Five Products to Take the Fear Out of Potty Training

first years potty seatAhhhh, potty training . . . the two words that bring nervous anticipation to every parent that decides it’s time to embark on the journey. Potty training is not fun—it brings accidents, Oxi Clean galore, and battles—but once the poop (or pee) makes it in the potty, it also brings lots of happiness and clapping (and a lot less diapers). Here are some products that I found to make the process a whole lot easier.

The First Years Soft Trainer Seat, $13.00
My advice is to skip the little potty and go straight to using one of these seats. You’ll quickly find that there’s nothing grosser than cleaning the training potty (something you don’t think about until it’s time to actually do it). The reason why I like this seat so much are the handles—it makes it easy for your child to hold on for balance. This is especially true for a boy—they can keep one hand on the handle while the other pushes their penis down to get the urine stream IN the toilet. Order here.

everyone poopsEveryone Poops, $7.95
While your little one is sitting on the toilet (because there’s a lot of sitting during this time) it’s nice to have a stash of books. Everyone Poops is one of the favorites in our household—entertaining and educational, it’ll make the time fly by. Get your copy by clicking here.

kandoo wipes

Pampers Kandoo Flushable Wipes, $3.50
It’s more like you can’t do without these wipes. Another thing that you’ll learn (trial by fire during potty training) is that toilet paper really doesn’t cut it for little kids. I haven’t been able to figure out why, but it always comes off clean, only to have remnants found in the underwear later. These wipes are essential because they clean in one swipe and are flushable. Order your Kandoo’s here.

potty movie for boys The Potty Movie, $13.50 and The Potty Book, $5.95
During your downtime, stick a video in to get the toilet training process stuck in their mind. This one is cute and my son identified with the boy. As a bonus, there’s a music video for the song “Bye Bye Diapers” which we loved dancing around to. The book is an added pluspottybook for your child to correlate (while sitting on the toilet) between the character in the movie and the character in the book and themselves. Get your video here and your book by clicking here.

breezy_deal1Breezy Mama Tip: Huggies also makes a flushable wipe, but they gave my son (who does NOT have sensitive skin) a rash. Just an FYI. . .

breezy_deal1 Breezy Mama Tip 2: For more secrets for potty training success, read the tips Nonie Levi, M.A., MFT gave Breezy Mama — click here!

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