5 Undercover Mother Must Haves

In a photo provided by Nippies, Mama Courtney Cox inadvertently demonstrates the need for them.

In a photo provided by Bristols 6, Mama Courtney Cox inadvertently demonstrates the need for Nippies.

It’s the unmentionables worth mentioning. From avoiding a nip slip to the best suck-it-in essentials, Breezy Mama gets intimate.

Nippies Natural from Bristols 6
There’s the bare necessities and then there’s the necessities so you aren’t seen bare.  If you’ve ever fallen victim to the baby/toddler/big kid swimsuit top pull down, Nippies Natural is for you! Worn under your suit, it’s the first adhesive silicone nipple cover that is thin and matte (oh, and waterproof), making it undetectable under clothing and swimsuits.  So, if you want to avoid the ‘ol nip slip, get your bases covered by clicking here. ($24 per pack for the reusable silicone nipple cover)

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Post-Pregnancy Shapers by AMON Maternity
Whether it’s your first time, second time (or in my case) third time figuring out that not everything (or let’s be honest, nothing) is back to where it was pre-pregnancy, then let me introduce you to AMON Maternity. They recently sent Breezy Mama one of their post-prego body shapers and I cried a thousand tears that I didn’t know about this a year ago when my baby was born. The breathable fabric comfortably provides a firm fit around your mid-section. If you’re preggers or headed in that direction, they’ve also got Belly Bands, hot pant style undies with plenty of room to grow and every day wear with room for the oven and the bun inside. To get to the bottom of it all, click here. (all products $25 or less)

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V261365_RCH20 Secret Embrace by Victoria’s Secret
They fill up, they let down…wayyyy down. For post breastfeeding or even just post-prego chests, things generally take a turn southbound. To help defy gravity with the appearance of an added something, check out Victoria’s Secret’s Secret Embrace. Have your, um, spirits lifted by clicking here. ($38)
Original Silicone Breast Enhancers
For those of us Mamas that require a little more that lifts the “girls” up where they belong, check out the cutlets. Placed inside your bra, the silicone gel pads give a rounded appearance as well as an increased bust line. Find your breast friends by clicking here to get Amazon’s price of $15 (vs. $29.95).
217bQPjMKRL._AA280_ Spanx
And let us not forget the end all be all that’s more forgiving than a baby who’s sat in a dirty diaper a little too long: The Spanx. We won’t name names on THIS one, but let’s just say we know a Breezy Mama or two that swear by these tummy and thigh slimmers that leave you with a seamless, trimmer look. Slide into yours by clicking here to purchase. ($20-$30)

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breezy_deal1Breezy Tip: Thinking of surgery? Get the TRUTH on tummy tucks straight from Jen Levinson –from Los Angeles’s uber popular Jen’s List – on her blog updates of her recovery from “going under the knife” last week. Click here!

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*Bristols 6 is not claiming that they own the photo of Courtney Cox.

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  1. Poor Courtney Cox! I am STILL embarrassed for her with that picture…even with the nipples naturals!!!

  2. I know – those Nippies are GREAT! My son pulls my bikini top off all the time and these have saved me. And Spanx finally got me back in my pre-pregnancy sized pants looking almost as good as I did before!

    Another great product I just purchased is a Hold It Baby On-the-Go Toy Organizer. It doesn’t go under your clothes, but it holds my son’s sippy cups and books in the backseat so he can’t drop them onto the floor while I’m driving. It’s awesome.

  3. I just ordered the nippies!! At first I was thinking these would have saved me some serious heartache during my beach trip on Monday but now I’m kind of wondering if I would have just looked like a freak who doesn’t have any nipples. I guess I’m pretty cool with that.

  4. Alice Gold says

    Seriously, I don’t think that the Spanx could hide all 50 extra lbs., but I’ve heard they are amazing!

  5. I love my Amon bodyshaper! It was perfect after I had my baby and needed tummy support while trying to lose the baby weight. And to be honest, I still use it now when I want that extra support. Unfortunately Amon Maternity is no longer selling their stuff on their website. They recommend purchasing from http://www.mabelshop.com. And they offer free priority shipping.


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