl didnt want to ever sit in it! shes weird I guess! 🙂
    My fav are the feeders! great buy!!

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