The Mother and Daughter Duo Behind the Bracelet All of Tween Hollywood Has


Hollywood Tweens wearing their MYZOS backstage at the Kids' Choice Awards with Savanna, in front, on left in black tee.

It’s the must-have bracelet that all of tween Hollywood is wearing. So how did an eight year old’s creation become such a sensation? We talked to mom Caryn and daughter Savanna to get the scoop on MYZOS as seen on Miley Cyrus, Brittany Curran, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Tori Spelling and more.

How did you come up with the original design?

Savanna: I was just playing with my hairties, twisted it into a braid and thought it was cute.

As a former marketing executive, what made you realize this particular idea of your daughter’s was worth marketing?

Caryn: When Savanna came to me she was so excited about her “bracelet.” I was intrigued by how she got the braid. When I asked her to “do it again”, it just struck me as such a simple novelty that could have endless combinations. I had an instant vision and knew it was a perfect way to show them, by example, to “just make it happen”.

What was your first step in getting the word out?

Caryn: We launched on five red carpet Disney Events. I had a clear vision and hit the ground running.

Who was the first celebrity to wear it and how did you get that to happen?

Caryn: Corbin Bleu was the first celebrity to wear a MYZO. We were at the after party of the Worldwide release of High School Musical 2 on DVD. Savanna approached him and told him about the story. He thought it was great! He picked one out from her stack, put his arm around her and smiled for the camera. That picture is on the website!

What celebrity were you most excited to see wear a MYZOS?

Savanna: Miley and Noah Cyrus and Joe Jonas!!!

Congratulations on Fred Segal, m.frederic, Popular and Smooch carrying MYZOS in less than two years! Who was first to sell it and how did you make that happen?


Savanna with mother of two Tori Spelling wearing her MYZOS.

Caryn: We have so many great, trend setting boutiques are in our “backyard”. Popular was the first I approached. I took them in and asked for the owner. She was there. I told her our back story and asked if she’d be willing to put them out. She said yes, she’d try them… and they bombed! Here’s the key…I didn’t accept that as failure. Just feedback. I asked why, I listened and made appropriate changes. Margie is a friend today and MYZOS continue to sell out at all three of her locations.

Is it fun to see your creation sold in stores?

Savanna: It’s really cool.

Did you like attending the Kids’ Choice awards in March?

Savanna: Oh yeah! That was the most fun I ever had! Daniel Samonas was sooo nice. I just had a blast!

How was your son Jackson also involved?

Caryn: Jackson is a real thinker and is straight up. I was trying to encourage him to wear MYZOS as I explored the option to target the boy market… He wouldn’t go near them…not even the skull. He finally said, “Mom, boys don’t wear bling!” Again, I listened and researched “non bling” options. We spent hours on the internet searching “cool” images. He picked out what is now our “too tough” line that continues to satisfy an untapped market for boys’ accessories. He is an intuitive entrepreneur, full of great ideas, and NEVER hesitates to bring them to me!

What has been your favorite experience from creating your bracelet?

Savanna: I can’t answer that. Everything! If I had to pick one, the most fun was figuring it out. Once everything happened, it was even more fun.

Caryn supervises as Savanna and Jackson work on their creations.

Caryn supervises as Jackson and Savanna work on their creations.

Caryn: There are sooo many stories to share. I have made a point of allowing my kids to see me suffer through the process. Blood, sweat, tears and smiles. I’d say one of my favorite experiences was when I inadvertently hit the wrong button on the computer and lost a TREMENDOUS amount of data that I had input into the “shopping cart.” After 2 hours of trying to find it and my family begging me to join them for “family time”…Savanna came to comfort me with a picture she drew…a stick figure of a girl running to the finish line flagged with “MYZOS.” The caption for the picture was “just make it happen.” I cried and pinned it above my desk. When you teach your children values and they turn them back to you…there is a sweet satisfaction in knowing you’re doing the right thing.

Jackson's influence.

Can you explain to our readers how buying a MYZOS helps support charitable causes?

Caryn: I teach my kids that with opportunity comes responsibility. When purchasing MYZOS online, there is an option at check out to select a charity and join “the wall.” We will donate a portion of the proceeds to the charity of their choice. We look forward to kids wearing their style with pride having given back.

Where does the name MYZOS come from?

Savanna: Well, my Mom and I just went on the computer and it was the only fun name we thought of that was available.

Which MYZOS design is your favorite?

Savanna: Oh that’s kinda hard. If I had to choose the ones I’d love to wear with all of my outfits it would be the peace sign with lavender and black or the skull with a rose – electric green and black.


The Pudgy Heart.

Caryn: They’re all my babies. I love that they’re adjustable and can be worn for many years. The Pudgy Heart – Hot Pink on Baby Pink – just makes me smile. And our new line that will be out next month. Can’t wait to see the kids wearing those!

What’s next for the MYZOS brand?

Caryn: So many things! We are so thrilled to release our first, of many, Disney Licensed MYZOS! This is a relationship spawned from paralleled family values and a shared vision for lifestyle branding. Very exciting.

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