Are You Up to Date On Your Pop Culture Knowledge? Take This Quiz!

cameraCN_1171 If there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s my in-depth knowledge of totally useless information. My hubby often tries to stump me and the rare times he’s been “successful,” he’s slept on the couch (kidding… kind of…). Friends dive under tables at bridal-baby-you-name-it showers when the mere mention of games involving pop culture come up when I’m present (again, kidding… kind of). Don’t get me wrong – I’ve met my match (Breezy Mama Melissa), and know that some of you will finish this quiz in seconds flat (Breezy Mama Maria), but let’s see how the rest of you do. To make it more fun, bravely post your score in the “comments” so I know if I need to up the ante next time. It’s short and easy to do, so go for it!

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  1. My husband is actually the king of pop culture trivia…and surprisingly I got a 7! I do admit a lot of mine were very lucky guesses not based on pop knowledge I actually possess…I think my true pop culture rating would probably fall around a 3 or so…I think Ole could ace this test though!

  2. Aghh! I’ve got to catch up on my reality tv! 6 out of 8, shameful. I can almost hear Chelsea’s taunting.

  3. Aghh! I’ve got to catch up on my reality tv! 6 out of 8… shameful. I can almost hear Chelsea’s taunting. REMATCH!!

  4. ARGH! I got 6 out of 8 too! If I can’t get all 8 right, what good am I??? Seriously??? My head is only filled w/ pop cuture!! I blame post partum brain…and the fact that I didn’t watch the bachelorette…:)

  5. Michelle says

    Ok, I got 1 right. Hahahahaha…not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of my score. 🙂

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