The Biggest Loser Host and Mom of Two Alison Sweeney Tells Breezy Mama How She Keeps in Shape

NUP_105252_0001Sure, we always hear about the demands to be thin in Hollywood, but what about as host of America’s most popular weight loss show? Alison Sweeney — host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and spokeswoman for Nintendo’s Wii EA Sports Active — candidly tells Breezy Mama her own tips on staying in shape while working and raising two kids, whether she felt the pressure to lose weight after having her second baby in January and more.

Are you currently working on the next season of The Biggest Loser?

Yes, I’m in the middle of shooting the next season of BL. It’s going really well… busy, but lots of weight loss!

As the host, have you incorporated any of the tips taught on the show into your own life?

Of course! I have definitely taken advantage of working with [the fitness trainers on the show] Bob and Jillian! They are a constant source of encouragement and motivation to me as well as the contestants. Mainly, just realizing how important your health is and that it’s not selfish to take time to go to the gym. That was an important lesson for me as a working mom with two kids. It’s my first instinct to give my kids every waking moment that I’m not working. I had to step back and be okay with leaving them with their dad for an hour to get in some cardio, etc.

You just had a baby in January and you look fantastic! Did you feel extra pressure to lose the weight as the host of a weight loss show?

Thanks! I felt that I wanted to make a real effort to get the baby weight off. I stand up there on the scale every week at BL, weighing in each contestant after they’ve given so much of themselves all week long to shed the weight. To honor all their efforts, I had to give it my all, too!

With a 5 month old, a four year old and working, how do you find the time to stay in shape?

It’s definitely difficult to balance everything I have going on in my life, as well as finding time to get to the gym. I look at my schedule at the beginning of the week and schedule appointments –even if it’s just to run– I put it in the calendar like I would any important meeting. That way, it’s there, and I feel I’ve already committed to it.

Nintendo’s Wii EA Sports Active seems like a fun, easy way to exercise. What sorts of exercises does it have you do?

This has been such a useful tool for me to get back into shape. As I said, making time to hit the gym is tough. On the days that I can’t squeeze it in, I have the EASports Active (click here to purchase) to use at home! No babysitter required. In fact, [my four year old son] Ben enjoys doing it with me! He has learned to lunge and squat, and do bicep curls. There are tons of other exercises – it’s a trainer in a box! A whole variety of circuit training, including boxing, which Ben and I both love, as well as the inline skating which is seriously the bane of my existence.

Do you schedule a regular time to do it?

I fit it into my lifestyle, like I said, at night, usually. It’s so convenient to have in my bedroom for whenever 30 minutes appear to be free, as opposed to having to drive to the gym or make an appointment in advance with a trainer.

Does your husband ever do it with you?

No, he hasn’t tried it yet.

Was it harder for you to lose the pregnancy pounds the first time, second time or was it the same?

It was tougher the first time. With the second pregnancy, I felt a lot better prepared for how my body would react, and how to deal with everything. I gained less weight, stayed in better shape during, and then was able to really commit to shedding the pounds when I went back to the gym.

Do you have any favorite activities that keep you active with your kids?

We love to take hikes together, with our dogs. Ben is really into the outdoors, and enjoys every part of it. And Megan loves being in her Bjorn. She is smiling and checking everything out. She even takes great naps in it.

Any other advice for moms trying to lose the baby fat or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Whoa, tons! 🙂

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