8 Beauty Items to Get You Green Friendly Gorgeous

bigimage.aspxThe Queen of the Caboodle is back! This time, she brings new meaning to “Kelly Green.”

Don’t get me wrong, I try to help the environment as much as the next gal. I use my reusable bags when buying groceries, purchased stainless steel water bottles for the entire family, and even replaced my old light bulbs with energy efficient ones. I also try to buy organic foods and chemical –free products for my family and myself. But am I willing to sacrifice my favorite eye shadow to use chemical-free products that are good for the environment? THAT I have a harder time with. So, unless I really believe in an organic product, I am sticking with my paraben-filled eye shadow in its non-recyclable container, thank you very much.

That being said, I decided to take it upon myself to test some organic/recyclable products to see which ones are as good as the “high pollutant” ones. Here’s the list of products that I would easily use in the name of beauty, while saving my body from harsh chemicals and would certainly make Al Gore proud:

8. Physician’s Formula Organic wear Mascara- Organic Mascara (as seen in photo above) with a 100% recyclable brush. At $9.95, I wouldn’t bat an eye at buying this one! To purchase from Physician’s Formula, click here.

7. Dr. Hauschka kajal eyeliner– This eyeliner is made from mineral pigments and quince wax so it glides on super smoothly. An added perk? Neem and cameliea extracts help strengthen your lashes! $17.95 To purchase from Amazon, click here! 110YUZ9-LCL._SL500_AA250_
31q4cDLraZL._SL500_AA250_ 6. Smashbox Cosmetics Mother Earth Palette– This is my personal favorite. Five gorgeous paraben- and fragrance-free shades all in a recyclable compact. $45.00 To purchase from Amazon, click here!
5. Pacifca Solid Perfume-Made from organic coconut and soy wax, there are many yummy fragrances to choose from (I have Malibu Lemon Blossom). It comes in a beautifully painted tin and is a little bigger than a quarter, so that it fits easily in my purse and I don’t have to be afraid of it leaking. Oh, AND it contains no GMOs, no preservatives and is vegan. $9.00 To purchase from Amazon, click here. 31e5QXFQm8L._SL500_AA250_
LipStickMAIN_deptImg 4. Mineral Lipstick by Eyeslipsface.com– I tried a few different mineral lipsticks. This lipstick did its job just as well as the $15 tubes and it is only $5! I got the cheerful cherry which gives a nice pop of color if you are in a vixen-kind-of-mood. Best of all, it is chemical free and comes in recyclable packaging. $5.00 (!!!) To purchase from e.l.f., click here.
3. Nail polish by Karmaorganicspa.com– Karma Organic has come out with a great line of nail polish that is free of DPB, toluene and Formaldehyde and is also cruelty free. I like the color Warm Coral. $9.99 To purchase from Karma Organic, click here. yhst-46251602920947_2064_1112704
21DiJuol5WL._SL500_AA170_ 2. Tigi Love Peace + The Planet Shampoo-Organic aloe and rosemary make it super-hydrating. The Cranberry Orange Mint smell is divine. To purchase for $15.90 (vs. $19.96) from Amazon, click here.
1. The All-Nighter Styling Powder– When I raved about Bumble and Bumble’s Hair Powder in my last article, the nice folks over at A Beautiful Life sent me over their version of hair powder to try…SANS the paraben, aluminum, talc and silica. I must say, I am a true convert! It was even easier to apply than my B&B, contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect the scalp from UVA and UVB rays AND is HALF THE PRICE!!! Awesome! $18.00 To purchase from The All Nighter, click here! 1anchart

So go ahead, look gorgeous and save the Earth and yourself while you’re at it!!!

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kel Kelly is mother to Abigail, Marcus and Eli and lives with her husband Thadd in Long Beach, California. Although she is a beauty product junkie, you will most likely find her on any given day wearing no makeup, in her favorite pair of gray sweats, and yes, sporting a ponytail.

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  1. Maya Drake says

    I received the Pacifica Solid Perfume as a gift and I love it. I use it all the time. These are great ideas and I am excited to try the lipstick and nailpolish. You are awesome and finding the best green products for us busy moms! Thanks Kelly ‘Green’!

  2. Laura Piersol says

    THANKS for the tips Kelly!!! Just trying to figure out which of your picks I should try first! I look forward to buying one of these!! Thank you thank you Kelly “Green”!

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