Lorenzo Lamas Discusses His Family’s Upcoming E! Reality Show

lorenzo_lamasLorenzo Lamas has learned one of life’s inevitable lessons: kids grow up and get their own lives. One way to see them more often is to film a reality show for E! and that’s exactly what the long time star — from movies such as Grease (you know – the original High School Musical) and television’s Renegade and Falcon Crest — is doing. Teaming up with producer Mike Fleiss (creator of The Bachelor and High School Reunion), Lorenzo has already successfully shot the pilot with his daughter, The Bachelor Season 12 winner Shayne Lamas as well as  AJ and their sister Dakota.

“This is a perfect family for reality TV. They are fun, funny and damn are they good looking,” producer Fleiss said.

Breezy Mama caught up with Lorenzo to find out what life is like with the camera on you at all times, if he was surprised when his daughter ended her engagement with Bachelor Matt and his plans for Father’s Day.

Are you excited to start filming with Shayne for your reality show for E!?
I am looking forward to doing the show with my daughter. I figure, it’s one way to stay in touch with her on a regular basis, being that she’s 23 and I hardly get to see her.

We previously had a lot of fun watching you and Shayne together on The Bachelor. Were you surprised when she and Matt broke up?
I was not surprised when she broke up with Matt. I don’t think that she wanted to marry anyone at this stage of her life. The show was a good experience for her and I feel that she took full advantage of its broad appeal and exposure.

Will your show on E! cover your career and you working or will it just cover your home life?
Our show will cover everything that is going on in both of our lives. Her burgeoning career and my career resurrection.

Are you a little nervous to start having your every move documented?
I don’t feel particularly nervous about the show’s intrusive style. I’ve done other reality shows (Gone Country, Boot Camp) and I feel fairly comfortable with cameras around.

What are you looking forward to most while filming the show?
The thing I am most excited about is introducing the show’s audience to my motorcycle company. I have joined forces with Ralph Randolph, a custom builder, to market LORENZO LAMAS CYCLES. Initially we will just build choppers, then we will branch out to apparel and jewelry.

Are you working on any other projects right now?
I am currently on stage in Maine doing the musical ‘A Chorus Line’. It runs through June. (For info click here.)

What work are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my series Renegade–I acted, produced and directed.

What are your favorite things to do on your time off?
I love to surf, ride motorcycles, scuba dive, train karate, fly airplanes and helicopters and hang out with my 3 youngest daughters.

What are you doing for Father’s Day?
I’m probably just gonna be a dad. Girls are in summer camp, so I’ll be driving them around.

What are some of your favorite past Father’s Day gifts?
I love getting cards from my girls. It’s the greatest.

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