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My son wakes up early. No, seriously, I mean EARLY. When he was about one and a half, he went through a phase where he was up for the day at 4:00 AM. Yes, we tried everything to keep him in bed, but, unfortunately for us, he takes after me and really loves the morning time. For awhile, I tried to be a good parent and play with him when he got up—read books, stack blocks, do puzzles—those sorts of things. Then, after about a month, (and a lot of coffee) I threw in the towel and turned on the TV. But here’s the deal–we don’t have a DVR, and we only subscribe to basic cable. So what does this mean? We have a pretty extensive video collection. Here are three that you may not know about. –Alex

max-and-ruby3. Max & Ruby. I actually have to credit my mom for finding this gem. My son stayed with them for a weekend, and she had checked out some videos from the library, Max & Ruby being one of them. She said it was like magic dust—he became transfixed and all he wanted was more Max & Ruby. Based on the books by English author Rosemary Wells, Ruby and her little brother Max are two rabbits—Ruby is very bossy and is always telling Max what to do, believing her way is the only way. Inevitably, something goes wrong and Max comes in and shows Ruby that there can be two ways to solve a situation. They seem to have no parental supervision, though Grandma often enters the scene and makes everyone happy (which is my mom’s favorite part). Though Ruby’s voice may annoy you, kids of all ages seem to love the rabbit pair. I took this video to Mammoth and the 2, 3, 4, and 5 year olds in the cabin were all mesmerized.

breezy_deal1Breezy Mama Tip: We own Summertime with Max & Ruby as well as Afternoons with Max & Ruby. Both are great. My son also has a Max & Ruby book, Max Cleans Up which he loves.

all-about-trucks2. All About . . . This video series covers everything that kids are obsessed with—farms, trucks, horses and fire engines are some examples. The acting is horrible, but toddlers/preschoolers don’t seem to pick up on that. The truck videos are hosted by someone who calls himself Hard Hat Harry. My son thinks this guy is hilarious–he’ll sit there and laugh and laugh and quote the guy later on in the day. To be perfectly honest, these videos will drive you mad, but they are only $6.00, so they are worth it. And, you’ll be able to tune it out as you sit next to your child, drinking your coffee and reading your magazine. These videos are safe for kids of all ages.

talking-words3. Leap Frog Videos. If you have a Kindergartner, these videos probably aren’t too foreign, but for those of us with younger kids, they are new. My friends with older kids swear by them—they claim its how their children learned to read and spell. I saw the magic of the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics magnets—I know they are responsible for my son knowing his ABC’s at an early age—so I followed the advice and got the Talking Words Factory video. My son just watched it yesterday for the millionth time, but after this particular viewing, he claimed he now knew how to read, and proceeded to tell everyone he met yesterday that astonishing fact. For children ages 3 – 6.

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  1. We have the complete set of Leap Frog Videos and my son LOVES them!

  2. Great suggestions, all new for us…thank you! Lately we have been turning to videos on the computer and find great short clips (5 – 10 minutes) of things like BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs, extended movie trailers and Star Wars Clone Wars…maybe not so enriching – but they are great for a good 15 minute fix.

  3. Another free suggestion is if you have on demand on your cable, there is a show under the kids section called Baby Boost that’s short (under 20 min) little episodes that are all nursery rhymes. Fun little distractions.

  4. Great suggestions! Also, you can go through your local library’s children’s page to a site called “TumbleBooks” and they have a great selection of quality children’s books that are read and made into movies available for free. They are short, usually 10 minutes or less, but sweet.



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