Great Gifts for Newborns

babyblock_profile_small If you’re like us, some of your friends and relatives are just now getting started on having babies. We put together the latest and greatest in thoughtful gifts to give. First off, of course always check their registry. As you remember, they took the time to select those items for a reason. However, if most everything has been purchased, then take a look at these creative ideas.

Craft-E-Family Personalized Block
Alex gave this block (as seen in photo above) to my third baby and then I gave one to my nephew because I loved it so much! It’s personalized, but also something the baby can actually play with. Click here. (prices start at $15)

Edible Bouquet
Getting flowers in honor of the baby’s arrival is such a thoughtful treat and Edible Bouquets makes them yummy, too! With pretty designs made out of fruit the new Mama can enjoy, it’s a win-win combo. Click here. (prices starts at $50)
41Ut1cY0qzL._SL500_AA280_ Diaper Cakes
Another alternative to flowers is a gorgeous design made out of diapers! New parents can enjoy the appearance and get some use out of it, too… lots and lots of use! Click here to purchase(prices start at $59)
Personalized Baby Tiles – Ceramic Baby Birth Announcements
Back to getting personal, check out these adorable ceramic tiles by artist Jamie Risdon Lentzner and available from Bonny Babies. Include all of the birth details such as name, date and weight for a thoughtful keepsake that’s decorative, too! Click here. ($35)

blanket Picnic Blanket
What better way to encourage the new family to get out of the house than an adorable, easy to carry blanket to sit on at the parks and beaches. They likely didn’t think to register for this one, and it will be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Click here to purchase($29.95)
Burp Cloths
Let’s face it – newborns will need these! It always cheered me up to have a print or pattern that was hip and stylish as I got spit-up on. Check out these adorable picks from Breezy Mama Alysha’s new OopsEaze line. LOVE THEM! Click here. ($8 each)

breezy_deal1Breezy Exclusive! Save 15% off your entire OopsEaze purchase! Enter Breezy_Mama when checking out! Click here. (expires 10/15/09)

thankyou Expressionary Cards
The new wee one is likely to get several gifts, so why not help her Mama and Papa say thank you with these adorable cards. Choose the character that represents the baby and you’ve added some fun. Click here. ($26 for 25)
Shutterfly Cards
This is another way for parents to send their gratitude complete with an “Awwwww.” Load up one of the newborn’s pictures you’ve been sent and create a card so that the new parents can not only send a thank you, but a first look before the announcements go out. Just think – you’ll likely get one back thanking YOU for doing so. Click here. ($9.99 for 12)
Picture 6 Photostamps
With a thank you card comes a need for postage. Again, choose an adorable photo of the newborn, load it up to and you’ve got a great gift that will add a special touch when parents start mailing out all the notes and announcements. Click here. (prices start at $29.99)
Personalized Necklace
What better way to create a memento in honor of the newborn than a necklace with their name for Mama to wear close to her heart. Check out the gorgeous designs from Three Sisters Jewelry Design by clicking here. (prices start at $75)

breezy_deal1Breezy Exclusive! Mention Breezy Mama when ordering from Three Sisters Jewelry and save 15%! Click here.

smallgiveaway2 Also, take a look at the beautiful hand stamped designs from Sosobella. Click here! (prices start at $32)

And Alex’s picks…

sterling cup Sterling Silver Cup
If you want (and can afford) to go the traditional route, nothing beats a sterling silver cup. Have it engraved with their initials and birth date, and it will be displayed for years to come (my mom had mine out until I had my own children to give them to!). Though they are pricey, you must stress that the child should actually use the cup–they are made to withstand being thrown to the ground and the curved handle makes it so the toddler can easily grip it. Click here to choose from a wide variety. (prices start at $100)
My daughter was given this lovey when she was born and I can’t thank the gift giver enough–nothing soothes her back to sleep better. It’s not only soft and silky, but it also has the satin tags that babies like to play with. Click here to order. ($17.00 each)
spoon Silver Spoon
If you like the idea of giving a keepsake, but want to cut down on the cost of sterling, a baby spoon is another great idea. Here’s one that is intricately detailed with the word “bebe” on it. Perfect for both boys and girls. Order here. ($20.00)
Classic Teether/Rattle
These teethers have been around for years (I have the same one that my kids have!) for good reason–babies just love getting their gums on them. My kids have chewed on them relentlessly–the “rattle” portion is covered with their teeth marks, making it all the more precious. Along with Sophie, a teething must-have. Click here to purchase. ($35.00)

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip: And don’t forget my end all be all of newborn gifts: this trio combo to help the baby sleep. Click here!

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip 2: Also, clothes are always a great gift! Remember to go up a size as those babies grow quick! I found that I got a lot in the size of 3-6 months, but could have used some more in the 6 months and up sizes. Check out these adorable picks from Backseat Driver by clicking here or get some great organic finds by clicking here.

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip 3: Though not required, if there’s a big brother or sister involved it’s always nice to give them a little something to make them feel included. One idea is Color Wonder coloring books–they’re easy, inexpensive, and gives them something to do while Mom has her hands tied with the baby. Order here.

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  1. Thanks…I needed some new ideas!

  2. Alice Gold says

    I was laughing at where we have all ended up.

    The last post with the Victoria Secret bra that unsags the sags made me think that we’ve all come a long way baby…motherhood is the great equalizer….no more competition exists when whe are all bonding over what has gone south because of our kids.

    My sister Sarah made me some burp rags like the Oops Eaze shown…they rarely make it back into the drawer before being used again.

    One of my favorite gifts to give new moms is a baby first aid kit. It includes:

    Baby Tylenol
    Baby IB profin
    Gas Drops
    Qtips/Cotton Balls
    Diaper Medicine
    Clotrimizol (The miracle cream for yeast rashes)
    Teething Tablets
    Baby Orajel

  3. I LOVE my kids three silver cups from you, Alex!!! Thanks. =)


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